What Does an American Eel Eat?

American eels are interesting creatures; they’re like fish but they’re technically not fish.  I would have thought that American eels eat the same thingsas fish in the same way because of their similarities, but it turns out I was wrong. So...


How to Unhook an American Eel?

Throughout the few fishing trips I have taken in my life, I have never seen anyone catch an American eel in person.  In my recent research of the species, I found out some very interesting information about unhooking them once they are pulled...

Where is The American Eel Found?

Where is The American Eel Found?

Evere wondered just where to find the american eel? American eels are a previously endangered species and are the only eels in North America.  Unlike much other fish, the eel stands out with its singular snake-like body and movements...

how much does the American Eel weight? Get the answer here.

How Much Does an American Eel Weigh?

When I was watching a nature documentary on television recently, a massive American Eel stuck out to me the most amongst all of the other sea animals that were featured in the film. So, I did some research online to find out the actual mass of one...


When Does American Eels Spawn?

There is a well known saying that humans are creatures of habit. The American eel is no different as their migration habits remain the same every year to spawn at the same time every year like clockwork. So when do American eels spawn? American...

what is the american eel?

What is an American Eel?

American eel: the slimy, snake-like fish that slithers along at the bottom of rivers and freshwater locations, is a more complex creature than most people may think.  Read through this quick guide to find out everything you need to know about...


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