When Ice Fishing Gear Probably Will go on Sale

When it comes to ice fishing, there is quite a lot of equipment and gear that is required for each trip. 

Additionally, this gear can start to add up and get very expensive. 

So, I took it upon myself to do some research on the best times to purchase this gear in order to give your wallet a break.

When will ice fishing gear go on sale and clearance? In general, the best time to buy ice fishing gear will be the end of the ice fishing season in the Spring. Do not wait until the Summer, however, because all of the good deals are likely to be gone.

An ice fishing trip does not necessarily have to be an expensive outing. 

With the right knowledge on when some of the gear will go on sale and clearance, you might be able to finance your adventure for more than half of the price! Keep reading for a quick guide on getting the best deals for ice fishing gear.

When Will Ice Fishing Gear go on Sale And Clearance?

When Ice Fishing Gear Will Go On Sale Or Clearance

Ice Fishing Season:

  • Begins early December
  • Ends late February

When considering the possibility of ice fishing gear going on sale or clearance, most people would assume that Summer would be the best time to make your purchase.

With ice fishing being a winter sport, you might come to the conclusion that the opposite season is the time when nobody is paying attention to buying ice fishing gear. 

However, this common misconception couldn’t be more incorrect.

The Best Times To Find Ice Fishing Gear Sales:

  • Spring – the best gear on sale and clearance
  • Summer – bigger markdowns on less desirable gear

Since the ice fishing season usually starts in early December and ends in late February, you will want to purchase your ice fishing gear in the Spring time.

In the Spring, immediately after the ice fishing season has come to a close, almost all of the gear will go on sale in stores. 

This occurs in efforts to clear out all of the inventory and get rid of additional stock that will not be needed for the rest of the year.

Those who fall victim to the belief that ice fishing gear will have the best sales in the Summer will find that all of the most desirable pieces have already been cleared off the shelves, and they will likely be left with something they don’t want or need.

In the Summer time, you might find select ice fishing gear that is on clearance, as the store will want to quickly get rid of the scraps from everyone who picked up the discounted gear a few months earlier.

So, if you are seeking the absolute best deals for discounted ice fishing gear, you should absolutely visit your local fishing store promptly after the season ends in the early Spring.

Buying Ice Fishing Gear Online

While it is true that most brick and mortar outdoor retailers will place their ice fishing gear on sale and clearance in efforts to clear out the stock and make space for new items, is this the case for online supply stores as well?

With no shelf space or displays to maintain, can you really expect online fishing stores to have the same sales you will find in person. 

The better question is, do they even need to?

In a world where most tasks, including shopping, are done online, it is only right to wonder if the same conveniences will apply to ice fishing gear sales. 

After all, you might be able to find a great deal on something in a corner of the internet that people in the stores aren’t paying attention to.

The answer will depend on where you are shopping online. 

Of course, even online stores will be eager to get rid of items that are out of season and out of demand, instead of holding on to them until the next year.

So, depending on how large of a retailer you are shopping with online, you might be able to find some steals there as well.

Some of the best places to buy ice fishing gear online:

  • Amazon
  • Fish USA
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Cabela’s

Popular stores such as Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas will most likely have some big discounts and clearance sections on ice fishing gear toward the spring and summer seasons, even on their website.

Amazon is known for presenting great deals to customers, with so many individual sellers and online retailers that will be trying to get rid of their old ice fishing gear.

Fish USA has been rumored to begin their sales and clearance deals on ice fishing gear as soon as the end of February. 

If you are an early bird that would like to secure their ice fishing equipment before the season is even over, you will be able to swoop into this website and take advantage of the steals they offer.

Buying Ice Fishing Gear – What is Needed?

After learning about all of the sales and clearance deals that are placed on ice fishing gear after the season is over, you might be wondering what you will actually need to purchase during this time.

Going ice fishing is not as simple as throwing on a jacket and packing up your regular fishing pole. 

Since ice fishing is the act of casting your line through the openings of a frozen body of water in harsh winter environments, there is a lot more to it than you would think.

Take a look at the list below to get a general idea of what you might need to purchase before your next ice fishing trip.

Ice Fishing Gear Essentials:

  1. Winter clothing
  2. Life vest
  3. Ice fishing rod
  4. Ice auger and skimmer
  5. 5-gallon bucket
  6. Ice jigs (assorted)
  7. Ice picks

The average cost of all of these items together can add up to hundreds of dollars, perhaps even thousands if you purchase the most professional gear. 

With some knowledge about when these items will go on sale and where to find them, you should be able to finance your ice fishing adventure for almost half of the original price!

Related Questions

Where is the best place to purchase ice fishing gear?

Although there are many retailers that offer ice fishing gear, you will most likely have the best luck shopping with a trusted store such as Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas. While shopping online can be convenient at times, it is always better to be able to try out your gear and assess the quality in person before making the purchase.

What is the difference between an ice fishing rod and a regular one?

An ice fishing rod is shorter than a regular summer fishing rod, due to the fact that it will be cast into a small hole created in the ice. These type of fishing poles can be made of wood or plastic. Jigging rods are also classified as ice fishing rods, which are more similar to the regular ones. They are, however, lighter and shorter.

Why is a 5-gallon bucket needed for ice fishing?

The 5-gallon bucket that was mentioned in the previous section serves a variety of purposes throughout a single ice fishing trip. The first and most obvious purpose of the 5 gallon bucket is to hold the fish that you catch in the ice. Before that, you willl be able to flip it over and take a seat while you cast your line and reel in your catches.

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