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Thanks for stopping. This is where I’ve decided to place all the recommended gear for you to navigate easily. Let’s first navigate how this is laid out and why it’s here.

First things first, I didn’t want to litter all my tutorials, how to guides and fishing experiences with a bunch of information about what fishing gear you must use or should use. Most anglers unless brand new or beginners have preferences, they already choose to use that works great for them.

I figured if you were a beginner, you would find your way to this area of my blog one way or another. I’ve realized I didn’t want to limit my recommendations to fishing or even fishing for certain species of fish. I wanted to recommend anything I use in general for outdoor and fishing activities.

I’m by no means a professional at this sport, and my recommendations are nothing more than I’m describing. A suggestion and what has worked well for me. Don’t feel obligated to use the same setups or equipment. It’s here as a guide and from one angling friend helping another and nothing more.

Let’s also cover who and what deserves a recommendation and why.

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Why I Recommend Certain Fishing And Outdoor/Camping Gear

Again, I can’t stress this enough. These are nothing more than recommendations and what I believe to be the best possible tool, equipment or set up you can use for given scenarios.

Most of the gear I recommend throughout my blogs (if it was worth mentioning in the blog post) will lead you to this page for you navigate freely because we are all different and like different setups and gear choices.

My requirements are the following before I recommend any Gear to the readers for fishing or any other outdoor activity, I enjoy participating in.

Requirements to Land on my Recommend Gear Page

  1. It’s worked for me, and I believe it can work for you.
  2. It’s received positive reviews from other users and anglers via Amazon, Fishing/Outdoor Forums
  3. It’s not a break the bank price point. We all have budgets and want to keep a budget for more fishing goodies year-round.
  4. I believe it will truly help your fishing experience
  5. I believe it’s an absolute necessity or item you can’t effectively perform angling without

That’s it. Nothing too flashy or complicated.

Now, let’s cover the areas of the gear or sections and why they are here or belong on this page. The simple answer without wasting too much of your time is that’s it’s an enjoyable hobby that I personally enjoy or it’s something that I’ve noticed I can’t find easily when I search for it.

Simply meaning, I wanted to provide the resource for other who may struggle to find the information and recommendations as well.

My goal is to help all the anglers and outdoors lovers as much as possible. I also prefer to inform of the areas that someone else may be able to lead you to better recommendations or is more qualified than myself.

This would be for a few reasons when I do this. Here they are.

  1. It’s a newer hobby or a hobby I’m just breaking into such as Ice Fishing (Only 3 Years In)
  2. It’s something I think valuable other resources exist for or make me look like a newbie
  3. It’s something or an item that requires more extensive consideration (most of the time I won’t even add these to the page because don’t want to steer you down the wrong road)

Besides that, my recommendations are what I think works the best and what I know you will have great success with. Easy way to put it. The recommendations are solid!

Sorts of Fishing/ Outdoor Gear I Like to Discuss or Cover

Here are the areas of fishing gear or outdoor gear that I like to discuss with the readers.

Carp Fishing Gear and Carp Fishing Tools and Equipment

Carp fishing is a sport many of us are just beginning and it’s gaining rapid popularity. I think it’s important for the readers and new anglers to understand that the setups and recommended tips, tricks, tools, and gear are vastly different from fishing for other species of fish.

I cover a lot about carp fishing in this blog. It’s a hell of a hobby and a hell of a fish to angle for.

Catfish Fishing Gear and Catfish Fishing Tools, Equipment and Gear

Catfish fishing is the fish I’ve targeted for most of my fishing time on this earth. It’s what led me to fall in love with carp fishing. These two fish pound for pound for freshwater fishing are some of the toughest machines beneath the surface. That toughness they bring to the table requires tough fishing gear to battle them back.

Fly Fishing Gear and Fly-Fishing Tools and Equipment

This is one of my newer hobby pickups, so I’ll be transparent right from the get-go. I’m sure a popular fly-fishing magazines or blog can out recommend me 7 days out of the week. My recommendations in this area, for now, will be from one new fly fishermen to another.

Nothing more and nothing less. As I learn the craft and master it, I’ll feel better about removing that disclaimer but for now, please know that I’m not an expert fly fisherman and someone with 2-4 years under their belt would probably out fly fish me all 7 days of the week.

Even though I’m newer to it, I have wasted some money on certain items or tried and tested some so still believe I can add value to the readers in the area of the blog, so I wanted to include it.

If you don’t want to take the recommendations, then obviously don’t. If you do, I do assure you it won’t be a waste of money, otherwise, it wouldn’t be included in my recommendations.

Ice Fishing Recommend Gear and Ice Fishing Tools and Equipment

I have a little more time under my belt on this now as I write this, we will be entering year 4. Ice fishing requires some unique tools and gear to get the job done or at least make it enjoyable.

Don’t attempt ice fishing without at least reading the how-to guides, blogs or checking out what gear you will need to get the job done effectively. Trust me; you won’t be sorry you took the time beforehand.

Bow Fishing Recommend Gear And Tools/ Equipment

If you haven’t tried Bow Fishing, you should drop your laptop now and do so. It’s too much fun and excitement not to try it at least once. Again, this is a newer sport and growing in popularity.

It does require the correct gear and tools to have a chance at making it work. I’d make sure to read all my bow fishing blogs or how to guides and check out the recommended gear before taking your first trip into the waters.

Other Fishing Gear and Outdoor Gear Including Outdoor and Fishing Electronics

This is where I bundle everything else in because it didn’t make sense to place it in only one category. Here you will find all the other tools for effective fishing or outdoor fun such as,

  • Chairs
  • Fish Finders
  • Boating Tools
  • Camping Tools
  • Survival Knifes
  • Fishing Apparel
  • Random Fun Fishing and Outdoor Toys that Are Must Try’s

Besides that, if you notice an area that seems closed off on the gear or not fully completed or up to date, it’s like that for a reason. Sometimes new gear emerges, and new techniques and items are open for discussion.

I try to not only deliver up to date recommendations but only the best recommendations I can give for the certain area of fishing or the outdoor life. If you do notice a closed off area, it’s being updated and will be back immediately after it’s ready for fresh viewing and recommendations.

Why do I do this?

Well, honestly because I don’t want my readers upset or leaving negative comments about the recommendations. If I don’t take the time to personally use the gear, or at least review the gear in depth after research than it doesn’t deserve to be on the page.

This ultimately keeps all of us happy with the recommendations and everyone catching more fish each time we hit the waters.

I appreciate you taking the time to even stop by my recommended gear page or area of the blog. I’m thrilled with the growth of this fishing blog and fishing community.

It’s been a pleasure helping the beginners or even the angler with a few years under their belt. I hope to see the trends continue and for all the anglers to succeed at their fishing adventures this upcoming season. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to subscribe to our email list and I will give you some additional top-secret how-to tutorials in addition to the latest weekly gear and fishing news updates.

As a nerd with a fishing blog, I’m pumped to see this reach 10,000 email subscribers and you would be one more that gets the blog that much closer!

Again, I appreciate you. Till Next Time.

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