How to Make A Living Fishing For Northern Pikeminnow

After hearing about the bounty rewards fishing program for Northern Pikeminnow, I became curious about how much money can really be made from fishing alone.

Since cash vouchers are given in exchange for pikeminnow catches, is it possible to make a living during the fishing season?

How can you make a living fishing for Northern Pikeminnow?

Making a living fishing for Northern Pikeminnow is absolutely possible, thanks to the country rewards fishing programs. To do this, you will need to dedicate a lot of time during the fishing season, and demonstrate proper skill to make enough money to pay the bills.

The rewards programs for Northern Pikeminnow bounty fishing attracts all kinds of fishermen from all over the world, in hopes of scoring big on the water.

So, how much money can really be made from bounty fishing? This article will tell you everything you need to know about making fishing your full-time job.

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Can You Make a Living Fishing For Northern Pikeminnow?

Pikeminnow Fishing Positives:

  • No limit to how many can be caught
  • More catches are encouraged with monetary reward
  • Payout increases with bulk catches

When most people hear about rewards fishing for Northern Pikeminnow, they don’t blink twice.

With seemingly low payout rates for each fish, it can seem impossible to live off of just fishing.

Isn’t it supposed to be just a hobby anyway?

These common misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, with the right amount of skill and determination, many fishermen have made up to $30,000 in just one season of rewards fishing.

In some other cases, select fishermen have made ridiculous amounts of money, that averaged out to a handsome salary throughout the year. Take a look at the highest records to date in the list below.

Highest Rewards Made From Bounty Fishing:

  • $119,341 yearly earnings (2016)
  • $84,000 5-month earnings (2017)

After earning these amounts, it is safe to say that these fishermen successfully made a living fishing for Northern Pikeminnow in the past couple of years.

Just because these two have created the current highest earning records does not mean that they are one in a million.

In fact, many others have come close to breaking the records they have set.

If you are considering creating a full-time career out of bounty fishing for Northern Pikeminnow, don’t get discouraged.

If they can hit those numbers, so can you. Keep on reading for a detailed guide on how you can get the most out fo the rewards fishing season this year.

How to Make a Living Fishing For Northern Pikeminnow

As you can see, there have been many fishermen that have successfully broken the barrier of making a living fishing for Northern Pikeminnow. With so many of these fish swimming around just waiting to be captured for cash reward, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take full advantage.

Tips for Making a Living Bounty Fishing:

  • Come up with a financial goal
  • Make a detailed plan to reach your goal by the end of the season
  • Take necessary steps to make qualifying catches

In order to really make a living through this program, you should begin by coming up with a financial goal. Depending on how long you plan to be fishing, you should be realistic about how much money you can actually make.

This goal should come with a detailed plan that will help you reach your goal by the end of the season. This plan could include how many pikeminnow you will need to catch in a day to make your goal amount.

Once all of this has been established, you will need to take the necessary steps to become a part of the program and make successful catches that qualify for payment.

How To Get Started In The Bounty Fishing Rewards Program:

  • Find a rewards program
  • Obtain a valid fishing license
  • Register for the program
  • Pack up your supplies and begin fishing
  • Return qualifying catches for payment

To get started in the Bounty Fishing Rewards Program, you will first need to find one. Some of the most common locations for this activity include Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

After finding the right program for you, you will need to obtain a valid fishing license in the area that you have chosen.

This will be used to register for the program, along with some more information such as a government-issued photo ID.

When you are all good to go with registration, you can pack up your supplies and begin fishing.

All catches that qualify for payment will be traded in at the same station in which you signed up.

Take a look at some of the requirements that will qualify your pikeminnow for monetary reward, as some will not make the cut.

Pikeminnow Qualifications:

  • Fresh condition
  • Returned in the same day
  • Proper size (usually minimum 9 inches long)
  • Registered and returned to same station

You should always read through the rules and requirements in the specific area you will be fishing in, but these are the most general guidelines that are universal. While fishing, you should keep the rules in mind to avoid wasting time. This will allow you to catch as many pikeminnow as you can!

How Much Money Can You Really Make Bounty Fishing For Pikeminnow?

So, now that we’ve established the highest records for rewards fishing earnings, as well as how you can get started participating yourself, what are some realistic prices and earnings for each fish?

The payout amounts will vary from place to place, with some areas offering higher prices per fish.

 As mentioned earlier, the price of each fish will increase when more of them are caught.

For example, the first 20 fish you catch might have a certain price, while the next 50 that you obtain in the same season will increase slightly, offering more earning potential the more time you spend on the water.

To give you a general idea of how much can be paid out for each fish, take a look at the list below. Keep in mind that these prices only apply to fishing on the Columbia River in past years, and the amount per fish will vary in different areas.

Prices for Pikeminnow (Columbia River):

  • First 25 – $5 each
  • After 25 – $6 each
  • After 200 – $8 each
  • Tagged fish – $500 each

Among all of the pikeminnow that are swimming around in these bodies of water, a select few of them are tagged. When a tagged fish is caught, they payout up to $500 each in most areas.

These types of fish were implemented as motivation for the fishermen to spend more time on the water and try to catch as many pikeminnow as possible.

The more work you put into the bounty rewards fishing program, the more you will earn. It is absolutely possible to earn a living through this activity, with the right amount of skill as well as a combination of patience and determination.

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While it is true that Northern Pike is able to be safely consumed, most people prefer to leave this fish alone. Due to the distinct and unpleasant taste that comes with this aquatic creature, those who are experienced in fishing will stay away from eating Pike. However, it is edible and can be eaten at the fisherman’s discretion.

What do Northern Pikeminnow taste like?

With so much controversy surrounding the topic of eating pikeminnow, there are several different opinions about taste and texture. Some have compared it to tasting like catfish, while others described it as something similar to chicken liver. The most common complaint about this fish is the amount of sharp bones throughout it.

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