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With thousands of different options when it comes to carp fishing and the best carp baits, I wanted to give you a bit of a head start. Just to help. Your welcome.

I’m going to break down a few of my recommendations for the best carp bait you can use. Keep in mind that I’m only breaking down the best carp baits that are commercial used and purchased carp baits. I’ve discussed in plenty of other blogs that I’m still trying to master the craft of creating my homemade baits and it’s a working progress. I don’t feel I have the credentials to recommend any full-blown secret recipes effectively.

I will definitely keep you posted as my skills improve.

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The recommendations I give here in this post are purely what the new carp angler can use immediately to carp fish this season to get things kick-started. With all the other items to learn about the hobby, removing a complex decision about which carp bait will be best may give you a kick start and save you some time.

Let’s get it started.

The X Hope Simulation Fake Corn – my Take

We all know by now that I love fishing with just plain old sweet corn. Well, sometimes we don’t want to use the real thing or have trouble keeping it on the hook (don’t skip using the real thing, that’s not how this works). Then I discovered these playing around on the internet one day and decided to give them a whirl.

They give off a very corn like appearance and still contain the sweet corn taste/scents which we know will keep the carp coming back for more (yes, they do work). Keep in mind that these aren’t designed to be used as the only bait on the hook. You still use the real corn as well. We all know how difficult corn can be at times. This method is used to act as a decoy on the hook blended with the regular sweet corn. When the other falls off or begins dissolving, you are left with this.

You still have the scent from the regular corn and the bright yellow visual of the decoy piece. You can usually find these around 8-14 dollars on Amazon. Well worth the price to give it a try.

The Dove Will 3 Box Floating Boilies

These are a great overall boilie to use when carp fishing. They are lightweight and come packed ready to go with flavor. These are designed to be used float fishing or come with a floating design providing buoyancy. You also shouldn’t have too much of an issue keeping them on the hook with a proper setup.

You can usually find a box of 3 on Amazon for less than 15 bucks.

I recommend keeping it bright. I tried the red and had had no luck with them yet. I have done well the orange, green and yellow version. You may run into one color showing out of stock on Amazon as well, so you will have to see what you can find.

Augason Farms Sweet Corn

Again, we all know that corn is one of my top 3 baits for carp fishing which is why you’re now seeing it mentioned twice in my top recommendations. The reason this is landing on my list is mainly since you can order 1 pound of it at a time.

Also, it seems to hold some extra bang for your buck in the form of scent and attractants it puts off in the water. Depending on availability, you can usually find it on Amazon for around $20.00-$25.00.

Don’t worry it’s good for 30 years. It’s not going bad on you for buying the full pound if you don’t get around to using it for a while.

The Bottle Grass Fishing Lure For Carp - Red

This is the only lure for carp fishing I’ve been able to use with any luck when using red as my primary color. One downfall to these is that I’ve noticed you will want to pre-bait the area quite a bit before fishing. They tend to flake and dissolve quickly, so you will also have to re-bait often. If you’re okay with the frequent rebaiting, these should net you plenty of carp.

They also come with a nifty rubber band to help keep the bait secure. When I referred to rebaiting often, don’t be surprised that if you wait a while before reeling in to check that all you will be left with is the rubber band and the hook.

Green Grass Carp Fishing Lure

These are made from cold fish and sweet potatoes and are excellent lures for fishing for carp in the weed. Depending on where you are fishing, they may make an excellent choice regardless primarily because of the excellent color and camouflage effect you can get going for you.

They use the same rubber band method we discussed previously and pre-baiting with these would also be a great idea. They come in packs of 80, and you can typically find them for about $10.00 on Amazon. It’s a good choice for the price. Can’t go wrong.

Uncle Josh Bait - C-8 Red Strawberry

No, I’m not the creator of this, and I know it’s confusing since I’m Josh. I’m not your uncle Josh however that created this excellent glug bait. It works well, and you get a pretty large inventory of it for under $30.00. It supposed to be designed to taste sweet and is made from sweet corn, corn syrup, and cheese.

Worth a try for all the carp anglers that aren’t making their mixes and blends yet. I can tell you that I have had success with this bait so If you can locate the right fishing spot, it will work just fine.

Don’t forget about your attractants

Pro-Cure Sweet Corn Scent Attractant For Carp Fishing

We still have a chance to increase pre-baiting and chumming and some additional attractants and scents being put off in the water is a great starting point. These are quick, easy bottles to use. The sweet corn scent helps of the obvious reasons, but it’s just a quick, easy way to get more carp interested in what you’re offering.

They work great with PVA bags, and the idea is to get the bait injected into your original or primary bait your choosing to use for the day.

So which of my recommended baits are you going to try your next time carp fishing?

They all have pros and cons but all of these recommendations are relatively cheap and easy on the wallet. None of them will steer you wrong but do need to be used in the correct situations and applications to make them work effectively. If you are looking for other related carp fishing gear, be sure to check out my other main page for my other recommendations and top picks.

Do you believe any more baits need added to the list? Any thoughts or questions? Be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and as always!

Till Next Time. I appreciate you.

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