How Many Pikeminnow Can You Catch A Day?

I was reading about fishing for pikeminnow recently, and wondered if there are any limits to how many you can catch in one day, especially due to the fact that cash rewards are given for catching them.

So, I did some more research to find out all of the details about the daily limitations on catching Pikeminnow.

Exactly how many pikeminnows can you catch a day?

There is no limit to how many pikeminnows you can catch in a day. This is due to the fact that this species of fish does more harm than good in the environment, and fishermen are rewarded for removing them from the water.

The Northern Pikeminnow is an aggressive species of fish that feeds on anything it can get its hands on, including other fish. In fact, pikeminnow most commonly eat the most desirable game fish before the fishermen are able to catch them.

As a result, fishing agencies have made efforts to motivate people to remove them from the waters.

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How Many Pikeminnow Can You Catch a Day?

Daily Pikeminnow Catches:

  • No limit to how many can be caught
  • More catches are encouraged with monetary reward
  • Payout increases with bulk catches

The pikeminnow fish is basically regarded as a pest in the waters, since they eat valuable gamefish such as salmon and trout.

With no real value to humans at all, pikeminnow are frequently caught and removed from lakes and rivers for sport, monetary rewards are even offered in exchange for getting rid of these fish.

So, are there any limits to how many pikeminnow can be caught in a day?

When it comes to fishing for pikeminnow, the amount of daily catches is unlimited.

In fact, fishing agencies encourage more catches throughout the day. The more pikeminnow that are removed from the water, the better.

There is something called the Pikeminnow Fishing Rewards Program that takes place in various areas, including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. While each state has different regulations in regards to fishing, they all offer incentives in order to get these fish out of their lakes and rivers.

With more pikeminnow catches comes more cash reward. In other words, the more fish you catch, the higher the price is for each one. For example, your first 20 catches might be worth $8 each, while your next 100 might get bumped up to $20 each.

Additionally, the fishing agencies offer higher payment for some of the larger pikeminnow fish in the area. Some pikeminnow have been reported to pay out anywhere from $100 to a shockingly high $500 each.

If you are planning to go on a journey to catch pikeminnow, you will not have to worry about any regulations or limitations when it comes to how many you can capture on a daily basis.

Record-Breaking Pikeminnow Catches

Now that we’ve established that there is virtually no limit to how many pikeminnow fish you can catch in a day, aside from your own fishing abilities, you might be wondering how many pikeminnow have been caught in one day before.

Highest Rewards For Pikeminnow Catches:

  • $119,341 yearly earnings (2016)
  • $84,000 5-month earnings (2017)

To date, the highest amount that has ever been earned by fishing for Pikeminnow was $119,341 in one year. This record was achieved by a single fisherman in the year of 2016, and averages out to hundreds of catches per day.

In 2017, on the other hand, another fisherman managed to catch $84,000 worth of pikeminnow in the short period of just 5 months. This amount nearly exceeded the record from the previous year, but fell short by just over 30 thousand dollars.

In order to achieve these record catches, both fishermen caught hundreds of fish every day they went out on the water.

How to Make Pikeminnow Catches Count

Although you will be able to catch as many pikeminnow as you would like in a day, not all of these catches will be accounted for. To be more specific, there are certain regulations that will qualify or disqualify the fish for compensation.

Pikeminnow Disqualifications:

  • Not in fresh condition
  • Not returned in the same day
  • Too small (under approximately 9 inches)
  • Not registered and returned to same station

In order to have a successful pikeminnow catch that counts for something, it will need to be in fresh condition. In other words, you cannot freeze the fish before turning it into the station, otherwise you will not gain your rewards voucher.

The pikeminnow must be alive or very close to it in order to qualify for payment.

Along with keeping the fish in fresh condition, it will need to be returned within the same day in order for it to qualify as a valid catch. This requirement is not hard to meet if the fish is stored as instructed, as the first two credentials go hand in hand.

Each catch must also meet certain length and size requirements.

Fish that are too small will be disregarded by the fishing station. To be able to fish for pikeminnow at all, especially through the rewards program, you must have a valid fishing license and register yourself before beginning.

If these disqualification credentials are met, the amount of daily Pikeminnow catches you achieve will automatically be deducted. Therefore, it is important to study all of the rules before beginning your reward fishing journey in order to be able to successfully obtain as many legitimate Pikeminnow catches as possible within the same day.

To tie this up, the amount of pikeminnow that can be caught in just one day has no limit.

Since the fishing agencies prefer these pests to be removed, the more pikeminnow that are caught benefits them greatly, regardless of who catches them.

As you can see, there have been record-breaking statistics of how many pikeminnow have been caught per day and throughout several months, and the possibilities are endless for how many you can end up with by the end of the season.

With the right knowledge of how to locate and catch the most pikeminnow in the selected area as well as the correct equipment to help you do so more quickly, you will be able to catch as many of them in one day once you have your mind set on doing it.

Related Questions

Can you eat pikeminnow?

Pikeminnow is an edible fish, however most people regard the species as “trash” and do not regularly eat it. Additionally, there have been complaints about too many bones in the fish, as well as the scent and the taste of the Northern Pikeminnow.

Overall, the general population does not enjoy pikeminnow nor do they bother to try eating it, but it can be done.

Where is the best place to catch pikeminnow?

Pikeminnow are usually found in calm water environments, such as lakes and slow-moving streams. They most commonly swim through the bottoms of these water bodies, and are always on the hunt for anything they can find. As far as location, two of the best places to find large pikeminnow populations are Washington and Oregon.

What is the best way to catch pikeminnow?

While fishing for pikeminnow, the best bait to use is either live bait or some kind of fresh meat. Since pikeminnow are carnivorous fish, they will be interested in worms or chicken liver on your line. It is also a good idea to put a small weight on your fishing line in order to allow the bait to sink down to the same level of your target.

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