How to go Bounty Fishing For Northern Pikeminnow

As soon as I heard about fishing for Northern Pikeminnow in exchange for a cash reward, I immediately started doing some online research on the topic.

After I completed my reading, I created this quick and helpful guide on everything a potential bounty fisher would need to know about hunting for the Northern Pikeminnow.

How do you go bounty fishing for Northern Pikeminnow?

In order to go bounty fishing for Northern Pikeminnow, you will need to find an area that offers a rewards program. Secondly, you will need to prevent a valid fishing license to participate in the activity. The remaining steps of the process will involve patience, practice, and lots of skill.

The idea of bounty fishing for Northern Pikeminnow can be exciting for fishermen of any experience level, especially when monetary compensation is provided.

If you want to know more about how you can get started earning this season, keep reading this guide and take some notes to find out the first steps you should take!

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How to go Bounty Fishing For Northern Pikeminnow

How To Go Bounty Fishing For Northern Pikeminnow:

  • Find a rewards program
  • Obtain a valid fishing license
  • Sign up for program and present license
  • Gather supplies and start fishing!
  • Present fish to station in exchange for cash voucher

The first step that must be taken before being able to participate in bounty fishing for Northern Pikeminnow is, of course, finding a program that rewards fishermen for catching and presenting these fish.

Some of the most popular areas to go bounty fishing for Northern Pikeminnow in the United States are Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, among other places.

After you have found the right rewards program, you will need to obtain a valid fishing license.

This is one of the most important steps, as you will not be able to participate without one.

When purchasing your fishing license, you should always make sure that it is valid for the area in which you will be fishing for Pikeminnow.

If you are traveling for the fishing season, you will be able to purchase a non-resident license that is more temporary.

The bounty fishing program will require you to register or sign up prior to fishing. They will most likely want to see your fishing license and a government-issued photo ID in order to get you started in the program.

Once you have been successfully registered into the bounty fishing rewards program, you will have free reign of the areas that are full of hungry Pikeminnow, just waiting to be reeled in.

Your qualifying catches will need to be presented to the same station where you registered for the program, and they will give you a cash voucher in exchange for your assistance.

How to Earn Money For Catching Northern Pikeminnow

Although compensation is offered for catching these fish with virtually no limits of how many you can present, there are certain qualifications in place that will result in payment for each particular fish.

If the fish you catch do not meet these requirements, you will not be elligible for a payment voucher in exchange for your catches, so it is very important to pay attention to the rules of the game.

Qualifying Catches:

  • Fish in fresh condition
  • Meeting length requirements (usually about 9 inches)
  • Returned within the same day it was caught
  • Returned to the same station where registered

Depending on the area in which you are bounty fishing for Pikeminnow, there will most likely be a different set of rules that will qualify your catches for cash.

Before embarking on your Pikeminnow fishing journey, you should always read up on the regulations in the specific place you will be trying to capture these creatures, in order to have the most successful trip.

The general rules that apply to Pikeminnow bounty rewards fishing, however, are very simple and relatively easy to follow.

First of all, you will need to always return the fish in fresh condition. If your Pikeminnow catches are frozen for any reason, your catches will be disqualified from earning.

This is mostly for the purpose of the fishing agencies discerning which fish were actually caught on that day, which goes hand in hand with the next rule of the Pikeminnow being returned on the same day in which it was caught.

In addition to bringing the fish up to the booth within 24 hours of catching, you will need to present them to the same station where you first registered to become a part of the rewards program.

The entire purpose of the Northern Pikeminnow bounty fishing rewards programs are to rid the lakes and rivers of large predators that eat gamefish before they are able to grow to their full potential and be obtained by fishermen.

Therefore, the fishing stations are expecting only the largest of Pikeminnow fish to be brought up to the counter. While this number will vary from state to state, the minimum length of qualifying fish is usually around 9 inches.

If your catches are under 9 inches in length, the fishing agencies will find no value in it, since smaller Pikeminnow are not capable of doing as much damage as their larger counterparts.

After reading through these basic tips, as well as the specific rules for bounty fishing in your area, you should be able to avoid any mistakes and earn as much money as you possibly can during your journey.

Pikeminnow Bounty Fishing Programs

The Purpose Of Bounty Fishing Programs:

  • Get rid of large predatory Pikeminnow
  • Decrease mortality rate of desirable gamefish

Contrary to popular belief, Pikeminnow bounty fishing programs do not serve the purpose of completely eliminating the species from the waters.

As mentioned before, they exist for the purpose of getting rid of the larger Pikeminnow, in particular, that are the most threatening to the gamefish in the same habitat.

The diet of a Northern Pikeminnow fish consists of many things, including other fish like salmon, trout, and bass.

These species are considered gamefish, or fish that are caught for sport, so Pikeminnow are less than desirable in these environments.

Fishing agencies have come up with monetary rewards programs to motivate fishermen to have the desire to remove these pesky fish from the habitats where gamefish are attempting to thrive and grow to their full potential.

To conclude, the entire process of fishing for Northern Pikeminnow can be a thrill, to say the least.

With the proper knowledge of how these rewards programs work as well as the right equipment and skill, you should be able to make a substantial profit by the end of your bounty fishing journey.

Related Questions

How much money can be earned by fishing for Pikeminnow?

In the same year, one fisherman made almost $120,000 from just catching Northern Pikeminnow alone in the year 2016.

Just one year later, another fisherman caught over $80,000 worth of Pikeminnow in a period of 5 months. With no limit of how many qualifying Pikeminnow can be caught in one day, the earning possibilities are endless.

What are the average cash rewards that are paid out for each Pikeminnow?

Since fishing agencies are trying to get rid of as many large Pikeminnow in the waters as possible, they offer higher prices per fish with larger quantities to encourage more fishermen to capture them. For example, the first 25 fish might pay out at $5 each, while the next 50 will move up to $8 each.

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