How Much is A Fishing License?

When I was thinking about planning a trip to fish for Northern Pike, I thought about what kind of licensing might be required before I headed out.  So, I did some online research to find out how much a fishing license costs for Northern...


Do Catfish Eat Other Fish?

A lot of us who angle for catfish on a regular basis are always wondering what the best bait may be and we also from time to time wonder just good old ordinary facts about catfish. Especially for the beginner catfish angler who is just getting...


Do Catfish Like Hot Dogs?

We all run out of our favorite baits from time to time. Let’s face it. Getting a bit desperate is easy. Sometimes lack of planning leaves you fresh out of your desired bait in a time where you can’t run to the nearest shop to get anymore. ...


Do Catfish Like Deep Water?

Anybody reading this I’m assuming loves catfishing. If you don’t, I’m assuming you are considering getting into catfishing in near future. It’s an incredible game fish to target and provides quite the thrill each time you set the hook. I’ve been...


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