How to Catch Carp in Summer – My 7 Best Tips

Carp fishing in hot weather can be a bit of a mystery.

  • Should you be hitting the deep waters and bottom fishing?
  • Maybe you should be trying a great old-fashioned zig rig?
  • What bait should you be using?

All are valid questions.

One thing to keep in mind is not to overthink it.

I had no idea if I could successfully catch any carp during these hot months either. It took me a few times of trying and some research to realize that it’s worth my time and that I needed to sharpen my skills.

Although hot weather fishing tactics can be different than other seasons and temperatures, it doesn’t mean you to have to throw out the old playbook completely.

This blog post is merely to show you that summer carp fishing can still yield great results.

If you are newer to carp fishing, you probably need to start with one of my older blog posts, how to catch carp. I really tried to give an excellent beginner’s guide to some of the fundamentals to carp fishing for the newbies.

If, however, you are further along in the carp fishing game and are ready to take the plunge into some hot weather fishing tactics, then I’m ready too.

Let’s start with the big question.

Is Hot Weather Good For Carp Fishing?: Absolutely it’s good for carp fishing. It’s 100% perfectly good carp fishing in the heat of the summer. You’re typically going to see carp doing 1 of 2 things in the heat of the summer.

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7 Tips For Carp Fishing in Hot Weather

Tip #1: Scout Everything In The Summer

I had no idea what scouting carp even meant 3 years ago. I had never tried it and didn’t know if it was a real method to increase production in my fishing.

I loved catfishing and got very used to throwing on some stink-bait and enjoying a sweet cold beverage sitting and waiting for the bite.

Scouting is essential with carp fishing.

You want to find where the carp are likely to be before settling in.

Scouting regardless of the time of the year is important to catch this up and rising game fish.

You would be surprised at how many carp you can find working on their tan during the heat of the summer floating around the surface of the water.

You could even take this one step further if you would like. Many anglers are testing the use of underwater cameras. They are picking up in popularity quickly.

If you are brand new to carp fishing, this would be a complete waste of time but if you’re much more seasoned than It’s an option for sure.

Technology will always be changing. It’s the way of the future. To have the ability to use the camera to get down into the water and see things like vegetation, floor structure and safe harbor spots for the fish is an unreal advantage for a carp angler wanting to take things to the next level.

Where are the carp in this hot weather?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it. The weather elements are just as essential as the actual temperature. In the summer, the air pressure and winds should be considered as well. Especially during those 90-100-degree days.

When’s it that hot outside, you can take advantage of other factors to locate and catch more carp. On high-pressure days or even days with decent winds, you will see the carp closer to the surface of the water, but they never seem 100% committed to going after your bait.

On the flip side, if the weather is calling for the carp to be located at the bottom of the water, then you would want to change up your game slightly. Carp cruising the depths can often be very active if the correct bait is presented.

Want to know more about the correct bait for the summer? Read my article on this blog, about the best carp bait for summer, click here!

Tip #2: Don’t Ignore the Weeds and Margins

Funny fact, I didn’t even know what a margin was for roughly a full year of carp fishing.

“When someone recommended fishing the weeds, I understood that but when they started throwing words like fish the margins, I just nodded my head and pretended I had a clue at what they were referring to.”

I was shocked to see that I was close to the only person not knowing what margins meant.

Many other sources seemed to know exactly what it was including anglers from all over the world. I suppose it’s my turn to return the favor.

Fishing the margins and staying in the weeds is a dominating spot to carp fish during the hot days of summer. They can act as a natural food source, provide cover and allow the carp to stay cool without having to retreat to the water bottoms.

Weedy areas and these margins still pull in a fair amount of sunlight. You can use a combination of different surface baits or zig rigs to get the job done.

Tip #3: Stalking The Carp

Stalking can be done any time of the day. Many anglers believe early morning and early evenings is the time to do it, but I have found in the summer, that if you can locate enough covered areas where the carp are likely to be “hanging out,” it can be useful any time of the day.

The first key to this is pretty simple: Don’t have any rods or bait in the water.

The first problem is that it’s not allowed in most fishing places and the second issue is, it’s just plain rude and annoying.

Yes, I’ve done it. Not a good idea. Reel it in.

Besides that, the main tip, for stalking is precisely what it sounds like except you have mine and everyone else’s permission to be a creep about it.

Your goal is to FIND the fish. Get off the chair and use your legs that God gave you. Take a few laps around the body of water you are fishing.

Obviously, if you are river fishing for carp, your either going to limit the stalking or your going to be pretty tired when it’s all said and done.

You’re looking for any signs of bubbles in the water, shadows or tailing fins.

When your stalking, don’t underestimate the carp’s intelligence. Don’t immediately drop any hook bait directly onto the carp.

If you can’t get a good view of the carp or you’re having bad luck seeing anything, then you can attempt to drop some baits near lily pads and margins of weeds to see what activity you can stir up.

If the visibility is good and the sun is shining, make sure to have a nice pair of polarized sun glasses to give you a slight edge. It will help you see things with more ease if you can get the beating sun rays out of your vision path.

Your objective is to be stealthy with this. If you are stirring up all sorts of motion, being overly loud and obnoxious or casting huge human shadows right over where the carp is located, it’s going to spook him quick so stay back and stay stealthy.

Tip #4: Don’t Waste Your Stalking Efforts

If you successfully were able to locate carp either in the margins and near the weeds or maybe even surfaces near some other structure, what good is it going to do you if you don’t have the tools to execute?

Read my guide for how to catch carp using bread for an in-depth look at fishing for carp with bread.

Bread and stalking go hand in hand.

I did the same thing you did by googling this information and trying to find a game plan to catch these carp in the summer. I honestly didn’t believe it could be so easy either. Don’t think that bread is a bait of the past. It’s certainly not.

Trust me, it works well.

Tip #5: Don’t Throw In The Towel

Don’t give up. Carp fishing when it’s hot can be unpleasant for you in many ways. Sweating and putting in an effort for no rewards is never fun unless you have a right attitude.

You need to be willing to try, adapt and learn to get good results anytime you fish for carp. It’s just that simple.

Not me, not you or anyone can catch a fish each time we cast out onto the water.

Battle the heat, stay cool with the proper gear and have a good game plan going into the day.

We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan is the old saying. The more up-front homework and work your willing to do when carp fishing in hot weather, the better off you will ultimately be.

Tip #6: Add the Extra Oils and Give the Extra Effort

Adding additional oils and attractants your bait can be a viable method for producing more fish on your hook. You don’t need to go overboard with this, but a little bit can go a long distance with carp fishing.

Try nice combos of hemp or your favorite bait with PVC bags and find a good location to attempt your fishing efforts for the day.

Try and cast into the same 12-18-inch area every time. If you’re adding extra additives, you need to make sure you’re hitting your mark over and over.

Remember, when it’s this hot, they can seem a little slow and lethargic and not be wanting to do a whole lot of movement to eat. If you’re hitting the exact same mark every time, you’re slowly making that spot hard to resist for the fish.

Tip #7: Don’t Neglect Your Surface Fishing Game

This will depend heavily on what area or body of water you are fishing for carp. If your fishing lakes with not much depth, or small bodies of water, surface fishing for carp can be a huge advantage.

This holds especially true in the heat of the summer.

You see…

Carp fishing in hot weather changes your approach just a tad in certain situations. When’s it hot and the conditions call for it, carp will move toward the surface.

In these weeded areas, the number of various insects and other bugs is at pretty high levels which is a natural magnet to pull the carp near you.

One method I have used mainly out of boredom and not knowing any other way, in the beginning, was tossing a little bait and chum about 6-10 feet in front of the carp.

In my mind, this accomplished 2 things. It gauged some interest and verified If my bait was even worthy of fishing for these fighting machines, and it also started building that bait up as a known smell and sight in the water I fished nearly non-stop.

In my total carp fishing venues to date, I have not changed waters and locations hundreds of times. I can list the places I have fished for carp on less than my ten fingers and ten toes. I like to build a rapport with the carp so to speak.

Get them to use to what I’m offering, that way If I get lucky, I feel confident they will be ready to keep coming back for more.

If this is working or not, is hard to say. In my mind, if I’m going to strike out and am having just terrible fishing results for the day, using this method at least makes it feel like I’m accomplishing something by slowly peppering those scents into my favorite fishing holes.

Are you ready to go carp fishing?

Wrapping Up: Carp Fishing in Hot Weather

Again, carp fishing when it’s hot or carp fishing in the summer can be either fantastic or a hot sweaty battle.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, it’s just how it goes, and there is no tactic or trick you can use to avoid this.

You have to do the best you can with what’s handed to you that day. Scout your areas and know your plan.

I recommend not bouncing bodies of water each time you have a failure and learn to master one area before exploring new territory.

Have I left out any critical tips you all feel is necessary to improve success with carp fishing in hot weather? If you do, be sure to comment below.

Bob Hoffmann

The author of this post is Bob Hoffmann. Bob has spend most of his childhood fishing with his father and now share all his knowledge with other anglers. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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