How to Keep The Ice Fishing Gear on A Sled.

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After reading an article about how to properly store and carry ice fishing gear by hand, I started to wonder if there was an easier way to do this. 

So, I did some more reading to find out how to keep ice fishing gear on a sled instead.

How can you keep ice fishing gear on a sled? To keep ice fishing gear on a sled, you can pack all of your gear into individual bags and safe containers before loading them up onto your sled.

For added convenience, you can hook your sled up to the back of a snowmobile. 

This will provide additional speed and ease of use instead of lugging all of your equipment around by yourself.

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While ice fishing can be a very enjoyable activity for those who are fans of the outdoors, it does require a lot of versatile and heavy equipment throughout the journey. 

Keep reading to find out a more convenient way to transport your ice fishing gear across the ice without having to carry or drag it by hand.

How to Keep Ice Fishing Gear on a Sled

The more traditional way of carrying ice fishing gear on a fishing trip would be to pack everything in a shoulder bag and a bucket with a handle, and drag anything else that wouldn’t fit behind you in the other hand.

However, with the use of a sled, you will be able to take the weight off of your shoulders and place all of your equipment on the mobile vehicle instead. Using this method, you will use one hand to pull the sled behind you as you walk, instead of having all of your hands full.

What Is Needed For Packing Ice Fishing Gear On a Sled:

  1. A durable sled with a rope or handle
  2. 5-gallon bucket(s)
  3. A secure bag for ice fishing rods

With only a few necessary items including the sled itself, one or more 5-gallon plastic buckets, and a secure bag for your ice fishing rods, you will be out onto the ice fishing in no time with a few simple packing tricks.

How To Pack and Carry Ice Fishing Gear On a Sled:

  1. Carefully place your rods into the bag and enclose them
  2. Place your remaining gear into the 5-gallon bucket
  3. Place any gear that will not fit into the bucket in the empty space on the sled
  4. Take hold of the sled and get going

When packing your ice fishing rods, it is important to choose a bag that will fit them comfortably without causing bending or inflicting any damage.

Once you have carefully placed your ice fishing rods into your bag and put the smaller pieces of equipment into your 5-gallon bucket, the only thing left to do will be to load everything up onto your sled.

This will include any additional gear that did not fit into the bags or buckets you used to pack your other equipment.

The packing and carrying method for ice fishing gear on a sled is definitely a step up from doing all of the footwork yourself, but sleds are not automated vehicles.

In other words, you will have to either pull the sled across the ice the entire time, or you can hook it up to the back of a snowmobile and move it that way.

Pulling a Sled Full of Gear on a Snowmobile

Although placing your ice fishing gear on a sled can be more convenient than carrying it on your back across the ice, there is an even easier alternative to this packing method.

Another way to carry ice fishing gear during your trip is to use an automated vehicle such as a snowmobile. 

If you have access to one of these, the process of carrying your sled back and forth from each location will be significantly easier.

All you will have to do is pack your sled up with gear as usual, and hook it up to the back of the vehicle. Take a quick look at the steps below, or keep reading for more details on the process.

How To Pack And Carry Ice Fishing Gear On a Sled With a Snowmobile

  1. Strap your 5-gallon bucket(s) on the back of the snowmobile
  2. Fill the buckets with any additional gear that will fit inside of them
  3. Strap a large, durable storage container onto the sled
  4. Store your larger gear (including fishing poles) inside of container
  5. Place any remaining gear that will fit onto the sled or in front of the windshield
  6. Hook your sled up to the back of your snowmobile and get going!

Packing and carrying your ice fishing gear using a snowmobile is very similar to the process that was outlined in the previous section. 

After packing your rods and equipment into bags and buckets onto your sled, you will simply strap them onto the vehicle instead of pulling it behind you by hand.

Using this method, there is no need for heavy lifting or dragging any additional equipment over the ice. 

Additionally, you will be able to get across the ice to different areas much faster than you would be able to on foot, with all of the necessary gear following closely and safely behind you.

Ice Fishing Gear Necessities

While planning out your packing method for all of your ice fishing gear in preparation for your next trip, it is important to compile a list of everything you will need while you are out there.

Since packing space can be tight, no matter which above method you use, you will want to make sure that everything you take with you is completely necessary.

If you need some guidance on what to bring for your first ice fishing trip, take a look at the sample list below to get some ideas.

Sample Supplies List For Ice Fishing:

  • Winter clothing
  • Life vest
  • Ice fishing rod
  • Ice auger and skimmer
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Ice jigs (assorted)
  • Ice picks

Ice fishing trips can be thrilling and enjoyable for everyone involved, as long as the right equipment is taken along and everything is packed and carried efficiently.

Related Questions

What is the average cost of an ice fishing trip as far as gear and equipment?

Depending on where you choose to shop for your ice fishing gear as well as the quality of the items you purchase, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 in total for everything you need. Therefore, it is helpful to find sales for ice fishing gear as well as items on clearance, as described in the previous question.

Is there a way to purchase discounted ice fishing gear instead of paying full price?

Contrary to popular belief, ice fishing gear will experience the best deals and sales in the Spring, directly after the season is over at the end of February. There are still sales present in the Summer time, but all of the most desirable gear has often been cleared out by this time by the Spring crowd.

Where can I find all of the ice fishing gear that I will need for my next trip?

While there are many retailers that offer ice fishing gear, you will most likely have the best luck shopping with a trusted store such as Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas. While shopping online can be convenient at times, it is always better to be able to try out your gear and assess the quality in person before making the purchase.

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