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hi there I am Bob Wilshire!

How are you? I hope you are doing great! Nice to hear..

Now that small talk is over, it's down to the matter at hand!

Are you ready to join the best outdoor community in the world? 

BonfireBob is no one, and he is of us!

Bob is the body and spirit what we want to be!
... a version of ourselves who has, just a little more spare time. 

Time to do the things that matters! Bob is you and Bob is me!

As a member of this community, you are being tasked with helping us creating some of the best content in the world.

One day you might end up with a question in your inbox: 
What is your favorite hiking trail? 

... and answering questions like these, help us create valuable information for all other Bobs like us.

 Because really? What is the best hiking trail? Who knows better... than you!

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Haven't had enough?

Okay, let's talk some more. is a website about everything outdoors. 

We employ several different writer and freelancers to help us produce content.

Even though the websites started as a fishing-only website, the content on BonfireBob will grow to contain articles about Hiking, Camping, Trekking, Geocaching and might even expand to backpacking and some travel related to the outdoors niche.

We are always looking for contributors to Bonfire Bob! - Especially pictures, videos and everything like it is much appreciated.

Do you have a great photo or general knowledge that you feel the need to share? 

Then you can apply to use our platform. You just have to write an email to Bob at, or signup for the newsletter. Then you will always know, how to contact us.

We hope to see you out there, having fun and enjoying life. 

Have a fantastic day.

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