About Joshua


My name is Josh. I’m 100% absolutely not an expert carp fisherman or cat fisherman and don’t get paid to do so. If that’s the kind of advice your searching for, I probably don’t have it here. I can tell you that I love sharing any tips, tricks, and any advice I have that has been compiled through my own struggles and successes while learning the sport and hobby of fishing for these amazing fish.

Fishing is an escape from reality for me and just a pure adrenaline rush.

My Carp Fishing and Cat Fishing Journey

I have been cat fishing since about the age of 6. I recently in 2014 added Carp Fishing to my personal skills that I’m still trying to develop and just fell in love with it. This blog is purely around for the passion I have which is writing my experience and telling the stories I have for such a great hobby with all of you.

I’m also over the past few years beginning to dabble in Bow Fishing and Fly Fishing.

Ice Fishing I’m also fairly new to as well. Over the past 5 years or so I’ve gotten into Ice Fishing and am slowly learning how to maximize results but it’s been a slow process for me so far.

The other Fish I enjoy to Target and my Other Outdoor Hobbies

  • Bass Fishing (In Moderation) Roughly 5-10 Times Per Year
  • Crappie Fishing
  • Musky Fishing
  • Cleaning and Prepping Fish
  • Cooking Fish
  • Hunting
  • Firearm Collecting
  • Anything Outdoors
  • Camping

Collect endless amounts of needless gear that my wife wants to kill me over. Amazon just makes it easy to spend money for no reason ????

When I write and share my stories with you I hope to never come across as an expert but just a pure enthusiast who wants to share my tips, tricks and methods I use to further my fishing skills. My goal would be for all of us to catch more fish each and every time we cast onto the waters.

If I haven’t mentioned it, I also love cleaning and cooking my own fish after catching them. This is also more of a recent skill (Roughly 2014) that I’m still trying to master so don’t judge my methods to heavily in the blog!

I reside in Central Illinois. The main areas I fish consist of the Peoria River, Mississippi River, Local Lakes, and Local Ponds.

I have a 2-year-old son named Rowan and a recently got married to my wife Kelsey. I absolutely can’t wait to teach and get my son to get heavily involved in the sport as well ( if he wants to of course). As always.

Never hesitate to comment on any post. I’d love to interact with everyone and help everyone catch more fish each and every time we hit the water. Regardless of current skill level. I believe the best day of the year is anytime fishing, spent inside Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas. Luckily I have a Bass Pro Shop about 15 minutes from my home so that makes it a bit to easy!


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