99 Essential Fishing Accessories For Less Than $29.99

99 Essential Fishing Accessories For Less Than $29.99


Fishing can be a great way to introduce people of all ages to the great outdoors. With a range of styles, fishing is something that can be learned in a few minutes but takes a lifetime to master. One part of this mastery is knowing what kind of gear and accessories are needed for success.

With fishing’s popularity growing, the market for gear and accessories has grown immensely. Knowing what kind of accessories are worthwhile and which ones are not can be challenging to discern. Especially when it comes to affordable accessories, you’ll want to know what stuff is junk and what things will help enhance your experience.

Use this list as a guide to finding the best, affordable gear and accessories for your next fishing trip.

#1 Rod And Reel

Why you need it: A rod and reel are necessary for any form of fishing. Without these two things, you won’t be able to fish in the first place.

How to use it: A rod and reel work in combination to cast out your fishing line and reel it back in. Should you hook a fish, these two pieces of equipment will need to withstand the force of a fish fighting to escape the hook.

Price range: $10 – $30

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#2 Fishing Line

Why you need it: This is what will actually allow you to fish. Running from your reel, along the rod, and attached to your hook and lure, fishing line is what will allow you to reel in that fish you hooked.

How to use it: Simply run the fishing line around the reel and along the rod. Once you’ve run it the length of the rod, could you attach it to your bait and hook setup? You’ll want to be sure that you have the right strength for the type of fishing you expect to do.

Price range: $5 – $25

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#3 Electronic Scale With Measuring Tape

Why you need it: Having this in your tacklebox will help you to quickly measure up your catch, a crucial ability when faced with size regulations on what you can and cannot keep.

How to use it: Most models include a hook or vice to grab the fish by its lower lip.

Price range: $10.99 – $13.99

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#4 Waterproof Dry Bag

Why you need it: Keep your personal items dry while you’re out on the water in search of the next catch.

How to use it: Most brands offer several sizes to match your needs.

Price range: $10.99 – $24.99

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#5 Sunglasses

Why you need it: Anyone who has spent any amount of time of the water repeatedly casting and reeling knows that sunglasses are an absolute must.

How to use it:  Be sure to get a pair that will float or a couple that you might not mind losing should they fall overboard.

Price range: $10 – $25

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#6 Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit

Why you need it: All experienced fishermen know that some of the best fishing to be had is when it’s raining out. These rain suits will keep you dry in the elements.

How to use it: Frogg Toggs offers a great, lightweight and breathable rain suit option for all sizes.

Price range: $15 – $30

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#7 Columbia PFG Tamiami Long Sleeve Shirt

Why you need it: An excellent option for those cooler days out on the water and a great option for sun protection.

How to use it: This shirt offers double chest pockets as well as roll-up sleeves for optionality.

Price range: $15 – $30

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#8 GearTOP Fishing Hat

Why you need it: This wide-brimmed bucket hat will help to keep both the sun and the elements off of your face while out on the water.

How to use it: Designed with breathable mesh, this hat is built for the outdoors.

Price range: $11 – $12

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#9 Berkley PowerBait Fresh Water Fishing Bait

Why you need it: Any fisherman knows that most days they’re only as good as their bait. Berkley PowerBait offers a range of high-performance baits and lures.

How to use it: Be sure to tailor your bait to the area you’re fishing and what you’re hoping to catch.

Price range: $5 – $25

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#10 Werewolves Paracord Knife Bracelet

Why you need it: A handy way to keep both paracord and a small utility knife handy.

How to use it: Acting as a bracelet means you can keep these essential survival items on you at all times.

Price: $8.99 – $23.88

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#11 Einskey Sun Hat

Why you need it: Another great option for keeping the sun off your face during those long afternoons of angling.

How to use it: The Einskey Sun Hat comes in several sizes and colors, with something for everyone.

Price range: $12 – $13.99

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#12 Yamamoto Senko Bait

Why you need it: Known as an industry leader, there’s a Yamamoto Senko for just about every variety of fishing.

How to use it: Whether a beginner or tour-level pro, there’s a Senko for you

Price range: $5 – $15

Buy Yamamoto Senko Bait here.

#13 Water Gremlin Split Shot Pro Pack

Why you need it: A staple in every tacklebox, this split shot pack has a range of sizes to help meet your specific needs.

How to use it: With a spectrum of sizes, this pack will help you get the exact weight you need.

Price: $4 – $5

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#14 KastKing Cutthroat Fishing Pliers

Why you need it: Another staple of every experienced fisherman, a good pair of pliers will help you get your lure and hook out of the hard to reach places.

How to use it: Use it as an extension of and more precise version of your fingers. This model comes with a sheath and a lanyard to help prevent from losing it overboard.

Price: $20 – $21.99

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#15 River2Sea Whopper Plopper

Why you need it: Another known brand in the realm of lures and baits, River2Sea makes a range of high-quality lures.

How to use it: Be sure to tailor these lures to the fish your hoping to attract.

Price: $10 – $12.99

Buy a River2Sea Whopper Plopper here.

#16 KastKing Monofilament Fishing Line

Why you need it: A high-quality fishing line is crucial to being able to reel in that fish one you finally hook it.

How to use it: KastKing’s fishing line is designed with parallel roll track technology for added operability.

Price range: $5.99 – $7.99

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#17 Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

Why you need it: With a braided design, Piscifun’s fishing line has an added strength and durability that most fishing lines don’t have.

How to use it: Even though it’s a braided fishing line, you use it just the same as any other style of fishing line.

Price range: $8.98 – $11

Buy it here.

#18 Flambeau Outdoors 2-Tray Tackle Box

Why you need it: Every fisherman needs a tackle box to help organize their gear.

How to use it: This model comes with 8 tray compartments and 6 removable dividers for added versatility.

Price range: $9 – $11

Buy the tackle box here.

#19 2-Piece Forceps Set

Why you need it: Similar to a good pair of pliers, forceps can help you get your fishing line and lure out of hard to reach places.

How to use it: Used just like pliers, this set comes with one straight pair and one curved pair.

Price range: $5.99 – $8.99

Buy a 2-piece forceps set here.

#20 Coleman Stadium Seat

Why you need it: Whether you’re fishing from a small boat or the shore, you might want a way to make the experience a bit more comfortable.

How to use it: The Coleman Stadium Seat is usable with any flat surface, making it incredibly versatile for the outdoorsman.

Price: $18.99

Buy it right here.

#21 Berkley Hard Bait Freshwater Fishing Bait

Why you need it: Your bait is everything and Berkley has a history of making high quality baits for all of your fishing needs.

How to use it: As with any other bait, be sure to match this lure to the area your fishing for best results.

Price range: $4.45 – $6.45

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#22 Booyah Pond Magic

Why you need it: Booyah is known for high-quality lures tailor made for smaller water. Pack these lures for your next trip and wait for the results to come in.

How to use it: Designed for smaller water like streams, ponds, and marshes, keep these in your tacklebox when tackling these areas.

Price range: $5 – $10

Buy it here.

#23 SamsFX Quick Knot Tying Tool

Why you need it: Because tying a knot in your fishing line can be the single most frustrating part of any fishing trip.

How to use it: This set comes with two, so you can split it with a friend. Or keep both for when you inevitably drop one into the water.

Price range: $10 – $12

Buy it here.

#24 KastKing Filet Knife

Why you need it: Any catch worth keeping deserves the proper tools to prepare it for the table.

How to use it: Just the same as any other knife. Just don’t lose a finger.

Price: $20 – $22.99

Buy the filet knife here.

#25 ZACX Lip Grip/Fishing Pliers

Why you need it: Though these pliers won’t help you extract your lure and hook, they’re a great tool for quickly gripping your fish as you reel it in.

How to use it: Just grip and rip. But maybe not the rip part.

Price range: $8.15 – $9.99

Buy it here.

#26 Gehrke’s Gink

Why you need it: Specifically made for fly fishing, this product helps to keep your fly buoyant over time.

How to use it: Just apply liberally to your flies before each outing.

Sean price: $7.48

Buy Gehrke’s gink here.

#27 Penn Reel Oil And Lube

Why you need it: Keeping your reel properly lubricated will help to keep it working in top condition, as well as extend its lifespan.

How to use it: Apply Penn Reel Oil periodically to your reel to keep in top shape.

Price range: $5.99 – $8.99

Buy oil and lube here.

#28 Plusinno Fishing Net

Why you need it: If you’ve fished before you know those last few minutes of wrangling a fish can be the hardest. A net helps to make the process of actually bringing the fish in easier.

How to use it: Use this net to help you corral that catch in the final moments of the fight.

Price range: $19.98 – $24.99

Buy it here.

#29 Extra-Wide Brimmed Hat

Why you need it: For those times that a normal brim just won’t cut it.

How to use it: With the extra coverage here you can feel free to expose those shoulders a bit.

Sean price: $19.99

Buy it here.

#30 Hifish Big Swimbaits

Why you need it: Hifish is a leader in fishing lures. Adding these to your tacklebox will produce results.

How to use it: Use Hifish lures for bigger fish and freshwater fish.

Price range: $8.99 – $14.99

Buy it here.

#31 Berkley Fishing Rod Rack

Why you need it: A simple, affordable option for storing your fishing rods.

How to use it: Berkley offers both a vertical and a horizontal option of this model.

Price range: $8.49 – $10.99

Buy the Berkley fishing rod rack here.

#32 AresKo Fishing Boat Rod Holder

Why you need it: If you’re doing a lot of fishing that involves casting out and letting you line sit out doing the work on its own, then a holster to mount to your boat might be a nice gadget to have on hand.

How to use it: These holders allow you to essentially set it and forget it.

Sean price: $15.88

Buy it here.

#33 Midwest Outfitters Fishing Rod Sleeve

Why you need it: These high-quality sleeves are great for keeping your rod covered from the elements during transport.

How to use it: These sleeves slide down over your rod for easy application and removal.

Sean price: $10.99

Buy it here.

#34 sf Standard Rod Sleeve And Reel Cover

Why you need it: This set will help you protect both your rod and your reel from the elements.

How to use it: Made of durable materials, these covers can withstand the rigors of heavy use.

Price range: $8.00 – $10.99

Buy it here.

#35 Shimano Neoprene Reel Cover

Why you need it: Shimano makes a top tier protective cover for your reel to help protect it from the elements.

How to use it: Coming in a range of sizes, Shimano has a number of models that can meet your needs.

Sean price: $10.38

Buy it here.

#36 Booms Fishing PB1 Fishing Pole Bag

Why you need it: This case covers both rod and reel and in one great transport case.

How to use it: This case offers a great option for the frequent traveler or those that have to get to their secret spot.

Sean price: $19.99

Buy it here.

#37 Etna Fishing Rod Case Organizer

Why you need it: For the angler with multiple rods and no way of organizing them during storage.

How to use it: With room for up to 5 rods, plus extra gear, this is a great option for the avid fisherman.

Sean price: $20.94

Buy it right here.

#38 Abu Garcia Maintenance Kit

Why you need it: Complete with mini tools, oil, and grease, this kit has everything you need to keep your fishing rods in top condition.

How to use it: Use this kit to keep regular maintenance on your rods.

Sean price: $22.50

Buy it here.

#39 Croch 16 Fishing Rod Holder Storage Rack

Why you need it: The ultimate in fishing rod storage and organization, this rack is big enough for even the most serious of anglers.

How to use it: With up to 16 slots, this rack can handle rod collections of all sizes.

Sean price: $26.98

Buy it here.

#40 Wowelife Fishing Rod Organizer

Why you need it: This is another great option for storage and transport of your fishing rods.

How to use it: With capacity for up to 5 rods, you can bring a full arsenal wherever you go.

Sean price: $23.99

Buy it here.

#41 Eagle Claw Minnow Trap

Why you need it: For the angler that enjoys the challenge of sourcing their own bait, this trap can help corral those minnows.

How to use it: Eagle Claw makes top tier products, and that’s no less true with this minnow trap. Use this to catch your own minnows as bait.

Sean price: $8.86

Buy it here.

#42 KastKing Fishing Lure Wraps

Why you need it: Once you’ve unboxed that special lure, it can be difficult to ensure it stays in good condition. These wraps can help you do just that.

How to use it: These wraps simply apply right over you’re your lure and rod while on the line.

Sean price: $15.99

Buy it here.

#43 Strike King Red Eye Shad Bait

Why you need it: A top-tier lipless lure that offers great free-falling action.

How to use it: As with all lure, pair this to the fish you’re hoping to attract for best results.

Sean price: $8.51

Buy it here.

#44 Goture Fishing Tackle Box

Why you need it: A great option for tackle and gear storage, this box by Goture Fishing offers plenty of storage options.

How to use it: Compact enough to fit into your fishing vest pocket, this case packs a punch.

Sean price: $11.49

Buy it here.

#45 Frabill Insulated Bait Bucket With Built-in Aerator

Why you need it: This bait bucket with built-in isolation will help to keep your bait alive for longer.

How to use it: Frabill offers a number of sizes to help meet your bait storage needs.

Sean price: $22.22

Buy it here.

#46 Frabill Floating Dip Net

Why you need it: So that you don’t have to go through the hassle of grabbing minnows with your bare hands.

How to use it: The floating feature on this ensures that you don’t lose it should it fall overboard.

Sean price: $3.33

Buy it here.

#47 Livetarget Hollow Body Frog

Why you need it: This 2010 ICAST “Best of Show” winner offers a high-quality lure for those seeking out big bass.

How to use it: Just the same as any other lure. Just be sure largemouth are in the area.

Sean price: $10.99

Buy it here.

#48 Ieasky Fishing Bait Trap

Why you need it: Another great option for catching your own bait, this pack comes with two traps to increase your chances of success.

How to use it: With two traps you’ll be able to cover more ground than you would with one.

Sean price: $16.99

Buy it here.

#49 Trout Magnet S.O.S. Fishing Line

Why you need it: Strong fishing line is a must when fishing for strong-fighting fish like trout. This line by Trout Magnet will help cover you.

How to use it: Coming in a number of lengths, this fishing line can meet whatever your needs are.

Sean price: $6.91

Buy it here.

#50 Frabill 1272 Bait Trap

Why you need it: Use this bait trap to help you harvest your own minnows for bait.

How to use it: Made of durable materials, this net will withstand the wear and tear of repeated use.

Sean price: $17.15

Buy it here.

#51 Rat-L-Trap Lures ½ Ounce Trap

Why you need it: Known for quality, these lures from Rat-L-Trap will get you results.

How to use it: Use these lures in freshwater for medium to large sized fish.

Sean price: $8.19

Buy it here.

#52 Mepp’s Plain Lure Assortment Trouter Kit

Why you need it: If you’ve gone trout fishing before, you know that trout in different areas are attracted to different things. This kit gives you options.

How to use it: Add this kit to your tackle box before your next trout fishing excursion.

Sean price: $22.16

Buy it here.

#53 Marine Metal Products Insulated Bait Bucket

Why you need it: If you’re planning on spending a day out on the water fishing, you’ll need a good option for keeping your live bait alive. Enter this bait bucket from Marine Metal.

How to use it: Just load this bucket with your favorite live bait and let the insulation do its thing.

Sean price: $26.00

Buy it here.

#54 Mepp’s AssortedBasser Kit

Why you need it: A hand assembled set of bass lures, Mepp’s offers high-quality lures to help you get results.

How to use it: These lures can be used for both large and small mouth bass.

Sean price: $28.89

Buy it here.

#55 Challenge Bait Lagoon Trolling Bucket

Why you need it: Another simple, straightforward option for live bait storage. This is a great option for dock fishing, where you can hang it off the dock in the water.

How to use it: Load it up and hang it off your dock or boat. The clasped lid will stay closed while allowing water to flow in and out of the bucket.

Sean price: $6.99

Buy it here.

#56 Challenge 50176 Minnow Trap

Why you need it: A high-quality minnow trap, this model from Challenge is made of top-tier materials and built to last.

How to use it: Made with a simple design, this trap is easy to use and easy to transport.

Sean price: $15.51

Buy it here.

#57 Sep’s Pro Fishing Pro Flasher Will Combo

Why you need it: One of the leading brands in fishing, Sep’s lures are as close to a guarantee for results as you can get.

How to use it: Use these lures in open water where their flashing qualities can shine.

Sean price: $10.10

Buy it here.

#58 Jake’s Lures Spin Fishing Equipment Lures

Why you need it: Another highly trusted brand by anglers everywhere, Jake’s Lures makes some of the best lures in the industry.

How to use it: You’ll want to use these in open waters as well, as their spinning action with what draws attention.

Sean price: $6.95

Buy it here.

#59 Egret Bait Jumbo Vudu Shrimp

Why you need it: With a unique design, this lure offers incredible swimming action on its own.

How to use it: Coming pre-rigged, this lure is ready to go out of the pack and can be trolled along the bottom.

Sean price: $8.99

Buy it here.

#60 Yum Lures Warn Shot Fishing Bait

Why you need it: A quality lure designed to attract even the most finicky of bass in open water.

How to use it: Unique design makes for exaggerated reactions to the slightest of movements.

Sean price: $5.46

Buy it here.

#61 Brad’s Super Bait Fishing Lure 2-Pack

Why you need it: Great for all sorts of uses, these lures come with scent pads and rubber bands for best results.

How to use it: These lures are ideal for casting, trolling, plunking, or back bouncing.

Sean price: $14.99

Buy it here.

#62 Boone Poly Chum Bag

Why you need it: For open water anglers, the use of chum can help to bring the fish you’re looking for to you.

How to use it: This chum bag made of high-quality materials can hold up to 20 lbs of chum and is built to last.

Sean price: $13.91

Buy it here.

#63 Plano Liqua Bait Storage Bottle And Bait Grabber

Why you need it: A perfect sized bottle for soaking and scenting your soft lures before your next trip.

How to use it: It’s leak-proof, DriLoc seal will help to prevent leaking and drying out.

Sean price: $9.82

Buy it here.

#64 Blue Fox Minnow Spin

Why you need it: For when your patience isn’t in a pace to deal with the hassle of using live minnows but you still want to use minnows.

How to use it: Built to look and act like a live minnow, you can use this lure just the same as you would use a live minnow.

Sean price: $6.99

Buy it here.

#65 P-Line Laser Minnow

Why you need it: Another great option for the angler that wants a minnow without having to constantly replace it.

How to use it: Coming in a range of colors, you can get multiple versions and test which produces the best results.

Sean price: $6.31

Buy it here.

#66 Promar Wood Handle Bait Scoop

Why you need it: A great option for removing the hassle of collecting your live bait to be hooked.

How to use it: The wood handle on this scoop ensures that it’ll float if you accidentally lose it overboard.

Sean price: $12.24

Buy it here.

#67 Storm Hot ‘N Tot MadFlash Fishing Lure

Why you need it: Built with a unique lip, this lure features an original, erratic diving action.

How to use it: Coming in a number of color combos, you can try a few out till you find the right one for your secret spot.

Sean price: $5.99

Buy it here.

#68 RapalaRippin’ Rap Crankbait

Why you need it: A lipless design, this lure is built to get maximum action on all movement.

How to use it: Designed for hard vibrating action and long casting, this is a versatile lure that will get you results.

Sean price: $6.99

Buy it here.

#69 Frabill Fat And Sassy Worm Food

Why you need it: If you like to keep your own worms for live bait, you’ll need something to keep them fat and attractive for the fish.

How to use it: Just sprinkle this into your tank with some regularity and let it go to work.

Sean price: $7.95

Buy it here.

#70 Mepp’sAglia Assorted Basser Kit

Why you need it: Another variation on the set listed above, this kit just adds more versatility to your bass fishing tackle box.

How to use it: With a variety of lures, you’ll have a lure for every bass fishing situation you might encounter.

Sean price: $26.11

Buy it here.

#71 Mepp’sAglia Dressed Treble Fishing Lure

Why you need it: Another great offering by Mepp’s, this lure is built for excellent spinning action.

How to use it: At its size, this lure is excellent for panfish and small stream trout.

Sean price: $6.99

Buy it here.

#72 Mepp’s Black Fury Dressed Bass Fishing Lure Pocket Pack

Why you need it: For when you need bass fishing options in a compact, ready-to-go case.

How to use it: Designed for quality spinning action, these lures will get you the results you want.

Sean price: $16.34

Buy it here.

#73 Yellowstone Fly Goods Fly Agra Floatant

Why you need it: The frequent fly-fisher knows that keeping your fly buoyant is a key to success. This product can help you do that.

How to use it: Apply generously before each use.

Sean price: $10.46

Buy it here.

#74 dr Meter’s Saltwater Fishing Tool Set

Why you need it: A complete set, with pliers, lip grip, and gloves, this set is saltwater resistant to help prevent corrosion.

How to use it: This is a perfect set for the deep-sea angler.

Sean price: $23.99

Buy it here.

#75 CrazyShark Hook Remover

Why you need it: For getting your hook out of tricky situations because you absolutely must have that lure back.

How to use it: This hook remover comes made of aluminum with an ergonomic handle for easy handling.

Sean price: $15.98

Buy it here.

#76 San Like Telescopic Fishing Spear Hook

Why you need it: For the deep-sea angler reeling in larger fish, getting them to the boat is one thing. Getting them in the boat can be an entirely other thing without the right equipment.

How to use it: With a telescopic arm, this hook will give you excellent reach when trying to get that fish into the boat.

Sean price: $19.74

Buy it here.

#77 SLMOZKA Fishing Line Spooler

Why you need it: No one enjoys manually spooling new fishing line onto their reel. This device will make that process that much easier.

How to use it: Just mount this spooler to a tabletop or other flat surface and attach your fishing line and reel.

Sean price: $7.99

Buy it here.

#78 Blakemore TTI Fishing Reel/Line Magic

Why you need it: A great option for reel maintenance and lubrication.

How to use it: Apply this lubricant every so often to help keep your reel working in peak condition.

Sean price: $7.88

Buy it here.

#79 Penn Rod And Reel Cleaner

Why you need it: Extending the life of your fishing gear primarily comes down to properly cleaning it after each use and season. This cleaner can help you do that.

How to use it: Apply to a cloth or paper towel and wipe down both rod and reel.

Sean price: $9.99

Buy it here.

#80 Honbay 20pc Fishing Rod Alarm Bells

Why you need it: Sometimes over the course of a long day of fishing you start to lose some of your attention spans. These bells will help prevent you from missing a bite.

How to use it:These bells easily clip on to your rod, making them easy to use and remove.

Sean price: $6.29

Buy it here.

#81 Hurricane Aluminum Fish Bat

Why you need it: The truth of the matter is that sometimes you catch a really big fish and you need that really big fish to stop thrashing dangerously around in the boat.

How to use it: A bonus to this product, it doubles as a piñata bat for your next quinceanera.

Sean price: $15.99

Buy it here.

#82 Berkley Clip-on Line Counter

Why you need it: This line counter from Berkley is a compactly designed device to help you track how much line you’re casting out each time.

How to use it: Clip this to your rod and run your line through it before your next trip.

Sean price: $10.64

Buy it here.

#83 KastKing Tackle Boxes 2-Pack

Why you need it: This 2-pack is a great value for any angler looking to get better organization over their lures and baits.

How to use it: With excellent customizability, these tackle boxes can meet exactly what you need.

Sean price: $24.99

Buy it here.

#84 Plano Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box

Why you need it: This storage box is designed to prevent any kind of water leakage in the event the box falls overboard.

How to use it: Store your valuables in this box on your next fishing trip.

Sean price: $18.00

Buy it here.

#85 KastKing Dry Bags

Why you need it: An excellent option for keeping your gear dry, these bags come in several sizes to meet your needs.

How to use it: These bags also come in a variety of colors to meet your style.

Sean price: $15.99

Buy it here.

#86 Flies Direct Waterproof Fly Bag

Why you need it: An excellent option for organizing your flies, this case also ensures they’ll stay dry.

How to use it: This case can hold up to 126 flies at a time.

Sean price: $6.99

Buy it here.

#87 Piscifun Fishing Bag

Why you need it: This lightweight fishing bag offers great organization options for your fishing gear.

How to use it: Fanny-pack design makes for ultimate mobility and ease of access.

Sean price: $14.99

Buy it here.

#88 Plano Leader Spool Box

Why you need it: For the avid fly fisher you’ll need a way to store your spools. This case has you covered.

How to use it: This case comes with a clasp and a handle for easy transport.

Sean price: $13.61

Buy it here.

#89 Plano 5 Gallon Bucket Topper And Organizer

Why you need it: Many anglers will be familiar with the old 5-gallon bucket as a tackle box trick. This bucket topper will help to add a little organization to that arrangement.

How to use it: Fitted to sit on top of any standard 5-gallon bucket, this topper is built to last.

Sean price: $19.66

Buy it here.

#90 Rapala 9” Fish Gripper

Why you need it: Every angler can use a quality fish gripper to make their life easier.

How to use it: Made of lightweight materials, this grip will float should you drop it overboard.

Sean price: $12.49

Buy it here.

#91 Palmyth Fingerless Fishing Gloves

Why you need it: For those early morning trips when the weather is just a touch chilly but you still need full dexterity.

How to use it: These gloves are designed for ultimate grip and UV protection.

Sean price: $17.97

Buy it here.

#92 Berkley Fishing Gloves

Why you need it: Designed to help you grip slippery fish as you try and wrangle them into the boat.

How to use it: These gloves are made of heavy-duty materials and built to last.

Sean price: $5.65

Buy Berkley fishing gloves here.

#93 UShake Mosquito Head Hat

Why you need it: If you’re frequently fishing but infested areas, this might be a better option than constantly covering yourself in bug spray.

How to use it: The net can roll up into the brim of the hat to act as a standard bucket hat.

Sean price: $16.99

Buy the mosquito head hat here.

#94 Flygo Fishing Vest

Why you need it: A standard piece of apparel for just about every fisherman, the vest can help keep your gear handy.

How to use it: Made with a mesh back, this vest is built for breathability.

Sean price: $26.89

Buy the Flygo fishing vest here.

#95 Columbia Blood And Guts Short-Sleeve Shirt

Why you need it: Lightweight and durable, this shirt is a great option for every angler.

How to use it: Made for breathability and UV protection, you can’t go wrong with this shirt.

Sean price: $26.90

Buy it here.

#96 Loon Hard Head Non-Toxic Head Cement

Why you need it: For those who tie their own flies, this head glue is some of the best available.

How to use it: Apply to your fly heads to help them stay together.

Sean price: $10.91

Buy it here.

#97 Flyafish Bass Popper Dry Fly Fishing Lure Kit

Why you need it: This variety pack is a great option for any fly fisherman.

How to use it: Why a variety of styles, you can hone in on which version is getting the best results that day.

Sean price: $9.99

Buy it here.

#98 Hammers Collapsible Wading Stick

Why you need it: If you’re doing any kind of wading to get to your fishing spot, you know the trouble posed by not being able to see the bottom.

How to use it: Make your wading easier by using this to help you identify potential obstacles to where you’re walking.

Sean price: $28.63

Buy the wading stick here.

#99 Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Bucket Hat

Why you need it: A great option for a bucket hat that can withstand the elements.

How to use it: Frogg Toggsis a leader in lightweight raingear, so you know this product will hold up.

Sean price: $8.84

Buy the bucket hat here.

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