Best Bowfishing Bow, Arrows & Reels – my Personal Recommendation

Best Bowfishing Bow, Arrows & Reels – my Personal Recommendation


After trying several different options with multiple forms of bowfishing gear, researching forum reviews and trying to find the best prices for bowfishing gear on a budget, I decided to put together this “buyers guide” so to speak for all your bow fishing gear needs.

I’ll take care of providing you all the gear I recommend right from the get-go and then will dive in specifications and the importance of the gear toward the bottom of the page.

If you’re not trying to bowfish and just a regular carp angler looking for gear options, make sure to check out my other recommended carp gear pages as well. They should help you get your gear for this upcoming season.

Keep in mind that when I’m recommending gear for bowfishing, this is primarily recommended for carp fishing, but it can be used for any form of bowfishing. I haven’t stepped or branched out too far with bowfishing for other species of fish yet outside of carp so want to keep my recommendations narrowed although I don’t think it would make a difference what fish you were targeting except some minor tweaks and changes possibly.

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My entire goal is to make sure you have the gear you need to bowfish and land more fish effectively.

The recommendations should be good for someone with a few bowfishing trips under there belt or perfect for the beginner.

Disclaimer***After I review all equipment, I will have a detailed area at the bottom of the post where you can see other consumer reviews product specification and additional information about all the gear that I recommend.

Let’s dive into it.

Barnett Vortex H20 Compound Bow Package

Barnett Vortex H20 Compound Bow Package

After trying one cheaper model and one model that was WAY more expensive, I finally settled on this package is the best option for bow fishing.

Especially for beginners. It doesn’t require anything special.

It’s already a complete kit ready to go right when it ships to your house. I’m convinced that for a beginner or even someone with a couple of seasons under them, this is the best “all in one” bowfishing kit/compound bow you can purchase. You can find it online at Bass Pro Shops usually for under 175.00 for the entire kit.

You can also often find a good deal on Amazon and get it under 150.00 when it’s on sale but realistically after spending nearly twice that on a different bows, buying from either option under 160.00 is a good deal. Other significant positives about this bowfishing package include the fact that it’s factory tuned and ready to fish right upon delivery.

Here’s a quick list of the pros I have found with this bow:

  • Nice short draw length- Doesn’t Fatigue my Arms Much when Bow Fishing
  • Includes the 3 pin Arrow Sight
  • Dual Cam system
  • Ready to shoot straight from delivery

The Arrows I Recommend For Success With Bowfishing For Carp

This didn’t take too long to find the arrow that worked well for penetration and that didn’t dull too quickly.

I recommend the Muzzy Classic Arrow. They make the Muzzy arrow with Carp Point and Bottle Slide ready to go.

It’s usually roughly 17-20 dollars depending on the time you check, but I have found it’s easy to see around the 15-dollar mark on Amazon or Bass Pro Shops.

The Muzzy already comes drilled and pinned with the nocks and carp point installed.

I Do recommend getting the safety slide if you get this arrow though. The tips are also interchangeable with Gar and Carp tips if you choose to do so.

They come in at 32 inches and are made of fiberglass. Overall an excellent arrow for an experienced or new bow fisher.

Otherwise, you should take a look at the great selection of arrows for bowfishing on Amazon – just click here!

All right, now we need a reel.

AMS Bowfishing Big Game Retriever Pro Reel

There’s plenty of other options you can look at but the overall quality, and for the price point, this reel is the one I found most comfortable to use without breaking the bank.

This one comes with 2 safety slides. It’s also ready to go with 25 yards of braided spectra line which I found to be a nice perk.

Usually, you see these at Amazon for under 160.00 or at Bass Pro for about the same price.

Sometimes you can find it for 149.99

AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Combo Kit

You can also opt for this kit. All you would need to do is go back to the compound bow I recommended, and you would be good to go. The kit comes with the reel, arrows, wave rest and your arrow points. Makes things a little bit easier to get everything done and ordered in one package to have you ready to go.

Apache NAP Predator For Bowfishing at Night

This light will get the job done for you. The CR123 battery has a good charge hold, and the light provides excellent visibility. I didn’t try bow fishing at night until my second year, so I haven’t gone through dozens of different lights so there may be a better option out there, but overall, this light has given me no problems. The CR123 batteries come included

» You can usually get it on sale for under 70.00 on Amazon.

There is a ton of gear you can get for bowfishing in general and maybe your wondering why I didn’t list out more items and that’s for three reasons.

  • I think it’s the essentials to Begin Bowfishing for carp, keep it simple
  • I haven’t tried or haven’t researched enough on the other gear to recommend yet
  • I was attempting to keep things short and sweet

I do however believe you at least the need/want the specifications and details on the gear I did recommend so wanted to provide that here for you. Should be all the primary “need to know information” for you.

Barnett Vortex H20 Compound Bow Package

The recommended gear should be plenty to get you started on your bowfishing journey for carp and I assure you none of these picks will do you wrong. Do you have any recommended bowfishing gear you think should be added to this list?

If your looking for gear related to other species of fish that I often angle for, be sure to stop by my top fishing gear page for up to date pricing and the best gear an angler could ask for.

Be sure to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to stop by and sign up for my email newsletter to your right either, I keep you up to date on the latest fishing gear and deals.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate you.

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