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I have been catfishing since I was only 6. Recently I added Carp Fishing to my personal skills which I’m so excited about! blog is purely around for the passion I have which is writing my experience and telling the stories I have for such a great hobby with all of you.

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Fishing and Outdoor Guide is the place to be if you want to get better at fishing and being outdoors. It’s a free online fishing and outdoor guide - driven by a passionate fisherman and hiker. Fishing and being outside has been a big part of my whole life. Whether I'm fishing, bowfishing, hiking, I share my experiences and learnings here.

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Become and expert in fishing for carp, catfish, etc. and being outdoor here at

Since 2016 I've immersed myself in fishing and the outdoor world. In that time I've spent countless hours researching to become a better angler, camper and hiker.

My goal with this blog is to create all the articles possible to help you become better than you’ve ever imagined.

Fishing and being outside can easily become your favorite thing to do - the thing you like the most. Usually I return to my favorite fishing spot early in the morning - sometimes I meet up with my friends and spend the whole day enjoying their company while we’re fishing for carp, catfish, arctic grayling, american eels, etc.

No matter how experienced an angular you are or like to be, give yourself a benefit and learn all you can here at I will teach you all you need to know in order to become the best angler before your next big fishing or outdoor adventure.


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