The 7 Best Spearguns For the Money in 2024 Reviewed (Don’t Miss This!)

You want excitement when fishing, right? Well we have the answer.

Spearfishing is the ultimate experience.

You get exercise, a true appreciation of nature, and… You get to choose what you catch!

In order to do this, you are going to need the best speargun. In this article, we are going to review some really great quality ideas, and talk a little about how to use them.

TOP 7 Best Spearguns For the Money in 2024

Rob Allen Aluminum Railgun

If you are looking to catch a big fish, you are going to need the most powerful speargun you can get your hands on. This is truly a railgun, in name, performance and features. This speargun is ready to use straight out of the box.

Let’s show you the features…

Saltwater can be particularly corrosive, with this speargun it isn’t a problem. The barrel is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum so it will resist degradation even in the harshest conditions.

The 5/8” power bands ensure that your spear is accelerated to its terminal velocity at lightning speed. You might as well be shooting a high-powered sniper rifle.

Is it really that accurate?

In a word. Yes. The aluminum barrel is supported by a thick spring steel shaft, ensuring that there is a minimum of flex when under tension. The firing mechanism, muzzle and rail level are all in perfect alignment, so when you press the trigger, the spear will go exactly where you have pointed it, with microscopic precision.


  • On our list, perhaps the best speargun for the money.
  • Laser accuracy, even over longer ranges.


  • Strength and range come at a price, it might be too large for confined spaces or water with poor visibility.


This Speargun is extremely well made and offers almost unrivaled power and accuracy. If you are after trophy sized fish, then it would be a worthy choice. If you want to witness the awesome power and accuracy of the Rob Allen Railgun first hand, you can see it here.

SEAC Asso S/R Pneumatic Speargun

If you are looking for something quick, compact and dynamic this speargun could be the choice for you. It is available in a range of sizes, the smallest of which makes it suitable for close work, particularly in confined spaces.

But wait, it’s pneumatic?

Yeah, if you want accuracy with a shorter barrel then this is a great solution. Whilst pneumatic spearguns have fallen out of favor in recent years, you can still get the occasional great offering such as this.

What makes it great?

The ability to holster the speargun for a start, leaving your hands free to do other things. Loading is really simple too. Water ingress and dirt collection is not a problem, as the muzzle has drainage holes.

To top it all off the comfortable molded grip means that it is a joy to hold, for one minute or one hour.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to use and operate, just load, point, and shoot.


  • Pneumatic spearguns do require a little more maintenance when compared to banded guns.


For a gun of such a small size it packs a punch. Smaller pneumatic guns are easier to load. For smaller species, confined spaces or just as a backup, this speargun fits the bill nicely.

JBL Kryptek Camouflage Reaper Rail Speargun

Deadly good looks and killer accuracy, where do we sign?

Success in spearfishing depends partly on stealth and concealment. If you are waiting patiently on the bottom, you don’t want to spook the fish with flashes of color. To ensure this, the barrel of this speargun is finished in a unique blue disruptive pattern, so you’ll blend in perfectly.

But what’s it like to shoot?

Like an extension of your body. Extend your arm, look at your target and let this speargun do its work. The flopper style spear guarantees that if your aim is good, your quarry will not be going anywhere but straight into your bag.


No problem. This American-made speargun is designed to be used in either hand and the grippy and ergonomic handle ensures a glove tight fit with your hand. If you drop it, you don’t need to worry about losing it against the seabed, as it’s specially designed to float.


  • Attractive camouflage finish.
  • Optional reel and butt mount.


  • We would have liked to have seen the optional extras included as part of the package.


Available in a range of sizes, there isn’t much to dislike about this speargun. It’s effective and super good looking.

SEAC Killer Speargun

Well, this looks more like something you would find on a spaceship than under the waves. The bright white body is designed to ensure maximum visibility if you need to retrieve it from the deep.

But is it powerful?

For a speargun of its class and size, it has some serious poke. The 16mm elastic will propel your spear at breakneck speed to your target. Everything about this weapon yells quality. From the stainless-steel integrated firing mechanism to the corrosion-proof aluminum barrel, the gun feels solid in the hand.

Is there anything different about this speargun?

Aside from the features we’ve just discussed this is a closed muzzle system, allowing you to ‘free shaft’. Furthermore, closed muzzle guns are often considered to be much easier to load.


  • Solid feel and a good allrounder.
  • The closed muzzle system gives you a range of options.


  • Whilst the white finish is super eye-catching for us, it might also be the same for the fish.


If you are on a budget this could be an ideal selection. For a beginner new to the game it is a high-quality speargun that is simple to use and pretty accurate.

JBL Carbine Series Spearfishing Spearguns

If you liked the look of our Camouflage Reaper above, but also like the look of your bank balance then this is the gun for you. It has many of the same features as the above offering, but occupies a lower price point.

So who’s it for?

We are going to say beginners and people just getting into spearfishing. You can get premium performance without having to break the bank. In this speargun you’ll get the same high-quality aluminum and stainless-steel shaft found in other JBL American-made models. The elastic can be removed and upgraded to give you exactly the right amount of firepower too!

It isn’t quite as ‘cool’ looking as the other JBL model we have suggested, but it will do the job and perform admirably provided you don’t try to do too much with it. As a basic and bare-bones introduction to spearfishing, it is a worthy purchase.

As with other models, this is a closed muzzle system, allowing easy loading in the water.


  • A no nonsense and easy to use speargun.
  • Solid construction and performance well in advance of its price point.


  • The trigger system is entirely enclosed which could make maintenance an issue.


Ultimately you get what you pay for. But going down a little in budget doesn’t mean that you should be prohibited from enjoying yourself. The best beginner speargun should be affordable. Fortunately, this weapon offers quality and good value.

Want to see on being used in action? This guy really knows how to shoot!

SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun

It doesn’t matter how powerful a speargun is, if you miss every time then you might as well be using a pea shooter. Fortunately, the SEAC sting sling ensures both killer accuracy and power in abundance.

Is it not just down to the ‘shooter’?

Nope, absolutely not. An open sight system, which comes as standard on this model, allows you to effortlessly aim at your target in fractions of a second. Your arm, gun and spear all need to be in perfect alignment when you pull the trigger, with this speargun you can make this happen with minimal effort.

Did I tell you it looks amazing?

The lightweight alloy barrel and Makaira camouflage finish are sleek, stylish and beautifully good looking, meaning you have form and function all in your hand. Speaking of hands, the molded ergonomic grip ensures even pressure and contact over the entire surface of the handle, giving supreme comfort and accuracy.

To top it all, the incorporated chest rest makes loading this beast really easy, so if you want to go for a little more firepower you can do so without worrying about tired arms.


  • A lightweight and good looking speargun.
  • Improved accuracy an easy sighting system.
  • I love the sternum rest for easy reloading.


  • My only criticism is that line is not included, for beginners it is another thing to consider.


Good looks and accuracy are sometimes hard to come by. However, this Italian made speargun has boot loads of both. Had it not been for the lack of line, this would have been perfect.

Koah Euro Series Speargun

And now for something completely different.

Sometimes you want craftsmanship and something which looks and feels absolutely rock solid. You are perhaps going to have to stretch the budget slightly, but this speargun is worth every penny.

What does it look like?

The barrel of this speargun is crafted and carved from one single piece of laminated teak. Think of a classic rifle, smoothed and polished and you are there. You’ll need to treat it with care, but for something this beautiful you are going to want to polish it almost as much as you’ll want fish with it.

It looks good, but how does it shoot?

Like a dream. The spear channel is lined with smooth and frictionless epoxy, offering ice smooth efficiency and therefore increased accuracy. The bands are mounted to precisely accelerate the spear along the access of the shaft, without recoil. Where you point, the spear will go. Perhaps the best spearfishing gun for 2024…


  • Quality and workmanship come as standard.
  • Supreme accuracy with very little recoil.


  • This isn’t an entry-level speargun, beginners will want to look elsewhere.
  • Wood is easily damaged compared to aluminum or alloy. One chip or careless drop and you are going to be heartbroken.


Overall, this speargun oozes quality. Take care of it and it will last you a lifetime. Some might say this is a bad thing. I say it’s nice to see something so beautifully crafted for a single purpose. If you are looking for the best spearfishing gun on our list, this might very well be it.

Don’t let us just describe the beauty of this beast, see it for yourself!

How to Choose a Spearfishing Gun?

As we all know, when choosing fishing equipment, it’s easy to get bogged down in features. But when you are starting out it pays to keep things simple.

So ask yourself these questions, and when you have the answers you’ll be in prime position to make the best choice.

man swimming with speargun in lake

Where will I be Using the Speargun?

If you are fishing in clear water then you are going to need a longer range. This will affect your choice with regards to what speargun size to choose.

Furthermore, your chosen venue will influence your speargun choice. If the area you are fishing in is fairly open, then you will have plenty of room to maneuver.

Remember, however, it isn’t just about shooting the gun, you’ll also need to consider how much space you will have for reloading a speargun.

Read on to find out what else you have to know…

What will I Catch with a Speargun?

Once you’ve decided the venue, you will also need to think about what you are trying to catch. There is more to this decision than meets the eye.

Let me tell you why…

Obviously, the first consideration is species size. Now, in theory, you can shoot any species even with a small gun. You could also go hunting tigers with a catapult.

If you are going to fish for bigger species you will need to go larger on your choice of spearfishing gun. The line will need to be stronger and as a result will affect your accuracy if you go too heavy with a smaller gun.

So what’s the other consideration?

Well, some species are more cautious than others. If your gun doesn’t have the required range you aren’t ever going to get close enough to shoot it. Longer guns mean longer range. It’s really that simple.

How’s My Shooting?

Ok, I wanted to be honest but didn’t want to hurt your feelings. What I really wanted to tell you was that when you start out, you are going suck at spearfishing.

There’ll be so much going on, you’ll be struggling to load, swim, aim and a million and one other things that you won’t know until your first day in the water… this is all before you take a shot at a fish.

Want to know what the answer is?

Aside from practice, you’ll want something that is easy to use, easy to hold and is really accurate. You aren’t going to get many chances the first time you go out, so you have to make them count. One way of doing so is by being able to hit what you point at. Smaller guns are good for close range, bigger guns allow you to be a little way off and still hit your mark first time.

spearfishing man with flashlight in deep of lake swimming with speargun

How do You Choose a Speargun Rubber?

It’s actually pretty simple.

Your choice of rubber is dictated by two things. First, you need consider the weight and size of your spear shaft. Go too soft and you’ll lack the necessary ‘punch’ to deliver your shaft at the right speed.

So thicker and stronger is better?

Actually no, at least not always. You are looking for a smooth and linear increase in acceleration from the moment you press the trigger. If you go too severe, you’ll end up with a massive ‘bang’ of power at the start. And just as with traditional guns, a big bang means a big recoil. You will end up with the force adversely influencing the spear before it has cleared the track. Your shaft will have plenty of power behind it, but if it never hits the target, it will be detrimental to your success.

So, what’s the ideal choice?

There’s a huge amount of speargun rubber choice. And it is absolutely vital that you understand the properties of it before you make a purchase or remove the factory fitted option. If you are going to upgrade or renovate your speargun, why not take some video advice from an expert to make sure you are absolutely making the right choice?

What is the Best Size Speargun?

In light of all we have said above, you are going to want a combination of accuracy and ease of use. Neglect either of these two factors and you are going to end up frustrated.

Go too short and you might never get close enough to the fish to take a shot. But go too long and you are going to be encumbered and struggle with loading and handling.

So, what’s a happy medium?

The perfect length you are looking for should be between 80cm (31.5 inches) to 110cm (43 inches). You’ll have a decent range, really great accuracy and a speargun that is manageable.

Further to this, you won’t be limited by species size. So, if the ideal opportunity presents itself then you’ll be able to point and shoot with a more than reasonable chance of success.


Who makes good spearguns?

All of the suggestions we have given are excellent brands. Both Rob Allen and KOAH make excellent spear guns and represent the ideal blend of features and quality.

You may pay slightly more, but as a one-time purchase they are exceptional. JBL are best for intermediates or beginners looking to upgrade. For the money, you will get a speargun that is packed with features normally found at a much higher price point.

What is the best time to go spearfishing?

You can go spearfishing any time and you might get lucky, but to catch a fish you have to think like a fish. By being in the water with the fish you have effectively become an apex predator. Fish have millions of years of evolution and instinct behind them. When thinking in these terms, you are at a disadvantage, as fish know that if they are seen they might become lunch.

So when do I go?

Go when the fish are more active and less wary. If they are distracted by food then they make for prime targets. Dawn and dusk see the greatest level of fish feeding activity. The middle of the day might yield results, but you’ll find a lot of fish are wanting to hunker down out of sight.

Can you travel with a speargun?

You can indeed, but you won’t be polishing your KOAH during a flight. Understandably spearguns can be lethal, as a result they are not permitted as carry-on luggage. You will have to check your speargun into the hold before you embark on your fishing adventure.

How to use a spearfishing gun?

The shooting part is perhaps the simplest bit. You aim, point and pull the trigger. The difficulty is actually the loading and bringing in the fish once you have hit it.

To be used safely, a speargun must be rigged and set correctly, every single time. Don’t forget you are dealing with extremely large forces, sharp points and thick lines. A mishap under the water can very quickly turn a fun experience into something far more serious.

Here are some of my top tips to make life easy when you are just starting out.


It doesn’t make sense to literally ‘dive in at the deep end’. Start in water where you can stand up, reload and assess what you are doing, whilst being able to concentrate on one thing at once. If you have picked your mark correctly you might still find suitable targets.

You don’t need to go for the biggest straight away. Work on loading and firing, then when you have this down, work on swimming with your speargun. Then you can start hitting smaller targets and develop strategies for bringing them in.

Practice some more!

There are things you can do without ever being down by the water at all. Understanding how your weapon works, and which catches do what, is more effective on dry land than it will be with waves crashing around you.

Whilst unloaded practice moving the safety catch, find a grip that is comfortable and try your best to learn how to correctly rig your gun. If you can get the muscle memory down it will free up your brain power when you come to use it for real.

Is that all?

There is quite a lot to learn (lucky you) but as they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Why not save yourself some time and check out this video from an expert who can tell you everything you need to know.

Are spearguns illegal?

No spearguns are not illegal. But that said there are limitations on when and where you can use them. Certain states prohibit the use of spearguns with scuba equipment. In other states there are also restrictions on which species you are permitted to shoot.

How far can spearguns shoot?

You aren’t going to get anywhere near the range of a gun. And it depends on the type of speargun you are using and the strength of the rubber. A good average to work on is 3 x the length of your gun for an effective distance. But you may be able to shoot and hit targets a lot further away with practice.

We bet you can’t wait to see one in action? For a super visual demonstration of how spearguns shoot and the distances involved, here’s a really great video that you don’t want to miss.

If you prefer to stay firmly on dry land, or you want a bit more distance you may think you are out of luck… But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can still stalk and shoot species. All you’ll need is a really great bowfishing bow and a set of purpose-designed arrows. I’ve gone to loads of effort to share my experience. Why not check them out as a great alternative?

Are pneumatic spearguns good?

Yes, they can be. Due the way in which they shoot they are generally considered much more accurate. There is no rubber and less fuss.

So, what’s the downside?

The more powerful a pneumatic speargun is, the more effort it will take to load. Look for features such as a loader included with any that you buy, to make life easy.

Pneumatic spearguns are precision-engineered, but as a result, they can often be rendered useless by dirt or grit. Because the firing system is entirely enclosed, they are not easy to maintain. The simplest solution is to go for a banded spearfishing gun.


The best speargun should allow you to reach your target, and be able to hit it. If you can be assured of high quality and affordability, then even better!

Remember to be safe with your new sport and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Have you got that one vital piece of information that everyone should know when it comes to spearfishing?

Leave a comment below and help us out…

Bob Hoffmann

The author of this post is Bob Hoffmann. Bob has spend most of his childhood fishing with his father and now share all his knowledge with other anglers. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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