7 Essential Carp Fishing Tools – my Top Carp Gear

7 Essential Carp Fishing Tools – my Top Carp Gear

If you have been carp fishing for long you know, it’s imperative that you have the correct tools and equipment to get the job done. This is my list of top tools and carp fishing gear I believe you need on your next carp frishing trip.

Carp fishing is no different. Whether you’re a new carp angler or a seasoned angler, these tools should help you catch more carp.

These are the tools I think are needed for successful carp fishing. Yes, I probably have 100 plus other tools. Some that come with me fishing, some that I bought and realized I had no need for them and ended up on a storage shelf in my garage. Nonetheless, use these tools at a minimum on your next carp fishing trip to get the job done.

As I always do, I’ll let you know my recommendation and then give you a more detailed look below on where to find them and more specifications.

I am not particularly eager to clog the pages with information and images if it’s not needed so if you’re looking for that information head straight to the bottom of the page. If not, let’s dive into my top 7 tools required for high end carp fishing.

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7 essential carp fishing tools. This is my list on the top carp gear; carp landing net, unhooking mat, rod rests, bite indicators, rig ruller, bait drill combination etc. #fishingbeginners #carpspawn #carptips #findingcarp #carpbite #fishingtips #carpfishing #catchingcarp #fishingforcarp #tipscarp #fishing

Best Carp Landing Net For Carp Fishing

You all know I love fishing for carp and catfish. Plain and simple. With that being said, you can understand that I prefer not to skimp or take the cheap man approach to items like a stable fishing net. You shouldn’t either. Here’s what I’ve learned in life that you can apply to all my fishing blogs and recommended gear.

I’ve wasted a lot of money on dumb purchases, but I’ve spent more money trying to be thrifty on essential purchases.

A few of your tools need to be decent to ultimately not be disappointed when carp fishing. Your landing net is no different. It’s not going to cost you any more to get a larger net and more durable net.

If you make sure, it’s a reliable brand and has solid reviews you won’t be disappointed. Be particularly careful with telescopic handles. I’ve had issues with the cheaply made telescopic handles basically “splintering” and not holding up. You can go with the EGO S2 Slider Landing Net. It’s by far the best I’ve used over the last few years. You can trust the handle, it extends up to 60 inches which is SUPER nice to have, and the grip is unbeatable.

  • Don’t Underestimate the value of a great Grip with a fishing net either.

Especially for fishing with the big dogs. When your fishing for carp and catfish, it’s time to put the toddler toys away and step up a bit. We fish for these because of the size and fight. Don’t enter the ring prepared to lose the match.

You can usually find this on Amazon for under 100.00. You have options for the length and the mesh coating.

Its reviews are basically flawless including mine. If you decide to search for another net, keep the core principals that this net entails and make sure you apply them to the net you ultimately decide to purchase.

Best Unhooking Mat For Carp Fishing

A nice padded mat for unhooking the carp will go a long way.

Here is a Big key with these.

Make sure you have this laid out before fishing. You don’t want to be stuck trying to get it ready after you have a nice size carp already landed and needing to be unhooked.

I personally use the Magi Deal Unhooking Mat. It’s a folding mat and gets the job done without breaking the bank. You will want to find this and order it during downtime in your fishing schedule. These typically are back ordered or take 5-10 days minimum to ship.

Carp fishing is prevalent in the UK, so a lot of the sellers on Amazon and other online marketplaces have longer ship times, but ultimately you can save money waiting those few extra days. Not to mention, they make quality products for carp fishing and know what they are doing so why not trust the experts in the world of carp fishing.

Best Rod Rest For Carp Fishing

This may easily be the most essential item you can purchase when it comes to effective carp fishing. The old school methods of using a sticks or laying your rods on the ground when carp fishing won’t work.

If you plan on trying this, I recommend when you visit my best carp reels and rods section that you buy multiples because you will have poles slingshot straight into the water.

Not to mention, a good rod holder is going to allow you to be in a better position for a clean hook set.

Also, they add to the relaxation of fishing in general. If you want to grab a frosty beverage or check in with the wife, you know your rods are safe.

None of us including you should be trying to fish for carp with only one rod either.

In my blog, “ultimate guide to carp fishing,” you will notice and read about the importance of trying different depths, different baits and different locations and gathering data to become a better carp angler.

Multiple rods get this done much faster, and you need somewhere for the poles to rest safely once you have cast and placed your bait.

I personally recommend the Croch Aluminum Carp Specialist Goal Post Rod Holder

It’s durable, holds three rods and has never given me any issues. In addition, it is backed by a 100% satisfaction warranty and is typically available on Amazon for under 70.00 which is a great price for a solid rod holder.

Best Bite Indicator For Carp Fishing

You have a few paths you can go down for a sound bite indicator. I personally use the fully electronic models and higher end indicator, but you can also use a cheaper version that gets the job done.

You can also get 3 or more indicators in one pack. To save money, I’d recommend you start with the Coolnice Fishing Bite Alarm.

It comes with additional batteries and works great for fishing for carp at night as well.

Usually, you can land three of these with the batteries for under 15.00 on Amazon and last time I checked, they were an Amazon’s Choice for the best bite indicator for the value.

Best Rig Puller And Bait Drill Combination

A rig puller is going be useful for testing knots and making sure your setup is ready to withstand the test of a decent sized carp.

Bait drills I’m sure your all familiar with, but this help gets a nice hole through the harder baits, so you can easily attach them to your hair rig.

You can get a cheap combination pack on Amazon for under 15.00 that will come 3-4 essential tools, and they work just fine.

I recommend the SamsFX Baiting Rig Tool and Driller Combo.

rig puller for carp fishing

Vest Tackle Box For Carp Fishing

You need to go prepared. An excellent easy to transport tackle box is a good start. I recommend something that’s easy to carry and comes with enough storage to support a fishing adventure that can be filled with the unknown.

Something like the Piscifun Fishing Tackle Box would be a great start. You have placement for backup reels and plenty of storage for all your rigs and equipment.

Make sure to watch for a 15% off coupon on Amazon for this item. You can often get it for 55-65.00 dollars for the basic package or elect to upgrade.

To Wrap Things Up- Do We Feel We know the Best Plan or Tools to Catch More Carp This Year?

Fishing gear is just part of the investment in the hobby. The same goes for all recommended carp fishing gear.

As always, you know I have to mention that I only recommend equipment I personally know will get the job done or enhance your fishing experience.

Always test and try your own likes and dislikes for gear to find out what works. I’m only one person so I’m sure I’m missing plenty of other solid recommendations that could help us all catch more carp at the end of the day.

If you’re looking for different species of fishing gear or just generic tools and items, you can always visit my main recommend gear page for more suggestions.

Have I left anything out or do you feel something needs to be added to this list?

Be sure to drop a comment below or subscribe to our free email newsletter for the latest news, gear, and tips I release every week on Friday.

Thanks for stopping. I appreciate you. Till next time.

7 essential carp fishing tools. This is my list on the top carp gear; carp landing net, unhooking mat, rod rests, bite indicators, rig ruller, bait drill combination etc. #fishingforcarp #tipscarp #fishing #carpbite #fishingtips #carpfishing #catchingcarp #fishingbeginners #carpspawn #carptips #findingcarp
7 essential carp fishing tools. This is my list on the top carp gear; carp landing net, unhooking mat, rod rests, bite indicators, rig ruller, bait drill combination etc. #fishingforcarp #tipscarp #fishing #carptips #findingcarp #fishingbeginners #carpspawn #carpbite #fishingtips #carpfishing #catchingcarp
7 essential carp fishing tools. This is my list on the top carp gear; carp landing net, unhooking mat, rod rests, bite indicators, rig ruller, bait drill combination etc. #fishingbeginners #carpspawn #fishingforcarp #tipscarp #fishing #carpbite #fishingtips #carpfishing #catchingcarp #carptips #findingcarp
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