How Smart Are Pike Fish?

When I was researching Northern Pikeminnow recently, I started to wonder how these fish are able to catch so many prey and avoid so many fishermen that are trying to catch them for sport. So, I did some more reading to find out how smart Northern...


How to Hold A Northern Pike

After learning that Northern Pike are known to put up a fight while being reeled in on a fishing line, I became curious about the best way to hold one of these massive fish to safely capture them. Take a look at this easy guide to find out how to...


How Much is A Fishing License?

When I was thinking about planning a trip to fish for Northern Pike, I thought about what kind of licensing might be required before I headed out.  So, I did some online research to find out how much a fishing license costs for Northern...


When do Pike Spawn?

The Northern Pike, also commonly known as the Squawfish, is a native North American species of fish that resides in the western areas of the continent. They are predatory fish, and are often targeted by anglers in exchange for bounty rewards. When...


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