Best Ice Fishing Gear For Carp Fishing – my Picks

Best Ice Fishing Gear For Carp Fishing – my Picks

Ice fishing for carp isn’t for everyone and most of the gear needed to do it correctly can be found on my regular recommend gear page but I did want to point a few things that I use that are a little different.

It’s just a few quick additional tools or slight changes to the equipment needed to effectively ice fish for carp. For all my other recommend gear for situations not including cold weather or fishing through a hole in the ice, be sure to check out my recommended and top gear for carp fishing.

Afterwards you can find a more detailed description below and more specifications on the items that I recommend and where you can find them. Just keep in mind that I’m not an “expert” ice fisherman for carp angler by any means and it’s 100% different than your traditional forms of carp fishing.

I will admit however, that I thought I’d hate it or be miserable doing so during the cold winters in Central Illinois but to my surprise, it’s just as enjoyable and strategic as any other form of carp fishing.

It just takes some small adjustments to get the job done. Let’s break down the different tools I use to ice fish for carp.

Best ice fishing gear for carp fishing. This is my picks on what I think is the best ice fishing gear for when you want to catch carp. #carpfishing #catchingcarp #carpbite #fishingtips #fishingforcarp #tipscarp #fishing #fishingbeginners #carpspawn #carptips #findingcarp

Shorten Your Fishing Rod When Ice Fishing For Carp

Choosing a shorter fishing rod when attempting to fish beneath the ice is the key to success. Try and stick to a pole that’s 30 inches in length or smaller. Usually, you can find a good length at around 24-30 inches, and a light or ultra-light reel will also increase your abilities to fish through the ice effectively.

Special Side Note:

If you’re still targeting large carp when ice fishing you may want to consider going up to a 48-inch rod. It will help create some distance between you and the hole your fishing. It also helps to have the longer rod to help wear down the larger fish before they can make a run for heavy cover.

If your looking for a smaller rod, I’d recommend the Frabill Fin-S Pro 30 Inch Medium Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. It’s got great action and enough sensitivity to it to feel the light bites. It’s also held up pretty well so far. You can usually find it for 30-35.00 on Amazon. Sometimes even less. You will just have to check.

If you are however targeting the large game fish when ice fishing you can lean toward the 48 inch rod for carp fishing and I recommend that You can refer to my original post about the best carp reels and rods for these sizes on my post I left in the link a few words back.

Underwater Camera For Carp Fishing in The Winter

I discuss these in much more depth in my other fishing gear and fishing electronics page, but I wanted to make sure that in case you never found that page that I mentioned it here as well. Ice fishing and using one of these cameras can be hugely beneficial for your fishing game.

It’s a different story in the winter and when ice fishing. The water is much clearer, and the camera can get incredible feedback this time of the year underwater. Trust me, it’s awesome, and once you try it once, you’ll never want to be without one again.

If your ready to take the plunge and get one of these I highly recommend the Eyoyo 9 Inch LCD Monitor/ Underwater fishing camera. This camera is simply brilliant and includes DVR recording abilities along with adjustable lights. You can find it here for usually 240.00 or less. Trust me. It’s worth the money for what you gain in return.

You can usually find these on Amazon for.

Portable Heater

This is just for fun, but it’s also a way to make your ice fishing for carp trip much more enjoyable. It can dramatically increase your time on the ice and keep you comfortable in the process. I personally use the Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater and recommend it for a few reasons. 

First you can select your quantity on amazon when you order making things more simple (get at least 2) and second, it puts off some really good clean heat which extends my overall fishing time on the ice. You can usually find it on Amazon for about 130.00 or less for a dual order or pack of two.

Ice Fishing Shelter – The Game Changer

This is another game changer when it comes to increasing comfort and your overall water time you spend ice fishing. It’s well worth the investment.  You can get these in several different models that provide more space or you can opt to have it insulated.

I’ve found that the basic low end version which is the Fatfish 949 Fishing shelter does just fine for me and would probably suffice for most anglers needs. You can usually find it for about 275.00 on Amazon or cheaper if you get a day where its a few bucks off.

Here’s a better look at four items we covered.

  • Frabill Fin-S Pro 30 Inche Medium Ice
  • Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera
  • Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater
  • Eskimo Ice Fishing Shelter

I know this is just a few items for this section, and I’m sure that’s disappointing for all of you wanting to get into the hobby heavily, but I ensure you I plan to update this, and you will find much more ice fishing gear on my recommend main gear page.

I just didn’t think there was enough variance in regular ice fishing gear and carp ice fishing gear to warrant two separate areas. I don’t enjoy confusing people trying to find some awesome carp fishing gear.

Any other recommended ice fishing gear for carp that you believe I should add?

As always, I appreciate you stopping by and if you want the latest news and updates on fishing gear and fishing tips be sure to subscribe to my email newsletter I send out updates and reviews on new fishing gear every Friday and don’t want you to miss out.

Also, if you think I need to add anything to this list or you have any recommendations for the readers and anglers make sure to leave a comment below. I always like hearing other recommendations and helping us all catch more fish together.

I appreciate you.

Best ice fishing gear for carp fishing. This is my picks on what I think is the best ice fishing gear for when you want to catch carp. #carpfishing #catchingcarp #carptips #findingcarp #fishingbeginners #carpspawn #carpbite #fishingtips #fishingforcarp #tipscarp #fishing
Best ice fishing gear for carp fishing. This is my picks on what I think is the best ice fishing gear for when you want to catch carp. #fishingforcarp #tipscarp #fishing #carptips #findingcarp #carpbite #fishingtips #carpfishing #catchingcarp #fishingbeginners #carpspawn
Best ice fishing gear for carp fishing. This is my picks on what I think is the best ice fishing gear for when you want to catch carp. #carpfishing #catchingcarp #carpbite #fishingtips #fishingbeginners #carpspawn #fishingforcarp #tipscarp #fishing #carptips #findingcarp
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