Bob Hoffmann


Do Catfish Like Deep Water?

Anybody reading this I’m assuming loves catfishing. If you don’t, I’m assuming you are considering getting into catfishing in near future. It’s an incredible game fish to target and provides quite the thrill each time you set the hook. I’ve been...


How Big is an Eel?

When I was reading about American eels recently, I started to wonder what the average sizes of these animals are.  So, I did some more research to find out how big American eels really are. How Big Is an Eel? The American eel can actually grow...


How to Catch Carp in The Winter?

Carp fishing is one of the best challenges and fish that any angler can make the decision to target. Whether it’s winter, spring or summer a few rules always apply and a few can change. Learning how to catch carp in the winter may take just a bit...


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