10 Best Fishing Gloves w. Buying Guide

This is my new and updated guide to the 10 best fishing gloves for 2020.

At BonfireBob, I recommend products based on unbiased research, but I will earn a commission if you shop through the links on this page.

I’ve been using fishing gloves for years now and I’m fully confident reviewing them for you to just get a bit closer finding the perfect fishing gloves for you.

I Aim to Find the Best Fishing Gloves

For me, the best fishing gloves doesn’t have to be the most expensive or the one with most equipment. It’s the one that matches YOUR needs.

In order to help you find the perfect fit for you I break up the fishing gloves buying advice as:

  1. Best value for money (price, performance and quality)
  2. Most user friendly (useful features, container storage, size)

Berkley Fishing Gloves

These Berkley fishing gloves have hundreds of five-star reviews from happy customers. They are designed to protect your hands from any and all of the hazards of handling fish.

They are thick enough to protect from fish spines, and allow your hands to stay clean and dry while working with fish. The underside of these Berkley fishing gloves is coated with a sturdy, textured grip to allow you to hold on tight to slippery fish, whether they are dead or alive.

While the grip side is textured and heavy-duty, these gloves are still flexible and easy-to-use.

KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves

The Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves from KastKing are a solid investment for a fisherman.

These gloves are specifically winter fishing gloves, and will keep your hands warm and dry. They are lined with fleece, have a waterproof back, and a neoprene and microfiber palm. This provides gripping strength, no matter how cold the weather is. 

For functionality, the tips of two fingers and one thumb can be pulled back from the glove, allowing for use of your dominant fingers without removing your gloves. Material integrated into the fingertips of these gloves makes it possible to operate your smart phone without removing your gloves as well. 

Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves

These Neoprene Fishing Gloves from Palmyth have a sleek and functional look to them. The neoprene material gives you a snug and tailored fit so that you can use your hands like normal.

The palm of these gloves is reinforced with artificial leather to give these gloves better grip and durability. At the wrist, there is an adjustable Velcro strap. This strap can be tightened to fit your wrist, and keep the gloves on your hands, no matter how intense the activity gets.

The thumb and index finger on your dominant hand also flip back, giving you the dexterity you need to operate a camera or manipulate your rod. These Palmyth gloves are also machine washable for added convenience. 

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

Another glove from Palmyth is their Flexible Fishing Gloves.

Unlike the gloves above, these are insulated for colder weather and repel water to keep your hands warm and drive. These gloves are recommended for use at 36 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.

In addition to being water repellent, these gloves also are made to block the wind from your hands. The backing of these gloves is made fleece, and the palm is partially reinforced with synthetic leather for better grip.

As with many of the gloves on our list, these also offer flip-back fingertips and thumb openings so that small tasks can be completed without removing your gloves. Once these gloves get slimy or dirty from handling fish, they can be machine washed and hung to dry. 

Magreel Fishing Gloves

The next glove on our list is the Magreel Fishing Glove. This glove is made of water repellent material to help protect your hands from occasional splashes or light rain.

In addition to being water repellent, the fabric used on the Magreel Fishing Gloves is stretchy and anti-skid, perfect for holding on to slippery fish. Inside the palms of these gloves is a plush pad to help cushion and protect your hands during use.

Three fingers, index, middle and thumb, have flip-back finger caps to maintain dexterity while wearing. Last, but not least, fishing all day means dirty gloves. This glove is machine washable for easy cleaning. 

KasKing Sol Armis Sun Fishing Gloves UPF50+

Another great pair of fishing gloves from KastKing is the Sol Armis Sun Glove.

Not only do these gloves come in unique and interesting color patterns, but they are made with breathable, poly-spandex fabric to keep your hands cool and comfortable for a day of fishing in the sun.

4-way stretch fit fabric contours perfectly to your hands so that you can change hooks or bait without removing your gloves. Typical wear-points on the Sol Armis gloves are reinforced with extra microfiber to extend their use.

The most unique and important feature of these gloves, however, is that they are UPF 50. These gloves will protect your hands and wrists from getting burned from the sun. 

Palmyth Stubby UV Fishing Fishing Gloves

Yet another glove from Palmyth is the Stubby UV Fishing Glove. These gloves are half-finger gloves with shortened fingers and a shortened wrist.

No fingers allow you to use your hands like normal, but have an extra layer of protection. Stretchy, lightweight, and breathable fabric is quick-drying and keeps your hands cool. This fabric is also UPF 50+ to keep your hands safe from the sun.

Pull tabs on the middle fingers make it easy to remove these form-fitting gloves when you’re done with them. After a long day of fishing, these gloves can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

The Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Gloves

Another pair of completely fingerless gloves on our list is the Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Glove. These unisex gloves fit perfectly to all the contours of your hand.

This is due to the breathable spandex material of the body. The palm of the glove is reinforced with faux leather, improving your grip and protecting your hand.

The adjustable Velcro wrist strap allows these gloves to fit snugly around your wrist to eliminate slipping. In addition to physical protection, your hand will be protected from the sun as well.

UPF 50+ protection is woven into the fabric of this glove, so this protection will not wash or wear off, leaving you protected for the life of the glove. Make sure to properly measure your hand size to find the right fit for you before purchasing.

Bassdash Astro Heavy-Duty Sure Grip Fishing Cycling Gloves

From Bassdash comes these Astro Heavy-Duty Fingerless Fishing Gloves. On first glance, these gloves look like the real deal, and they have the features to back it up.

Made from 4-way stretch fabric, microfiber leather, and neoprene, these gloves keep your hands dry and protected while being breathable as well. The microfiber leather palm and reinforced fingers give you extra grip when casting on rainy days.

These heavy-duty gloves protect your hands from the elements and allow you to handle slippery fishing gear easily. Although they are heavy-duty, they are also lightweight and comfortable for a long day on the water. 

IUSTAOCN Fishing Fingerless Gloves

The IUSTAOCN Fishing Fingerless Gloves are an excellent choice to use for fishing during the summertime. These gloves are made out of very lightweight and silky materials that are very soft.

The quick dry fabric materials are customized with a UPF rating of 50+ and a UV protection that can effectively protect your skin from the sun’s rays to avoid sunburns.

Meanwhile, the quick release design makes it super easy to take these gloves on and off. These gloves are on the larger size, so take note they may fit a bit loosely for people with smaller hands.

Fishing Gloves Buyer’s Guide (2020)

If you are a serious fisherman, your kit should include a quality pair of fishing gloves. Fishing gloves are a great investment if you are on the water a lot.

They make handling fish safer and easier and keep your hands firmly gripped to your rod. 

However, as with many products today, the market is inundated with different types of gloves claiming to be perfect for fishing.

When it comes to fishing gloves, there are a few qualities that you should consider before purchasing. Refer to our buyer’s guide below before making a decision to be sure you are making the right choice for you.


Technically, the brand of fishing glove that you purchase really does not matter. However, this is a category because it should be a reputable outdoors brand. Companies that specialize in fishing equipment are most likely to make the best quality fishing gloves.

When you find a pair that you think you like, take a minute to research the company. If they make a wide variety of outdoor equipment, they may not be the best choice.

Waterproof, Water Repellent or Water Resistant

When you are considering fishing gloves, you need to purchase a pair that has some type of water resistance technology. The differences between waterproof, water repellent, and water resistant are important to note. 

Waterproof products are completely impervious to water. They are designed with materials that do not allow water to pass them. Water repellent products are made to, you guessed it, repel water.

These items will not hold off water forever, but they will stay safe for a while. Lastly, water resistant products are the lowest on the totem pole. These products will protect from light splashes or drops of water, but not submersion.

While fishing gloves are obviously meant to be around water, many companies do not make completely waterproof fishing gloves.

This is because waterproof fabrics are typically too thick and stiff to be made into useful and functional gloves that are suitable for fishing. Because of this fact, most fishing gloves that you will find will be either water resistant or water repellent. 

If, in your search, you find a pair of fishing gloves that is neither of these, you should not buy them. Fishing gloves should have some type of water resistance technology. 


Another necessary quality in fishing gloves is durability. Fishing gloves take a beating out on the water all day.

They protect your hands from hooks and scale abrasions constantly. To work correctly, you’ll need to choose gloves that are made of strong, durable materials. 

Typically, gloves that are made of the most durable materials are slightly more expensive than those that are not.

High-quality, durable materials to look for are artificial or synthetic leather or neoprene. Both of these materials will adequately protect your hands from the dangers of fishing.


In addition to being strong and durable, fishing gloves also need to be flexible. While extremely durable material is thick and sturdy, it is typically stiff as well.

Stiff gloves will not be useful for fishing, as they do not allow you to use your hands to their full capacity.

When looking for fishing gloves, you want durable material for sure, however this material also needs to be flexible.

Fishermen need to be able to use their hands to 100% capability for casting, reeling, and a plethora of other minute tasks. Super thick, stiff gloves will be useless while fishing. 

When reading descriptions of different types of fishing gloves, make sure to research the type of materials listed. See how they are described. You are looking for durable, yet flexible fabrics that will allow the full use of your fingers and hands to maintain proper fishing dexterity. 


One of the most important qualities in a fishing glove is proper fit. A baggy glove will move frequently and rub against your skin, giving you blisters and sending you home early.

When choosing the right glove for you, make sure the glove fits around all parts of your hand perfectly. There should be no saggy or baggy parts, especially on your fingers or palms.

Many types of fishing gloves have a Velcro wrist strap that tightens around your wrist for the perfect fit. This is a good quality to have in a glove, as it prevents the glove from pulling off your hand and keeps water and debris from getting into your gloves from the wrist.

Fingers vs. Fingerless

A great debate for fishing gloves is fingers or no fingers. The answer to this question typically comes down to preference.

Fishing gloves that have fingers tend to have a feature that gives you the best of both worlds. Many fishing gloves with fingers have finger caps on some or all of the fingers that fold back when you need them to.

This gives you the option of having better dexterity in your dominant fingers and then being able to cover your fingertips again with gloves. Fingered gloves are a better choice for fishermen who are typically fishing in colder weather.

Fingerless gloves have no fingertips on all ten fingers. These gloves allow you the use of all your fingers while protecting your palms and wrists. Fingerless gloves are a great choice for fishermen who are typically in warmer climates.

Fishing Weather Conditions

The type of weather conditions you will be fishing in will affect the type of fishing gloves that you look for. It is important to purchase gloves that are made specifically for warm or cold weather depending on where you fish.

If you are a cold weather fisherman, look for models with full fingers and snug-fitting wrists to keep out the cold, wind and water. Cold weather fishing gloves should also have an extra layer of insulation to keep your hands warm. 

If you are a warm weather fisherman, your gloves will look slightly different. You may want gloves with no fingertips so that you can have full use of your hands.

Also, you should be looking for gloves made out of materials that are breathable and comfortable so that your hands don’t get sweaty. You may also be interested in finding a pair of gloves that offers protection from the sun. 


Price is always something to consider when looking for a new product. Despite the high-quality materials that you will find on quality fishing gloves, most and typically pretty affordable.

Before shopping, have a price range in mind and stick to it so that you don’t go over budget.

Also, it is important to note, that just because a glove is more expensive, does not mean that it is necessarily higher quality. Take your time to compare prices and materials and read customer reviews.

Remember, these gloves will take a beating, and you want them to last, so buy the best pair that you can afford so that you will not have to replace them after a short period of time. 


Fishing gloves take a beating, and get dirty pretty quickly, even after one use. If you fish often, you don’t want to have to hand-wash your gloves every single time you go out. For convenience, look for gloves that are machine washable.

This will save you time and allow you to just throw your gloves in with your regular wash.

How to Properly Care for Fishing Gloves

To make your fishing gloves last as long as possible, follow the care instructions below.

  • Your gloves should be washed frequently, especially after heavy use.
  • If you are fishing in saltwater, wash your gloves more frequently-after each use if possible. Salt can accumulate in the gloves, making them stiff and tight.
  • Follow care instructions closely. If you opt for a pair of machine washable gloves, make sure to use the correct detergent or soap that is recommended. If your gloves are hand-wash only, wash them carefully and never put them in the machine out of laziness. Whether your gloves are machine washable or hand-wash only, they should always be hung to dry.
  • When your gloves are clean, they should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated space. This means that they should not be stored in tackle box or any other damp space.
  • Never roll or scrunch your fishing gloves up to store them in between uses. This will add stress to the fabric and could damage the extra grip on the palm of the gloves. Lay your gloves flat to store for the best results.

Why should you start wearing fishing gloves?

Many experienced anglers don’t use fishing gloves because they don’t like how they feel and how they affect the handling of their equipment.

However, wearing the right gloves can actually improve your handling of equipment and save your hands in the process. Below are some reasons to convince you that protective gloves should be part of your fishing routine.

1. Grip

The best fishing gloves help you achieve a better grip, improving your control and helping you hold onto your catch no matter how slippery he is. 

2. Injury Protection

Depending on the species that you are fishing for, there are a lot of things in the water and on your equipment that can hurt you. Certain fish, like bass or redfish, have sharp spines or gill plates that can cut you pretty seriously if you are not careful. Also, hooks and fishing line can hurt your hands pretty badly, even if you are an experienced fisherman.

3. Weather Protection

Fishing is an all-day activity, typically on beautiful, sunny days. This leaves your skin vulnerable to the sun. Very frequently, people forget to protect their hands from the sun. Many types of fishing gloves provide UPF protection for your hands, so you don’t have to worry about sun damage.

Best fishing gloves w. buying guide. For me the best fishing glove doesn't have to be the most expensive. It's the one that matches YOUR needs. #fishingglove #bestfishingglove #glovefishing #fishinggloveshands #flyfishinggloves #icefishinggloves #fingerlessfishinggloves #glovesforfishing
Best fishing gloves w. buying guide. For me the best fishing glove doesn't have to be the most expensive. It's the one that matches YOUR needs. #glovesforfishing #fishingglove #bestfishingglove #glovefishing #fishinggloveshands #flyfishinggloves #icefishinggloves #fingerlessfishinggloves
Best fishing gloves w. buying guide. For me the best fishing glove doesn't have to be the most expensive. It's the one that matches YOUR needs. #bestfishingglove #glovefishing #fishingglove #fishinggloveshands #flyfishinggloves #icefishinggloves #fingerlessfishinggloves #glovesforfishing

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