Best Carp Bait – 8 Baits to Catch More Carp Plus- Bonus Tips!

Best Carp Bait – 8 Baits to Catch More Carp Plus- Bonus Tips!


What’s the best carp bait you can currently use to catch more carp every time you grab the fishing poles and head to your favorite spot?

That’s up for debate and I don’t think anyone can claim to know an exact answer to the question.

My favorite bait and gear for caps (here I elaborate each and every one of them):

  1. The X Hope Simulation Fake Corn (Amazon)
  2. Soft Floating Boilies (Amazon)
  3. Augason Farms Sweet Corn
  4. The Bottle Grass Fishing Lure for Carp – Red
  5. Green Grass Carp Fishing Lure
  6. Uncle Josh Bait – C-8 Red Strawberry
  7. Pro-Cure Sweet Corn Scent Attractant for Carp Fishing (Amazon)

The links above is affiliate-links meaning I get a small commission if your purchase. It’s what keeps my blog up and running.

My 8 favorite types of baits for catching carp:

Carp Bait #1: Corn

Corn is probably by the far the most popular. I don’t blame them.

It’s worked great for me in the past as well. I always used the simple sweet corn or canned corn straight from the can and onto the hook.


I don’t think anyone really has any proof on what the fish likes but most people concur that the salt and other additives make the canned corn more appealing to the carp.

This is the corn I use.

Carp Bait #2: Bread

This is growing in popularity recently but always a favorite of mine as well. Don’t be surprised if you accidentally real in a nice channel or Flathead catfish using this bait as well.

Some people just roll the bread up into dough balls and fish under a bobber close to the bottom. Keep in mind bread will bright white, which makes it nice and easy for the

Carp also like a visual on what he’s soon to eat. Bread is also extremely visible under what and overall very versatile.

You have so many options using bread as your carp bait

You could also… Mash Bread… Some even use other additives to increase chances of hooking into a 20lb carp.

Here’s a nice little break down for on how to mash bread for carp.

Many anglers claim adding scents and other extracts can make and ordinary carp bait turn into the best carp bait anyone has used.

Carp Bait #3: Nightcrawlers

Nightcrawlers (Amazon link) is designed to catch fish and I’ve used these slimy fella’s dozens of times to catch some of my biggest carp.

The key is to use fresh worms. You want to resemble the other critter they are use to eating on the lake and river bottoms for the greatest success.

Carp Bait #4: Mollusk

They big key here to blend and blend well and they can work great.

If you use mollusk around other vegetation or where other living mollusks may be lurking, you fit right into the crowd which happens to be a natural carp loved entree and great area for a feeding frenzy.

Carp Bait #5: Boilies

Wikipedia’s definition of a boilie is simply boiled paste fishing baits. Simple enough right? We thought so too. The boilies typically are composed of several ingredients that carp love such as fish meal’s, milk proteins and bird foods and sometimes flour.

Find boilies here at Amazon.

I don’t believe any boilie is so much better than any other version of the boilie. They come in so many different options.

I thought of trying this paste.

I will tell you that I believe homemade boilies tend to do much better for myself. We will cover the homemade carp baits later in this post.

Carp Bait #6: Paste Pellets

Really any kind of pellet could work to catch carp, but the paste pellets seem to really work for me.

This is also a tricky bait. I’ve had some issues with keeping these rigged up due to size and other small fish constantly going after it.

They also diffuse or dissolve quickly in the water so if you’re a non-patient person this works great due to checking your bait frequently and reapplying to the hook.

I’d go far enough to say that your best method is doubling up to keep the little fellas away from your hook.

Carp Bait #7: Hemp Seeds

Hemp tends to bring in plenty of fish. At least In my experience.

What seemed to happen was, while fishing for carp, I’d typically catch other species of fish as well.

The juices need to stay around, however, don’t discard any of the extra juice if you are making your own. This is what releases your main attractants to being in those larger carp.

The juice just helps send off better bait signals, and scents making it a leader in the pack for the best carp bait.

Carp Bait #8: All Artificial Baits for Carp

It’s a common myth that cheap artificial baits don’t work. Let me be the first to tell you, they do, and they work well if used properly.

Lures for catching carp could fall into this category. You just need to put a little creative thinking to the problem to find your perfect mix with artificial baits.

Small plastic grubs or worms can work great. The goal with these lures is to get them down to the mud at the bottom of the water as quickly as possible.

9 Carp Baits You Should Try

I’m going to break down a few of my recommendations for the best carp bait you can use. Keep in mind that these carp baits are only breaking down the best carp baits that are commercial used and purchased carp baits.

I will definitely keep you posted as my skills improve.

The X Hope Simulation Fake Corn

We all know by now that I love fishing with just plain old sweet corn. Well, sometimes we don’t want to use the real thing or have trouble keeping it on the hook (don’t skip using the real thing, that’s not how this works). Then I discovered these playing around on the internet one day and decided to give them a whirl.

They give off a very corn like appearance and still contain the sweet corn taste/scents which we know will keep the carp coming back for more (yes, they do work). Keep in mind that these aren’t designed to be used as the only bait on the hook. You still use the real corn as well. We all know how difficult corn can be at times. This method is used to act as a decoy on the hook blended with the regular sweet corn. When the other falls off or begins dissolving, you are left with this.

You still have the scent from the regular corn and the bright yellow visual of the decoy piece. You can usually find these around 8-14 dollars on Amazon. Well worth the price to give it a try.

The Dove will 3 Box Floating Boilies

These are a great overall boilie to use when carp fishing. They are lightweight and come packed ready to go with flavor. These are designed to be used float fishing or come with a floating design providing buoyancy. You also shouldn’t have too much of an issue keeping them on the hook with a proper setup.

You can usually find a box of 3 on Amazon for less than 15 bucks.

I recommend keeping it bright. I tried the red and had had no luck with them yet. I have done well the orange, green and yellow version. You may run into one color showing out of stock on Amazon as well, so you will have to see what you can find.

Augason Farms Sweet Corn

Again, we all know that corn is one of my top 3 baits for carp fishing which is why you’re now seeing it mentioned twice in my top recommendations. The reason this is landing on my list is mainly since you can order 1 pound of it at a time.

Also, it seems to hold some extra bang for your buck in the form of scent and attractants it puts off in the water. Depending on availability, you can usually find it on Amazon for around $20.00-$25.00.

Don’t worry it’s good for 30 years. It’s not going bad on you for buying the full pound if you don’t get around to using it for a while.

The Bottle Grass Fishing Lure for Carp – Red

This is the only lure for carp fishing I’ve been able to use with any luck when using red as my primary color. One downfall to these is that I’ve noticed you will want to pre-bait the area quite a bit before fishing. They tend to flake and dissolve quickly, so you will also have to re-bait often. If you’re okay with the frequent rebaiting, these should net you plenty of carp.

They also come with a nifty rubber band to help keep the bait secure. When I referred to rebaiting often, don’t be surprised that if you wait a while before reeling in to check that all you will be left with is the rubber band and the hook.

Green Grass Carp Fishing Lure

These are made from cold fish and sweet potatoes and are excellent lures for fishing for carp in the weed. Depending on where you are fishing, they may make an excellent choice regardless primarily because of the excellent color and camouflage effect you can get going for you.

They use the same rubber band method we discussed previously and pre-baiting with these would also be a great idea. They come in packs of 80, and you can typically find them for about $10.00 on Amazon. It’s a good choice for the price. Can’t go wrong.

Uncle Josh Bait – C-8 Red Strawberry

No, I’m not the creator of this, and I know it’s confusing since I’m Josh. I’m not your uncle Josh however that created this excellent glug bait. It works well, and you get a pretty large inventory of it for under $30.00. It supposed to be designed to taste sweet and is made from sweet corn, corn syrup, and cheese.

Worth a try for all the carp anglers that aren’t making their mixes and blends yet. I can tell you that I have had success with this bait so If you can locate the right fishing spot, it will work just fine.

Don’t forget about your attractants

Pro-Cure Sweet Corn Scent Attractant for Carp Fishing

We still have a chance to increase pre-baiting and chumming and some additional attractants and scents being put off in the water is a great starting point. These are quick, easy bottles to use. The sweet corn scent helps of the obvious reasons, but it’s just a quick, easy way to get more carp interested in what you’re offering.

They work great with PVA bags, and the idea is to get the bait injected into your original or primary bait your choosing to use for the day.

Jigs for carp

Jigs can also be a good option for carp fishing. The jigs need to be used in a manner that drags the bottom. Only common carp will likely be attracted to these jigs, but you do have a chance at a grass carp from striking from time to time.

The good ol’ artificial flies for Carp

Carp flies are often overlooked as a good bait for catching carp. Carp is a tough species of fish to catch so trying a variety of different baits and methods is key. I haven’t had as much success with artificial flies as I have other baits on this list, however, I have had luck.

There is a huge variety of artificial flies available.

My honest opinion is for you to just try them all out and see what works best for you. I don’t think anyone can claim they have the secret fly that works each time they go out.

If you do however have the luck, comment in the area’s below because I’d love to hear about any additional tips and tricks to catching more of these big fellas.

Homemade Baits Work Great

We have covered some of the baits that you can purchase or use easily with a store purchase or even ordering online right from Amazon.

What we haven’t covered is throwing on an apron and making your own. It’s been a large niche area of fishing for a long time.

The biggest reason why it’s such a desired path is that it works fantastic. For Carp and Catfish (the two species I fish for most frequently).

Let’s dive into the best homemade carp baits to try immediately!

Full transparency.

I’ve only made 2 of these homemade baits. I have however made them dozens of times and always had great success with catching carp 5-20lbs in size.

More transparency. My mom started me on the first bait at a very young age by making it for me.

It worked, so it continued after I got old enough to make my way around a kitchen on my own.

Peanut Butter Combo Ball

Now I did some digging on this homemade bait on what others have had success with and my own success with this bait. The first key to remember with this bait, it will attract catfish as well. If you don’t want to that, try a different bait method.

  • Here is an easy recipe for Carp
  • Peanut Butter Combo Ball-
  • Peanut Butter
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Sugar

I use Sea Salt as well (not sure if this helps but I have caught carp with it)

The key is to get some flour into the mix to a point that the bait hardens up a bit and allows it to stay strong under water. If it’s too soft, you will just feed the carp but never set the hook.

Use a mixing pan to stir these ingredients together until you get the correct consistency. This recipe can also be frozen until a later use. Just make sure to thaw out the night before use to make sure it’s ready to go.

The Cereal Breakfast Ball

Many fishermen use different variations for this homemade carp bait as well. I’ve found the following recipe to work well.

  • Any cereal- ¾ cup (preferably Wheaties but 1 cup is okay as well)
  • Flour
  • 1/5 Cup of sugar or brown sugar
  • Any color aid to brighten up the ball.

(Bright colors work best such as red, yellow or orange. You can use Kool-aide, lemon juice, or other artificial flavoring tools)

The Wildcard Best Carp Bait

  • Yellow Corn Flour
  • White Flour
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Peanut Butter
  • Shredded Wheat

Follow the steps below:

  1. Pour 2 cups of yellow corn flour into a container.
  2. Add the white flour
  3. Add the half cup of sugar
  4. Mix all together which a whisk or wooden spoon
  5. Add Water until you can form a ball with the mix.
  6. Roll the mixture into a ball or cubes
  7. Boil them for 45-60 minutes on low heat.
  8. Remove balls and add the peanut butter-
  9. Added the shredded wheat to the outer part of the ball
  10. Go cast and catch plenty of carp.

So, there you have it.

I’m sure plenty of great carp baits are out there and being used but these are my personal recommendations and baits

Other methods carp fishing won’t even require any of these top carp baits to be used such as bowfishing for carp and fly fishing for carp.

I’ve had success with.

As stated in many other blogs,

I’m no Carp expert and don’t get paid to catch to them but I do find giving others the chance to catch more carp to be enjoyable.

So, what is the best carp bait? I really don’t know. I don’t think anyone does.

If you feel the best carp bait was left off this list and needs to be added or have had success with something completely different, please comment below for all of us to know so we can all enjoy catching more these carp on every fishing trip we take.

Till Next time.

All Carp Baits Have Pros And Cons

They all have pros and cons but all of these recommendations are relatively cheap and easy on the wallet. None of them will steer you wrong but do need to be used in the correct situations and applications to make them work effectively. If you are looking for other related carp fishing gear, be sure to check out my other main page for my other recommendations and top picks.

Do you believe any more baits need added to the list? Any thoughts or questions? Be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and as always!

Jigs can also be a good option for carp fishing. The jigs need to be used in a manner that drags the bottom. Only common carp will likely be attracted to these jigs, but you do have a chance at a grass carp from striking from time to time.


As I’ve mentioned in my other posts, I’m no expert and get paid nothing to fish.

I just really enjoy it and want to make the experience for you more enjoyable as well.

With no black and white answer, I figured it made much more sense to give you options! A ton of options for the best carp baits are available.

The species of Carp happens to be one of my personal favorites to fish for. The fight, the size, and the mental games that go into catching large carp just gets me excited each time I set out for my fishing journey.

One problem remains.

What am I using for my carp bait? What are the best carp baits that we all can use to increase our success of catching more carp?

Is there really even a best carp bait?

Tough topic because I personally haven’t tried more than about 15 different baits for catching carp.

Luckily for you, others have tried plenty of other carp baits, so I took the time to dig in and research a little further into the topic and compiled what seems to be the current top baits for catching more carp.

Let’s dive into the baits that may give you the best success for catching one of the big fellas.

Last Disclaimer- These are not listed in a ranking style. Meaning #1 listed carp bait doesn’t necessarily increase your chance of catching more carp as opposed to bait #37.

It’s simply a list of top baits I’ve researched the success of and roughly 15-20 baits that I’ve had great success with as well.

Carp Fishing And Carp Bait Best Practices

Let’s first start with some best practices for carp fishing and the baits we look at.

Carp fishing is much different than other forms of fishing such as trout fishing, crappie fishing or bass fishing.

Carp fishing is most closely related to cat fishing.

Carp are bottom feeding looking for the scum of the aqua life meals.

They feed on plant materials, vegetation and dead fish.

They are also huge fans of eating up all the random things people like you and me throw into the water.

Things, like leftover night-crawlers, fruits, seeds and yes that left-over canned corn that you should have tried one last time before giving up for the day.

It’s a patience game. “How to Catch Carp” is another blog I wrote that can help you learn and begin to understand how these fish operate under water and what they like and dislike.

If you are however familiar with the carp fishing game, let’s jump into these top baits for carp fishing.

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