TOP 8 Best Ice Fishing Suits for 2024 – Complete Guide & Reviews (Updated)

So, you like to be warm, dry and looking great? Me too!

There is no greater joy than being wrapped up, ready to face the conditions.

I want to show you some of the best ice fishing suits for 2024.

In this article, we are going to take a look at a few really great suggestions and I’ll take you through some features that it really pays to look for.

Ice Fishing Suits – At-a-Glance

Before we get wrapped up in the reviews, it’s a good idea to brush up on the features and factors you should be looking out for when shopping for a new ice fishing suit.

  • Materials – What is the suit made from? This will tell you how water/weatherproof it’s going to be.
  • Insulation – the interior is just as important as the exterior.
  • Breathability – nobody wants to overheat when you’re trying to stay comfortable in the cold.
  • Pockets and compartments – practical storage solutions.
  • Safety features – extra touches for your peace of mind.
  • Cost – complete ice suits can be pricey, especially if you’re buying separates.

With these points in mind, read through the reviews, and see if you can find the right ice fishing suit for your needs.

A more in-depth buyer’s guide and FAQ section will follow, so stay tuned for that.

TOP 8 Best Ice Fishing Suits for 2024

Striker Apex Jacket and Bibs

Striker Apex Jacket

Most ice anglers are going to be familiar with Striker, as they design and manufacture an impressive range of top-quality protective gear for fishing in all climates and conditions.

Of their extensive range, I’ve gone for the new Apex jacket and accompanying Apex ice fishing bib – which utilizes the latest technology to be the warmest and lightest ice fishing system on the market.

Featuring Primaloft, Cross Core insulation, you’re wearing NASA-developed innovation that ensures you stay toasty in extreme temperatures without adding weight and bulk.

The Apex also utilizes Striker’s famed Sureflote tech that will help keep your head above water if you do happen to fall in. This just might be the finest ice fishing suit ever made.


  • Premium materials and design.
  • Crossflow venting system.
  • Reflective elements.
  • Built-in heat map.
  • Adjustable hood.
  • Reinforced knee panels in the bib.
  • YKK zippers.


  • Pricey.
  • Bib and jacket sold separately.


Striker might just have reinvented the wheel here, with a world-class ice fishing combo that is packed with more quality features I could ever hope to mention here. A serious option for serious ice anglers.

Simms Guide Insulated Fishing Jacket and Bibs

Simms Guide Insulated Fishing Jacket

As far as fishing gear and apparel goes, Simms makes some of the best in the world. The Montana based company is a by-word for quality fishing clothing, and this is clearly evident with this insulated fishing jacket, and matching bib.

Of course, it should be noted that the two are sold separately, but as a combined ice fishing suit, this is up there with the finest money can buy.

Made using GORE-TEX technology, it’s 100% waterproof, with Primaloft insulation to guarantee you stay warm and dry – no matter what the environment throws at you.

The bib features two hand warmer pockets, and an outer zippered pocket for essentials, and each garment boasts heavy-duty hardware that will keep items protected even if submerged.


  • Top quality materials.
  • Ventilation zips.
  • Seam sealed.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Kill switch D-ring.
  • Storm hood.


  • Expensive.
  • Bib and jacket sold separately.


While both jacket and bib will cost you a pretty penny, it doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to ice fishing gear. I would expect nothing less from Simms.

Clam EdgeX Parka and Bibs

Clam EdgeX Parka

Founded in 2003, Clam Outdoors have risen to be a stalwart in the industry, known for ice fishing shelters among other useful gear.

Their “Ice Armor” range of apparel certainly lives up to its namesake, and the EdgeX Parka is the flagship jacket of the collection.

The matching bib features the same soft-touch waterproof technology, with a super-soft long nap fleece lining to help keep you as warm as possible.

There’s a rapid drain system at the bottom of the jacket and sleeves, a waterproof phone pouch, and durable, heavy-duty hardware throughout.

And as this option is a little cheaper than the SIMMS and Striker products, it certainly earns its place as one of the best ice fishing suits on the market.


  • Waterproof, breathable design.
  • Chest and bicep pockets.
  • Zip vents.
  • Magnetic storm flap.
  • Articulated waterproof knees.
  • Choice of colors.


  • Bib and jacket sold separately.


A quality fishing suit from a familiar name in the business, the EdgeX system is well worth your consideration for long days on the ice.

Norfin Element Fishing Suit

Norfin Element Float Ice Fishing Suit

I’m nowhere near done, for another good ice fishing suit, check this out.

Thick layers of thermoguard insulation will keep both your top and bottom half toasty and dry. The fabric of the suit is breathable, cutting down on irritating perspiration.

Anything else?

Hell yeah! With slotted vents and rollable sleeves, you’ll be able to customize your level of warmth. One super cool feature I love is that the fabric is constructed of Norfin silent material, so you won’t be getting that whisk sound every time you move.

Annoying breezes can sometimes make you a little chilly. Not a problem with this suit. The elasticated bibs will keep out draughts and you can make this suit fit like a glove as there are numerous drawstrings and zip flaps to keep the cold at bay.


  • I really like how warm this suit is and it also looks really smart.
  • The numerous drawstrings and Velcro sections mean that you will be dry and windproof.


  • This ice fishing suit would have been perfect… But. I wish there were a few more safety features, such as flotation aids and reflective strips.


Overall a rock-solid ice fishing suit. It’s warm, waterproof and really comfortable.

WindRider Ice Fishing Suit

You no doubt already know that I buy American when I can. Well, this ice fishing suit is right up my street. It comes pretty much fully loaded with things that make it absolutely great.

Like what? Let me tell you.

Let’s start with the insulation. 3M is pretty much as good as it gets for providing lightweight warmth. But it doesn’t end there.

WindRider have also included a layer of buoyant foam which adds to your warmth, but also keeps you right side up in the unlikely (but ever possible) event of you going into the water.

One feature I absolutely can’t be without is a zipper on my bibs. You shouldn’t be faced with the difficult choice of ‘emptying the tank’ and being cold. Fortunately, a front facing double zipper means this won’t be an issue.

There’s more…

WindRider seem to have thought of everything. The knees on the bib are padded and reinforced. And don’t overlook the numerous pockets, strategically placed to always be to hand, whether you are sitting or standing.


  • Buoyancy and complete warmth as standard, with vents to cool you down too!
  • Custom designed with the angler in mind. Pockets, loops, zips, the works!


  • You get what you pay for, but quality comes at a price. If you are on a budget, this might not be the most affordable solution.


I love this ice fishing suit. There is very little to find fault with. If you are looking to make just one purchase that will last a good while, this ice fishing suit is an ideal choice. With regards to safety I would say it is by far the best floating ice fishing suit.

WindRider Pro Foul Weather Gear

Did I mention I love WindRider?

Well here’s something slightly different, with a lot of great features. If you’ve read my ice fishing essentials guide, you’ll already know that I am a fan of layering up. This suit would be ideal as a lighter outer shell if you want to insulate yourself with lots of thinner layers.

So, what is it about?

It’s completely waterproof, windproof and breathable. And as with my previous suggestion has zips in all the right places.

I really like the storm flaps and Velcro cuffs. These ensure that water can’t ever make its way inside.


  • A lightweight solution, with complete water resistance.
  • There’s pocket practically everywhere on the suit. Great for stowing tools and equipment.


  • It isn’t quite as insulated as some of my other suggestions. Provided you dress smart however it will still keep you warm.


If you fish in relatively mild conditions or have to go fishing even in heavy rain then this is an ideal choice, just make sure you layer up to avoid being too cold.

Navis Marine Fishing Suit

Nobody knows about bad weather like the guys who work offshore. They don’t come more heavy duty than this as it’s designed to be used in harsh conditions.

What do I mean?

The area in which this fishing suit really shines is when the weather is bad. Really bad. With a waterproof rating of 15000 mm you could stand under a hose all day and still emerge as dry as a bone.

A great feature in this suit, that is often overlooked is visibility. In this suit it will be impossible to be missed. Luminous yellow fabric covers key areas ensuring that you’ll be safe and seen at all times

Is that all?

Not quite. There are adjustable straps tactically placed throughout this suit to ensure that it is a good fit, this is vital to ensure that you stay warm and dry at all times.


  • The best visibility of all of my suggestions, if you want to be seen, then this suit is great.
  • The ultra-high degree of waterproofing will keep the water out in any weather.


  • I think the suit could maybe use a small degree of flotation augmentation.


Overall, this suit is really great quality and is exceptionally durable. Rain will simply cease to be a worry if you invested in this suit.

Guide Gear Men's Guide Waterproof Suit

For those of you on an intermediate budget this is a worthy choice. 150 grams of Thinsulate should keep you relatively warm. And the waterproof membrane means that you’ll be dry too.

Want to know more?

The look of this suit is really eye-catching. It comes in a woodland camo pattern. This would be a great choice for those anglers who fish in bright sunshine and don’t want to spook the fish.

This suit is another all in one coverall designed to be worn over other, thinner, clothing. The suit isn’t quite as bulky as some of my other ice fishing suits so if mobility is your goal then you are in the right place.

Any extras?

The wrists of the suit feature thumb holes, so you can keep your hands free whilst making sure your sleeves block out any sneaky drafts.


  • Excellent value, offering a mixture of lightweight warmth and water resistance.
  • Freedom of movement with none of the bulk of traditional suits.


  • This is a suit for day time use only. What keeps you camouflaged in the day will work doubly at night. Not always a good thing when you are ice fishing.


Well, with this ice fishing suit you will certainly look the part. For anglers looking to target wary species this suit allows you to keep a low profile.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Ice Fishing Suits

When the fish aren’t biting, the last thing you need to be feeling is cold. And with ice fishing, cold weather comes as a part of the package.

So, it is important that you know how to choose the right ice fishing suit.

I’m going to go through a few things that you may want to consider.

angler wearing warm ice fishing suit and catches a fish in the winter

A Waterproof Ice Fishing Suit

I tend to use the hydrostatic ‘MM’ rating when I’m choosing the best suits for ice fishing. As a general guide, the higher the MM rating, the greater the period of time that the suit can be wet without allowing water to make its way inside the fabric.

For light rain only a rating of 3000MM should keep you dry. For heavier downpours or sustained snowfall, look for a minimum of 5000 – 10000MM.

A Warm Ice Fishing Suit

I hope it’s obvious that we look for warmth? But how do we measure this? Well fortunately there is a way.

Allow me to explain.

Many ice fishing suits will have an insulation rating given in grams. As a good rule of thumb, the higher the number of grams, the better insulated the suit is. I like an insulation rating in excess of 150 grams, but that said I tend to fish in nearly all conditions.

Is that it?

Not quite. The gram rating isn’t about thickness. It’s about efficiency. You can sometimes get advanced materials such as 3M and Thinsulate that offer the same level of insulation as thicker padding, so keep your eye out, as they tend to be really good.

One area where lightweight insulation is used extensively is in ice fishing gloves. If you are interested, I’ve got a great ice fishing gloves guide just here that will tell you everything you need to know about keeping your extremities warm.

man waering ice suit and ice fishing on a lake in winter

A breathable Ice Fishing Suit

Moisture from outside isn’t the only problem you face. It can also get a bit humid inside your suit.

There are two ways to deal with this…

Zipped vents allow you to release excess heat and moisture from within your suit, it’s literally the same as opening a window on a hot day.

The second way is by choosing a breathable fabric. Some ice fishing suits will allow moisture to be wicked away from your skin and then transferred to the outer shell where it can evaporate. Breathable fabric can make quite a difference.

Don’t believe me?

Watch this video to see the difference in action!

A Windproof Ice Fishing Suit

Have you ever watched the weather and they give a ‘wind chill’ temperature?

That should tell you that the wind can actually affect your level of warmth.

So, it pays to guard against it. On a cold day on the lake the wind can even cut through thicker layers like a knife. By choosing the best ice fishing clothes you can eliminate this problem from the equation.

Safety Features in an Ice Fishing Suit

There are two areas that I want to cover here.

And they are really important…

The first is about buoyancy and flotation. Nobody ever wants or expects to go through the ice. But year on year it happens. It is better to have some inherent safety features and never need them, than to only realize that they would have been nice when it is far too late.

I’ll say it simply.

The best suits for ice fishing will have buoyancy aids or flotation built-in as standard. Look for foam sections or quick drain materials that mean you won’t be fighting with the cold and 50lb of waterlogged bibs as you try and get out of a hole.

Another thing to look out for is easy to reach ice pick holders. These have saved lives on more than one occasion. To learn how to use them and how great they are check this video out.

The second thing I want to talk a little about is visibility. If you like fishing on bright sunny days then this isn’t quite as important. But any conditions other than that can be hazardous.

If the weather closes in or it gets dark you want to be able to be seen. Especially in popular places where there may be ATV’s or snowmobiles traveling at high speed.

The answer?

Reflective patches work wonders. If your ice fishing suit doesn’t have these then it may be worth investing in a high visibility vest to wear over your suit.

man wearing ice fishing bibs and jacket fishing on frozen lake


What should I wear for ice fishing?

Let’s break it down.

You will want two things. To be dry and to be warm. The warmth can come from insulation in your ice fishing suit or as a result of wearing a few thinner layers underneath.

However, the waterproof element will come almost exclusively from your ice fishing suit. Without a waterproof outer layer, all the insulation in the world will not keep you dry.

So, without shadow of a doubt, unless you are a fair-weather fisherman, I would advise that you look for decent water resistance as standard.

Do I need an ice fishing suit?

Well, you have a couple of options. An ice fishing suit is made up all from the same manufacturer.

How does this help?

One word. Consistency. You can be confident when buying an ice fishing suit that the jacket and bibs will all be designed to work together. You won’t have an imbalance, such as really cold legs and a warm torso. Or pockets that are inaccessible because the jacket wasn’t designed for use with those bibs.

For those of you who are aesthetically minded a suit can often be the best choice. If you feel like you look good it will give you the confidence to fish well too!

As a final point, I’m sure you have gathered by now that I’m all about safety. You’ll tend to find that ice fishing suits designed with safety in mind complement each other brilliantly. It’s no good having a super buoyant set of bibs only to find that your jacket becomes waterlogged, or vice versa.

All that said if you make sensible choices it is perfectly possible to find a great custom ice fishing suit. To see individual ice fishing jackets feel free to take a sneak peak at my ice fishing jacket guide here, there’s some really ace ideas.

I have done the same for ice fishing bibs. If you check out both guides you may be able to find a combo that is just perfect for what you need.

What is the best ice fishing suit?

Generally speaking, the best ice fishing suit is one that will allow you stay warm, dry and mobile and perhaps offer a reasonable degree of inherent safety measures.

But if you wanted me to pick…

For the money, I really love the WindRider ice fishing suit. It has absolutely everything I need. Warm insulation, a really high level of water resistance, and the best part is that it floats.

Ok granted it is missing some ice picks, but that’s not a problem as I have been known to make my own in the past.

Want to know how I do it? Take a look at this three minute ‘how to’ guide.

Which Striker ice fishing suit is the warmest?

That’s a good question! I think it’s a toss up between the Apex and the Climate, but in this review, I’ve gone for the Apex as it uses cutting edge technology to create a warmer experience without adding weight.

Do you need snow pants for ice fishing?

Snow pants are useful for ice fishing, as they’re designed to keep you warm in frigid conditions.

However, I would say having a dedicated ice fishing bib is a better option, as it will offer more storage pockets, and improved waterproofing over a traditional snow pant.

What is the best brand of ice fishing bibs?

I think this is down to personal preference, but Striker, Simms, and Clam are up there, for sure.

Are ice fishing bibs worth it?

Yes. Ice fishing bibs are designed to keep you warm, dry, and safe, as well as offering practical solutions for gear and tackle storage – keeping what you need to hand.

If you’re a regular ice angler, I would highly recommend investing in a quality bib and jacket suit combo.


By being comfortable out on the ice, you will be able to concentrate on what really matters. Of course, I mean the fishing.

And believe me, there are few things worse than not catching and being cold! At least with my guide today, hopefully, you’ll be able to take one of those things out of the equation.

Have you found the ideal pairing of ice fishing bibs and a jacket? I love hearing about other anglers equipment, whether that’s the best ice fishing suits in 2024 or the best ice fishing boots, why not leave me a comment below and I’ll check it out!

Bob Hoffmann

The author of this post is Bob Hoffmann. Bob has spend most of his childhood fishing with his father and now share all his knowledge with other anglers. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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