Online Courses & Seminars on How to Catch Pikeminnow

Online Courses & Seminars on How to Catch Pikeminnow

When I heard about fishing for Pikeminnow in exchange for monetary reward, I immediately turned to the internet to find out how I could possibly benefit from this activity. So, I did some research and put together a list of online courses and seminars that offer instruction on how to catch Pikeminnow.

Where can I find some online courses and seminars about how to catch pikeminnow? Northern Pikeminnow are a challenging and rewarding catch that are sought after by fishermen all over the world. With an official bounty fishing rewards program in place, people are scrambling to find out how they can profit from this activity.

In order to learn as much as you can about how to catch them, you can find free online resources on sites such as YouTube, or attend in person seminars that are hosted by the organizations that reward the capture of this species.

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The act of catching Pikeminnow can be exciting for fishermen of all levels of experience, especially when you want to make a living fishing for Northern Pikeminnow.

With the help of some valuable online courses and seminars, you will be able to set out on your journey with confidence that you will be able to catch as many of these fish as possible.

This list of online courses and seminars about the topic will help you to locate the one that is right for you and assist you in learning Pikeminnow fishing techniques, regardless of what your intentions are for wanting to catch them.

Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward Program – Free Fishing Clinic

The Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward Program serves the purpose of giving monetary rewards to fishermen who successfully remove Pikeminnow from local lakes and rivers.

Pikeminnow are less than desirable in these environments, because almost one hundred percent of their diet consists of small salmon, trout, and bass. All of these species are considered “gamefish”, meaning that they are captured for sport.

Additionally, these fish are valuable to humans for a variety of reasons, especially due to the fact that they are enjoyed as food and can be distributed widely.

Since the carnivorous Northern Pikeminnow fish does more damage than not within these habitats, the Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward Program has been seeking to remove these large predators from the waters, in order to decrease the mortality rate of the more desirable gamefish.

For those who wish to pick up on everything they can about the program in order to have the most success in making successful catches can attend a seminar from the orginization that created the program in the first place.

The “Free Fishing Clinic” will take place in the Bob’s Sporting Goods Store located in Longview, Washington in July of 2019. The seminar will be led by Instructor Eric Winther, who also happens to be the leader of the entire program.

This seminar can be a valuable tool and asset for anyone that is eager to find out everything they can do to be a top earning Pikeminnow fisherman this season.

Instructional Video – “How to Catch Pikeminnow”

Directly from their website, the Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward Program endorses a popular YouTube video titled “How To Catch a Pikeminnow”.

This 40 minute video will give you all the details about fishing for pikeminnow, from joining the program to making your first catch, and receiving monetary rewards for your success.

This video, which can be viewed here ( is a reliable resource that will help you inform yourself on how you can get lucky while bounty fishing for pikeminnow this season.

“Tips For Pikeminnow Fishing” by Outdoor GPS

Outdoor GPS is a source of information that is helpful for fishermen and hunters alike. With several episodes that are full of detailed tips and tricks for succeeding in various outdoor activities, the two hosts Owin and Dave are a reliable resource for anyone who wants to master their craft.

Specifically for those who want to learn how to catch the most pikeminnow, Dave and Owin answered fan questions on a panel at Blue Lake Park in 2017. This short 3 minute clip will tell you almost everything you need to know about Pikeminnow fishing. 

Check it out here:

“Lure Casting For Pikeminnow” by Fishing With Rod

Rodney Hsu, better known by his YouTube account name “Fishing with Rod”, offers plenty of resources to fishermen of all skill and experience levels on his channel.

In a video titled “Lure Casting For Pikeminnow”, he covered the topics of what bait to use when trying to catch Northern Pikeminnow in particular.

Mentioned in the video are spoons, spinners, and various other types of fishing lures, which were used in the waters of British Columbia.

This is an interesting video to check out if you have some questions about different pikeminnow fishing techniques when it comes to choosing the best bait for successful catches. (

“Pike Minnow Sport Reward Fishing & Columbia River Smallmouth Bass” – Angler West tv

This video is an excellent resource to learn about all aspects of sport reward fishing for Northern Pikeminnow.

In just 20 minutes, the hosts of Angler West TV explain techniques for luring the most Pikeminnow to your fishing line and, of course, earning as much money as possible at the end of your journey.

They also explain in more detail how much money can be made while fishing for Pikeminnow, offering more information about special tagged fish that are with $500 each.

Check it out here ( if you are interested in finding out how you can profit from being skilled in pikeminnow fishing just like them.

As you can see, there are plenty of resources available to help you learn everything you need to know about a successful pikeminnow fishing season. 

Whether you prefer to watch instructional videos online or gain the personal experience of a fishing seminar, you will certainly learn something new that can be valuable to you in the future.

While the action of catching Pikeminnow in exchange for monetary rewards might seem like easy money, it actually requires a lot of skill to be successful in the field. 

After reading through this guide, you should be able to get started learning and prepare yourself for bounty fishing this year.

Related Questions:

How much can you make from fishing for Northern Pikeminnow?

In the same year, one fisherman made almost $120,000 from just catching Northern Pikeminnow alone in the year 2016. Just one year later, another fisherman caught over $80,000 worth of Pikeminnow in a period of 5 months. With no limit of how many qualifying Pikeminnow can be caught in one day, the earning possibilities are endless.

What is the average payout for each Northern Pikeminnow that is caught during the season?

Since fishing agencies are trying to get rid of as many large Pikeminnow in the waters as possible, they offer higher prices per fish with larger quantities to encourage more fishermen to capture them. For example, the first 25 fish might pay out at $5 each, while the next 50 will move up to $8 each.

How can I catch pikeminnow fish in exchange for monetary compensation?

In order to successfully catch a pikeminnow in exchange for a cash voucher, your fish will need to meet a certain list of qualifications. Although these rules will vary between locations, the fish will generally need to be in fresh condition from being caught in the same day, and meet a minimum length requirement (usually about 9 inches).

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