Best Carp Fishing Hooks, Line, Weights And Rigs

We all know by now that I’m a big fan of making sure we use the correct gear and equipment when carp fishing. It’s essential. Finding the best carp fishing hooks, the correct sizes and even the weights and fishing line can be a challenge.

Obviously other factors are important as well such as having the correct carp fishing reel and rod. Make sure if you haven’t crossed those items off your list that you make sure to stop by that page in my recommended gear area of the blog or you can see it here. Especially for the newer carp anglers in the community.

You also probably know that I’m a big fan of making sure I recommend all the gear for carp fishing that I believe to work best. Well, these items are no different and we are going to cover all of them in depth to make sure you are on the correct path in your carp fishing journey.

I break down a few of the fundamentals and the “need to know information” In addition I cover a lot of the gear and the best places you can find it for the best deals. 

If this doesn’t interest you, always feel free to just jump straight to the bottom of middle/bottom of the post where I begin listing all the top gear, I recommend for carp fishing and how and where to find it.

It’s not going to hurt my feelings any if we have some experienced carp anglers reading who strictly just want the recommendations and none of the “how to” information.

I think that about wraps it up, let’s dive into the best fishing line we can use for carp fishing to get things started.

Best Fishing Line

First of all I have to say that I won’t give you an entire rant about the best kind of fishing for line for carp in the part of the blog. I already have another blog post you can see for that, “What Is The Best Fishing Line For Carp”.

What I will do however is inform you that debating which fishing line for carp fishing is best comes down to a few questions that you need to ask yourself first. Here they are. Just sit and ask yourself the following questions and it will help distinguish step 1 of this process.

  • Are you Trying to Cast For Distance?
  • Are you performing general carp fishing or for the most part avoiding weed and covered areas?
  • Do you need your line to blend effectively in the water?
  • What size carp are you targeting where you are fishing?
  • How Cheap or how good of fishing line are we searching for?
  • Do you need the best overall casting line for carp or more of a sinking braid line?
  • What strength of fishing line are you looking for?

Alright, now that we have that figured out, let’s take at look at the best options for some of the situations.

Best Mono-Filament Fishing Line

If you are looking for pure casting distance only, you can lean toward a mono-filament fishing line. I do have some disclaimers about using this form of fishing line that will be below the recommendations you see shortly.

I personally believe that 8-12 lb test is 100% ideal for carp fishing unless your targeting absolute monsters or weeded areas.

Kast King Monofilament Fishing Line

A trait of Monofilament fishing line and Kast King is it’s low visibility beneath the water surface.

Anytime your using a mono filament line such as Kast King you have to keep in mind that it’s made up of one single strand.

This in return makes it nearly impossible for the fish to spot beneath the water. Mono filament is also going to be one of your best casting fishing lines for carp.

There are trade off’s to this however which you will see in the con’s listed below.


  • Nearly Invisible
  • Excellent Casting Ability
  • To Much Give and Stretch
  • Not as Abrasion Resistant
  • Not Great Fishing The Weed

KastKing in my opinion also makes superior knots compared to some of the other mono-filament fishing line options you can choose from. Obviously, a strong fishing knot can ultimately make or break your success when carp fishing.

The reason behind the stronger knots with mono-filament fishing line is due to the thin single strand line that can “really tighten down” as opposed to a thicker or braided fishing line.

Overall, Kast King is one of the best monofilament fishing lines for spinning reels. The low visibility accompanied by a decent resistance to abrasion makes it a top choice.

Kast King claims you can use this fishing line for salt water or fresh water applications, but I have yet to use it for any salt waters journeys to this point.

I’ll be sure to update when I do.

Sufix Elite 12 Pound Test Monofilament Fishing Line

The Suffix Elite fishing line is also a top pick from my experience if your going with a mono filament fishing line.

From most of the reviews I’ve read and using it off my own spinning reel, I can tell you it releases beautifully and feels incredibly smooth coming off throughout the cast.

It cast extremely accurately and with precision compared to other mono-filament fishing lines I’ve used in the past. You shouldn’t find it overly difficult to cast 30-40 yards with the proper carp fishing tackle with this line.

The Sufix elite also boast superior knot strength which is a huge positive in my opinion. Mono-filament isn’t always my first choice with carp fishing but I do use it often.

When I do, I must have at least 2 items checked off the list for me to use it or re-purchase the fishing line.


  • Great Casting
  • Great Knot Strength
  • Great Price
  • Cons
  • Still Not Quite Suitable For Heavy Weed
  • Limited Color Options

Special Side Note about Mono-Filament Fishing line. You need to keep in mind anytime using this fishing line you are adding some stretch and ability to release and transfer all power of the hook set into the fish beneath the water.

Some mono filament fishing lines have been shown to have roughly 3-5 feet in stretch when setting the hook. In the applications we discussed above, it makes perfect sense to use a quality monofilament fishing line. If, however you plan on fishing the weed for carp, it’s a completely different story.

Best Fishing Line For Carp Fishing in The Weed

Okay, this is going to break down into two separate categories here. Ask yourself before purchasing, how thick is the weed you plan on fishing for the carp?

If it’s covered but not extremely thick you can go with fluorocarbon fishing line and be just fine. If it’s thick weed, I’d highly recommend a braided line to get the job done and optimize performance.

Let’s assume we are discussing light weed or general covered area.

Let’s first cover some of the reasons to use Fluorocarbon fishing line.

  • Visability
  • Sensitivity
  • Density
  • Abrasion Resistant

Here’s my recommendation for the best fluorocarbon fishing lines you can use.

Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

This fluorocarbon line is an absolute machine. I recommend purchasing it in 10-12-pound test for carp fishing. You can purchase it up to 1200 yards which should last you quite some time. This is a higher end fishing line but well worth the money.

  • 3 Coats of Resin Coating
  • Uniform Line Diameter
  • Built For Heavy Weed and Cover
  • Great Knot Strength
  • Extremely Abrasion Resistance
  • Highly Durable
  • Cons
  • Price

I know this seems like a catch-22 or leaves you a bit confused but here’s why this line works so well for well with the covered areas. I mentioned previously that you want to debate between braided or fluorocarbon fishing line depending on how thick or how much cover you are fishing with or around.

Well sometimes, you can’t be 100% sure how much cover is beneath the surface. This line will help if your fishing more cover than expected.

If, however, your 100% certain that you are fishing a high or heavy amount of weed and cover, than it’s time to cover the best braided fishing line option that you have.

Best Braided Fishing Line For Carp Fishing

This line by far is the best braided I’ve used so far out of many different trials and errors. I’ve had a spool of this braided line last me almost 3 full fishing seasons and use it for both carp fishing and catfish fishing.

For the carp fishing application that we are discussing in this blog, I recommend using the 10lb test unless you know for a fact that your targeting 20 plus pound carp in the body of water your fishing.

Let’s take a closer look at the Suffix 832 Braided Line

  • Gore Performance Fiber
  • Dyneema Fibers
  • Ultimate Abrasion Resistance
  • High End Strength
  • Color Retention
  • Fresh Water and Salt Water Friendly
  • Best Sinking Braid For Carp Fishing
  • Cons
  • Limited Applications and Use

Alright so we have the fishing line purchased or figured out. Let’s move onto the best fishing hooks I can recommend for a good opportunity to land and catch more carp on a friendly budget.

First, we need to answer a few questions that people frequently email me about from other blog post. What size of hook for carp fishing is best and what are the strongest carp hooks you can use?

This all plays into how you ultimately choose the overall best hooks for carp fishing.

Different Hook Types You Can Consider When Carp Fishing

Let’s cover the different hook types you can consider when carp fishing.

The Curved

The only difference between this hook and others is the curved shank. It’s most popular in the carp world but is often used as a common fishing hook for fly fishing as well.

The point behind this hook is to make it more difficult for the fish to eject the hook once it begins taking it.

The Wide Gap

This is your all-purpose hook for carp fishing. The typical application for these hooks consists of bottom fishing or using float fishing devices or even keeping bait buoyant and off the water bottom. The wide gap hooks probably packs in the highest strength relative to its overall size compared to any other hook you can use for carp fishing. As far as kind of hooks go, I would say this is the strongest carp hook you can use.

Stiff Rigger

The stiff rigger is primarily designed if you fall into the category of someone who is planning on using fluorocarbon fishing line. This is due to the out-turned eye. These can also be highly effective if you are using chod rigs as your rig set up when carp fishing.

Long Shank

The long shank hook is exactly what it sounds like. It’s long and thin. It’s most commonly used for bottom fishing.

Carp anglers most frequently use this form of hook when fishing the bottom with corn or tiger nuts.

Now We Run into the Next Question. What’s the Best Size Hook for Carp Fishing?

Let’s look at the common hook sizes in our Fishing Hook Chart.

Common Hook Sizes For Carp Fishing

I usually recommend either a size 4 hook for large baits and size 8 hook for the smaller baits.

  • Size 4
  • Size 6
  • Size 8
  • Size 10
  • Size 12

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the larger vs smaller hook sizes.

  • Big Fishing Hooks for Carp Fishing: Big Fishing Hooks when Carp Fishing Are Usually Best Utilized When Using Double Baiting Methods or Large Live Baits
  • Small Fishing Hooks For Carp Fishing: Smaller Fishing Hooks Can Be utilized for Many applications with carp fishing and used for a wide range of baits and carp fishing styles

The answer to what is the best hook size you can use for carp fishing depends on which bait you are using.

My Recommendation For Best Carp Hooks

Jshanmei Bait Holder Hook

For A Size 4 Hook for the larger carp baits, I recommend the Jshanmei Bait Holder Hook.

It has several features and for the price it surely gets the job done.

For the Size 8 Fishing Hook, for the smaller baits or more finesse applications I recommend the Mustad 3407 Forged Hook. It’s simple, high quality and fits the budget. Here’s a look at it.

Mustad 3407 Forged Hook

You can also opt in for a combination hook kit that covers all hook sizes for you for a cheap price. The quality may be sacrificed a bit doing so but overall, it will work.

Alright, so the hooks are set, you have your fishing line, now all we need is the weights your going to choose to use them and where to find them.

I’m sure we all know that carp weights play a vital role in your ultimate success you will have when carp fishing.

There’s 8 Different Kinds of Weights For Carp Fishing

I’m going to list those out for you so you can a get a feel for them.

Kinds of Carp Weights

  • Flat Pear Leads
  • flat pear leads
  • Pear Leads
  • pear leads
  • Square Pear Leads
  • Distance Leads
  • distance leads
  • Marker Leads
  • marker leads
  • Rig Putty Leads
  • rig putty leads
  • Feeder Leads
  • Gripper Leads

Final words

Well, my goal was to provide you with the ultimate guide that can help you make the right purchase to get your carp fishing started on the right foot.

All carp gear adds up to an integral piece of having success at the end of the day and to catch more fish.

It all starts with having the correct gear and essential fishing tools when it comes to effective carp fishing. Besides having an effective reel and rod for carp fishing, these items described in the blog will have you about 70% through the process of being on your way to catching more carp this upcoming season.

All that’s really left to do is find the correct carp fishing bait and your good to go.

As always, I enjoy when the BonFireBob blog interacts, shares recommendations and fishing related stories so if you have anything to add to the post, please be sure to comment below.

In addition, don’t forget to subscribe to my email list. I release weekly updates on the best carp fishing gear and other industry related items that I don’t want you to miss out on.

I appreciate you.

Till Next Time.

Bob Hoffmann

The author of this post is Bob Hoffmann. Bob has spend most of his childhood fishing with his father and now share all his knowledge with other anglers. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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