The 12 Best Fishing Brands & Gear Companies in 2024 – Is Your Favorite Included?

As we’re all avid anglers here at Bonfire Bob, over the course of the year, we get to know the movers and shakers in the industry.

Which means we’re in a good place to offer you this article on the best fishing brands in 2024.

Covering everything from clothing to tackle, rods to reels, and even bow and spearfishing, we’ve just about seen it all.

So, read on to discover who has made the cut, and to see if your number-one fishing brand has managed to get the nod.

And if they haven’t – you can take it up with us in the comments below.

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TOP 12 Best Fishing Brands & Gear Companies in the World 2024

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most popular fishing brands of 2024.

Without further ado, and in no particular order – let battle commence!

One of the most popular and influential fishing tackle companies in the world, Daiwa began life back in 1955 with their first spinning reel, and they were founded three years later.

Originating in Japan, it’s now a truly global fishing icon, with offices and distribution all over the world.

Operating in California since 1966, they’re renowned for manufacturing some of the best saltwater rods ever made, and developing cutting edge, innovative, market-leading concepts that are often replicated but never equaled.

Not the English playwright, this iconic fishing company is still named after one William Shakespeare Jr, who set it up all the way back in 1897 – making it one of the oldest fishing companies in the world.

For 123 years they’ve been making affordable fishing gear and equipment, and for a great many younger anglers (myself included) it’s likely that your first rod was a Shakespeare.

Formed in Kalamazoo in Michigan, and now based out of Columbia in South Carolina, Shakespeare is a subsidiary of Pure Fishing – but continues to manufacture instantly recognizable fishing tackle, with a particular emphasis on helping women and children get into the sport.

Another Japanese company, Shimano are master engineers, and are as synonymous with cycling as they are with fishing gear.

More so in fact, as they started out manufacturing parts for bikes and didn’t get wise to the fishing game until the 1970s.

Now branching out into rowing, skiing and snowboarding, Shimano are a truly versatile and multinational company, and their engineering expertise has been in high demand for decades.

They continue to be at the forefront of fishing innovation, with their spinning reels being among their best-selling products, but they also make some excellent travel fishing rods, too – so check them out when you have the chance.

Check out their entry in this review of the best carp fishing rods and reels for more.

“Keeps fishing fun,” says Kastking, the New York-based fishing company and one of the fledgling brands in our review. They’ve been designing and manufacturing affordable fishing gear and equipment since 2013, for fisher people, by fisher people.

One of the leading lights when it comes to marrying budget-friendly products with quality and innovation, Kastking have not been slack about it, racking up an extensive back catalog of angling supplies, tackle, and equipment in a relatively short space of time.

Award-winning and eco-friendly, their growth has been nothing short of very impressive, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The Finnish fishing stalwarts are never too far away when it comes to talking about the most iconic angling brands in the world.

They have grown to be one of the largest and best manufacturers of lures, with millions sold annually, after Lauri Rapala first carved one out of cork back in 1936.

No matter the fish, there’s probably a Rapala lure that can bring it in, as well as an extensive selection of crankbaits, jigs, rods and reels to choose from. They also make some beautiful fishing knives – so follow that link to check them out.

When it comes to fishing equipment, these guys are up there with the most iconic and recognizable brands of all time.

Starting life as the Berkley Fly Company by the then 16-year-old Berkley Bedell back in 1937, they have gone from strength to strength, through hard work and dedication to the craft.

They started making top-quality rods in the 1960s, and from there they’ve never looked back, today widely used by both professionals and amateurs alike.

Throughout their existence, Berkeley has been dedicated to producing innovative designs and products that anglers are proud to own and fish with.

Hailing from Pennsylvania – as you might well have guessed, Penn has been a leading fishing equipment manufacturer since the 1930s.

Known for their quality rods and reels, they have developed cutting edge gear that has won boatloads of awards down the years – a fact that shows no signs of letting up.

Founded by German Otto Henze after he came to the US in 1922, the company has gone on to design and build several products that between them have broken thousands of fishing records.

Penn introduced the world to their legendary HT-100 drag washers – technology they still use to this day, and they’re associated with many of the world’s top professional anglers.

These guys are one of the world’s leading brands for wet weather and outdoor gear, and for over 23 years, they’ve kept folks warm and dry, with quality products that are offered at reasonable prices.

There’s a good chance if you’ve never worn anything by them, you’ve been living under a rock, and/or you’ll at least know someone who has.

They manufacture some of the best rain gear for fishing on the market, including full rain suits that are perfect for keeping the elements at bay.

Innovative and trailblazing, Frogg Toggs are at the forefront of protective outdoor clothing that people can actually afford.

And check out this review for more of the best fishing jackets on the market.

Regarded by many in the industry as being one of the best fishing clothing brands in the world, Simms have been offering top-quality outdoor garments and apparel since they were founded in Jackson, Wyoming in 1980.

Originally setting out to provide high-quality waders – including the first neoprene waders in the US – they soon decided to conquer the rest of the fishing clothing market as well.

Now operating out of Montana, they continue to design and manufacture innovative gear, including – as you might expect – some of the best fishing waders available today. Their gear is simply on another level.

Simms are up there with the best fly fishing brands in the world, and you can take a look at these quality fishing vests if you need any further proof.

But did you know they also make some great fishing shoes? Follow that link to check them out.

Plano is synonymous with creating the best tackle boxes on the market, and they’ve been the go-to outdoor storage solution company for fishing for over 60 years, branching out into hunting in the 1990s.

It was the desire to improve metal fishing tackle boxes that started it all back in 1952, and in doing so, they revolutionized the entire fishing industry in the process.

Utilizing high-quality materials, Plano continues to manufacture well-designed, durable outdoor storage that is built to last and deliver premium-quality results time and time again.

Check out this review for more of the best storage boxes and bags for saltwater fishing.

The world’s leading manufacturer of bowfishing equipment has been around a lot longer than you might think, especially considering the sport has only recently been enjoying a significant boom.

They developed their hugely successful and popular bottle retriever reel back in 1979, a product that has continued to dominate this fast-paced and exciting pastime.

Totally dedicated to the sport, AMS don’t make anything else unless it’s to do with bowfishing, so I think it’s safe to call them the experts. Just take a look at this review of the best bowfishing reels and the best bowfishing bows to see what I mean.

Mares Spearfishing


One of several top Italian companies specializing in scuba equipment, Mares was founded in 1949 by Ludovico Mares, initially manufacturing diving masks and spearguns for the ancient hunting sport of spearfishing.

To this day, they’re still one of the market leaders with spearfishing gear, including products that regularly grace reviews of the best spearfishing masks on the market.

Merging with US company Dacor, they have become one of the largest scuba equipment manufacturers in the world, with an outstanding back catalog of products to help anyone who is keen to try fishing under the water rather than over it.

Check out this review for some excellent spearfishing wetsuits, too.


You’re thinking – “where was INSERT FISHING BRAND HERE?!”

To be honest, to cover all the best fishing brands in 2024 would take several articles and a long time to write.

And anyway, this causes some healthy debate, so I turn to you to let me know which companies I should have included instead.

Or, if you prefer, tell me who doesn’t deserve a place on this list and should be removed – for whatever reason – in the comments below.

In the meantime, tight lines everyone, and happy fishing!

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