Bob Hoffmann


When do Catfish Spawn?

As catfish anglers, we are always looking for information to give us that inside edge. After I did research on when catfish spawn, here is what I found out.When Do Catfish Spawn? Catfish spawning begins when the water temperatures reach 66...

Why do Carp Jump Out of The Water?

Why do Carp Jump Out of The Water?

Many people including myself have always wondered why carp do some of the things that they do. As a carp angler, it’s just traits of carp that we naturally want to know. As I’m writing this blog, I’m obviously not very curious anymore since I know...


How to Unhook an American Eel?

Throughout the few fishing trips I have taken in my life, I have never seen anyone catch an American eel in person.  In my recent research of the species, I found out some very interesting information about unhooking them once they are pulled...


Do Catfish Dig Holes?

We all know that catfish are bottom feeders. We also are aware that finding structure, deep channels, and other hiding grounds are effective methods for targeting catfish. However, from time to time I get more curious about the specifics with...


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