Where to Buy Ice Fishing Gear?

When ice fishing came up in recent conversation, I learned that there is a lot of specialty gear involved in the activity. 

From the clothing to the fishing poles and ice picks, I wanted to know exactly where someone could purchase these items. So, I did some more research to come up with a location list by state in the United States.

Where can you buy ice fishing gear? You can buy ice fishing gear almost anywhere in the United States where most of the ice fishing gear takes place. This includes Indiana, Minnesota, New York, Michigan, Vermont, Wisconsin, Illinois, Utah, and even California.

Ice fishing is an increasingly popular winter activity for outdoor and fishing enthusiasts. 

However, anyone who knows more of the details about ice fishing will understand how much equipment is involved in just one trip. Keep reading to find a list of locations to find the best ice fishing gear in the country.

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Where to Buy Ice Fishing Gear in The United States (By State)

So, you’ve learned all about ice fishing and you’re ready to get started planning your first ice fishing trip. 

Before you can head out onto the ice, you will need to purchase special equipment for this particular activity.

Unlike traditional fishing trips that usually take place in the summer, you will need some every specific gear when it comes to casting your line into holes in frozen over water bodies.

In order to acquire this equipment, you will obviously need to know where you can find it. Luckily, you’ve come to just the right place to get ahold of this information.

Skim through this list to discover what some of the best states to buy ice fishing gear in the United States are, or continue reading this section to find out more details about each one.

Best States To Buy Ice Fishing Gear (USA):

  • Indiana
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Michigan
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • Montana

Ice fishing, as you probably know, occurs in extremely cold areas in the winter. The ice fishing season falls between early December and late February every year, depending on the area.

As a result, there are some places within the United States that are more desirable for this activity, based on the fact that it does not get cold enough for ice fishing in other areas.

The best places to ice fish in the United States also happen to be the best places to acquire all the gear that you will need for the activity.

These states include Indiana, Minnesota, New York, Michigan, Vermont, Wisconsin, Illinois, Utah, Colorado, and Montana. 

The list down below will give you an idea of some of the best ice fishing spots in each of these states that bring so many eager ice fishers to the area every year.

Best Ice Fishing Lakes:

  • Grand Traverse Bay (Michigan)
  • Lake Champlain (New York)
  • Caspian Lake (Vermont)
  • Gul Lake (Minnesota)
  • Chequamegon Bay (Wisconsin)
  • Lake Michigan (Illinois)
  • Strawberry Reservoir (Utah)
  • Caples Lake (California)

Now that you have a good idea of what the best states are for both ice fishing and purchasing ice fishing gear, keep reading to the next section to find out where exactly you can find the gear in question in each of these states.

Where to Buy Ice Fishing Gear in The United States

Once you’ve established a plan for where you will be ice fishing as well as where you will be purchasing your ice fishing gear in the United States, you will need to know exactly where you will be purchasing it.

To be more specific, the list of states in the previous section was a great place to start, but you will need to narrow down your search a bit more in order to be able to make your purchases in the area you choose.

Top Retailers For Ice Fishing Gear in the United States:

  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Cabella’s
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Walmart
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse

No matter which state you are in, you can never go wrong with shopping for ice fishing gear at your local Bass Pro Shops and Cabella’s. 

As one of the largest outdoor retailers in the country, they are likely to have everything that you will need for a successful ice fishing trip.

Additionally, you can search for some ice fishing gear at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sportsman’s Warehouse in the area that you choose.

While it might seem unbelievable that you could find some good ice fishing gear in a Walmart store, it is definitely possible. 

If you just need to pick up a few pieces of equipment before your trip, you can browse their outdoor section to find exactly what you will need.

What to Buy While Shopping For Ice Fishing Gear

Before you go on a shopping spree for ice fishing gear in preparation for your first trip, you should come up with a list of everything that you will need along the way.

Even though it may seem like there is a lot of equipment involved in ice fishing, you won’t want to overpack on your journey. 

Since ice fishing gear has been known to be quite expensive, you definitely wouldn’t want to over spend, either.

Take a look at this sample list of the gear that every ice fisher will need. 

Of course, you can splurge on some additional purchases, but these are the basic necessities for any ice fishing trip.

Ice Fishing Gear – What To Buy:

  • Heavy jacket
  • Snow pants
  • Winter clothing (several layers)
  • Life jacket/vest
  • Ice fishing rod(s)
  • Ice auger and skimmer
  • 5-gallon bucket(s)
  • Ice jigs (assorted)
  • Ice picks

So, now that you’ve been able to successfully locate the best states for ice fishing gear in the United States and identified the most quality outdoor retailers that can be found almost anywhere, purchasing your ice fishing gear should be no problem before your first trip!

While these purchases can be made in other areas of the country as well, you are more likely to find the best equipment in the states where ice fishing is the most popular. 

Additionally, ice fishing gear can be bought online as well, but there’s not better alternative to stopping by your local retailer in person to acquire your gear.

Related Questions

How much should I expect to spend on all of my ice fishing gear?

Depending on where you choose to shop for your ice fishing gear as well as the quality of the items you purchase, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 in total for everything you need.

Therefore, it is helpful to find sales for ice fishing gear as well as items on clearance, as described in the previous question.

How can I get a discount on ice fishing gear?

Ice fishing gear will experience the best deals and sales in the Spring, directly after the season is over at the end of February. There are still sales present in the Summer time, but all of the most desirable gear has often been cleared out by this time by the Spring crowd.

What is the best retailer to purchase ice fishing gear from?

Although there are many retailers that offer ice fishing gear, you will most likely have the best luck shopping with a trusted store such as Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas. 

While shopping online can be convenient at times, it is always better to be able to try out your gear and assess the quality in person before making the purchase.

Where to Buy Ice Fishing Gear in The United States (By State). This is the list you have been looking for. #icefishing #icefishinggear #icefishingshackplans #icefishingshack #icefishingtips #icefishingsled #icefishinghouse #icefishingshanty #icefishingbait
Where to Buy Ice Fishing Gear in The United States (By State). This is the list you have been looking for. #icefishing #icefishinggear #icefishingbait #icefishinghouse #icefishingshanty #icefishingtips #icefishingsled #icefishingshackplans #icefishingshack
Where to Buy Ice Fishing Gear in The United States (By State). This is the list you have been looking for. #icefishing #icefishinggear #icefishingshackplans #icefishingshack #icefishinghouse #icefishingshanty #icefishingbait #icefishingtips #icefishingsled
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