About Bob Hoffmann

Hello, my name is Bob Hoffman and BonfireBob is my creation.

I’ve been wanting to start my own fishing blog as long as I can remember, and figure out a way to go full time writing useful content for you. The thing is that I strive to make a living of it because I can’t bear the thought that my fishing and outdoor adventures will continue to be limited by my employer’s vacation policy.

What BonfireBob is about

BonfireBob.com blog is purely around the passion I have which is writing about my experience and telling the stories I have for such a great hobby with all of you.

Most importantly, all the articles are written with my on-the-ground, first-hand knowledge from having done all of the things myself.

Even though the websites started as a fishing-only website, the content on BonfireBob will grow to contain articles about Hiking, Camping, Trekking, Geocaching and might even expand to backpacking and some travel related to the outdoors niche.

Fishing is that passion I want to share with you

A primary goal of mine with BonfireBob is to inspire and inform other anglers to give yourself the opportunity to become a better angler than you could ever imagine – especially if you want to take your family fishing while being the true expert you strive to be.

Just as I’ve done with my kids, I want other families to get to know the powerful emotional payoff and bond achieved through sharing fishing and outdoors experiences.

You will find a diverse offering of articles here, describing lots of different fishing methods for different species of fish as well as product guides on products I recommend you to consider.

While all the info (including all gear reviews) are free for anyone to view, I’ve allowed myself to insert affiliate links whenever possible as it is my primary income from this hobby of mine.

Got a question for me?

If you have any questions for me, please do comment below each post. You can also email me at bob@bonfirebob.com.

Take some time to tell me what you think of my blog and feel free to share your opinions by commenting on my articles. I appreciate the feedback which I use

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Share your own knowledge

I’m open for contributors who want to share pictures, videos and everything like it is much appreciated.

Do you have a great photo or general knowledge that you feel the need to share? Feel free to contact me at bob@bonfirebob.com.

Then you can apply to use our platform. You just have to write an email to Bob at bonfirebob.com, or signup for the newsletter. Then you will always know, how to contact us.

I hope to see you out there, having fun and enjoying life.

Have a fantastic day.