Best Rain Gear for Fishing in 2024 | Buying Guide & TOP 11 Gear Reviews

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say, the only things that enjoy being wet are the fish.

We as anglers seek to stay as dry as we can. That way we can really enjoy our day whilst fishing.

I’ve assembled a really helpful guide to help you choose the best rain gear for fishing in 2024.

TOP 11 Best Rain Gear for Fishing 2024

Frogg Toggs Men's All-Sport Rain Suit

Frog Toggs are industry renowned for producing great gear.

I agree, want to know why?

They use a blend of synthetic fabrics to produce something that is lightweight, breathable and completely waterproof. The fabrics aren’t woven and as a result are seamless, ensuring that troublesome drips and wet patches are a thing of the past.

Oh, and get this…

You don’t just want your top half to be dry. Your legs are just as important. Fortunately, the bottoms that accompany the jacket are of equally good quality.

This wet weather gear can be easily stowed as it takes up very little space, leaving you much more room in your gear bag for other essentials.

Reward: One of the best rain suits for fishing


  • This jacket and pants set is 100% waterproof.
  • Lightweight and really affordable.
  • Due to the lack of padding, it is rally easy to store conveniently.


  • The lack of padding means it doesn’t offer much in the way of insulation.


If you are looking for a light outer shell purely as a shield against the rain, this wet weather gear will keep you covered. Literally. Considering its weight, it is certainly one of the best rain suits for fishing.

Ourcan Men's Rain Gair Fishing Suit

It’s great when you can find something that will keep you entirely dry, and additionally offers really great value. It’s basic, and I like it.

Want to know why?

There’s the odd little gem of a feature that will allow you to fish comfortably and conveniently. The suit comes in its own custom-made stuff sack. Making it easily transportable.

One feature I really like is the split pockets. Instead of having to perform a detailed exercise in ‘pocket arranging’ every time you want to put your waterproofs on, Ourcan have made it simple. Just reach through the waterproofs. Convenience made simple.

You’ll want a snug fit. To ensure this, in this rain suit you will find drawstrings on the waist and elasticated sleeves and ankles.

And that’s not all.

This rain suit comes with a breathable mesh lining too!

Reward: The best budget rain gear for fishing


  • The split pockets mean you can always access your gear.
  • 100% waterproof and breathable.
  • Really great price point.


  • If you have wide ankle fishing boots, you may find that trouser may be a little difficult to stretch over the tops.


For the money you won’t go wrong with this suit. It isn’t the most advanced in features, but simple is sometimes the best.

Frogg Toggs Women's All-Purpose Rain Suit

Don’t worry ladies, I haven’t forgotten you. Sure, women can wear smaller men’s sizes. But wouldn’t you rather something that was custom-fitted?

If so, this is the answer…

As I’ve said Frogg Toggs make good quality gear. A lady’s shape can often differ from a man’s. Fortunately, in this rain suit you’ll find elasticated cuffs and a drawstring waist, which will ensure that the jacket fits perfectly.

But will it keep me dry?

Of course, it will! Features such as an adjustable hood with a cord locking system allows the wearer to banish water ingress entirely. On rain gear, the zips can sometimes be a weak point in the battle against the rain, not so with this jacket. A snap-down flap will keep even the heaviest downpours out.

This waterproof jacket and bottoms come in a range of eye-catching designs, so you can look great whilst fishing.

Reward: The best lightweight women’s rain gear for fishing


  • Available in 4 super stylish colors.
  • Most areas adjustable giving a super comfortable fit.


  • As with our previous Frogg Toggs selection, it is sparsely insulated, so wrap up warm.


This rain suit is great and allows real freedom of movement. It’s a really affordable solution for female anglers.

Grundens Neptune 319 Fishing Jacket

If you are an active angler you want something that is going to last a while.

Let me show you this.

Grundens specialize in producing gear that is used by deep sea fishermen. And they really know what they are about.

What are its features?

First, you get really good mobility in this jacket. The 4 way stretch polyurethane material flexes and moves as you do. It’s also super useful if you are wearing it over quite a few layers.

The comfort is further enhanced by numerous adjustable sections. Whether it’s the hood, the sleeves or the waist, you will find Velcro flaps and pull tabs to make sure it’s snug.

The large storage pockets give any angler ample room to stow bits and pieces that they will need to hand.

Reward: The best rain jacket for fishing in heavy rain


  • Available in 4 eye catching colors.
  • Super adjustable for the perfect fit.


  • The jacket isn’t breathable so it may get a little bit humid with prolonged use.


It isn’t laden with features and is a really rough and ready solution. However, this jacket is built to last.

Navis Marine Sailing Jacket with Bib Pants

If sailors know about one thing it’s dealing with the elements. What works for them will work for you.

Here’s why…

Sailors want to stay warm and dry. This waterproof suit has some insulation but offers plenty of room to move around too. The double storm flap should keep out any moisture, from light rain, to an absolute deluge.

The best bit?

The word ‘windchill’ won’t be in your vocabulary as it is entirely windproof.

If you are a regular reader you know that I place a high value on being visible. 3M reflective piping is featured throughout both the jacket and pants.

I also really like the reinforced sections around the knees and seat. These tend to be areas that can get wet even when it is not raining, especially if you sit or kneel for even the slightest amount of time.

Reward: The best breathable rain suit for fishing, great for harsh conditions


  • Great visibility with bright panels throughout.
  • This jacket offers excellent warmth as well as dryness.


  • It might be a little bulky for some anglers, especially if you are on the move.


If you like to fish in absolutely any weather this rain suit is for you. It might be a bit too much for only the occasional shower, but in stronger weather, it comes into its own.

Simms Challenger Fishing Rain Coat

Simms are becoming one of the go-to names in fishing.

This is for a reason.

This jacket offers premium quality. Simms have paid attention to the finer points to produce a solid all-around waterproof fishing jacket.

Here’s what I mean…

Seams can be a weak point in a fishing jacket. Simms have dealt with this by making sure that every seam is fully taped to protect you against the elements. Metal zips can corrode, Simms have fitted nylon zippers to ensure that this never happens.

A breast pocket and two fleece-lined hand pockets mean that the jacket is both functional and practical, allowing you to keep your hands warm and your possessions where you need them at all times.

And there’s more.

I’m sure you are aware that fishing gear can get a bit ‘funky’ from time to time. With this jacket you can throw it in the washing machine for it to emerge like new!

Reward: The best premium men’s fishing rain jacket


  • I love that this is machine washable.
  • Excellent features including lined pockets, taped seams and even a peaked hood!


  • I would have liked an extra breast pocket.


This jacket is surprisingly warm and, when paired with the right trousers or fishing bibs could easily take its place amongst your best cold-weather rain gear for fishing.

Carhartt Men's Shoreline Bib Overalls

Let’s be upfront.

Carhartt make workwear. But that’s a good thing. You want something which is designed for long term and sustained use. These bib overalls are super durable and tough. Just what you need for a hard days fishing.

What makes them tough?

Try things such as triple-stitched seams, reinforced pockets or the double front construction. Oh, and did I mention they are 100% breathable and waterproof too? What more could you want?

Well, check this out.

Because Carhartt make workwear these overalls come with an undeniably useful chest pocket, handily divided into numerous sections. Perfect for a host of gadgets and fishing tools!

Reward: The best functional waterproof fishing pants


  • These waterproof overalls are so strong they are practically bombproof.
  • You will have excellent mobility when fishing.


  • Whilst I love the chest pocket, it can get a little hard to reach into if you have your jacket zipped over the top.


Super strong and durable, due to their thickness they are warm too. For a rugged solution to keeping your legs dry, these could the best rain pants for fishing?

Norfin Sigma Waterproof Pants

I know that bibs aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you will want lightweight pants that let you move around freely.

Well look no further, you’ve found them.

Norfin have managed to combine waterproofing with flexibility to give you the ultimate in waterproof trousers. Function and form are given equal weight in these pants. Stretchy reinforced knees provide strength whilst the nylon ripstop material keeps you bone dry.

The knee pockets are a really great feature. You won’t have to lift your jacket in order to reach your essentials. One other really great feature is the reinforced ankle sections, they prevent material fatigue when subjected to fishing boots rubbing together as you walk.

And just in case you were wondering…

Yes, the pants are breathable too so you can keep yourself at a pleasant temperature.

Reward: The best premium waterproof trousers for fishing


  • Super flexibility and mobility, they feel just like regular cargo pants.
  • The thigh pockets are super innovative.


  • If you have a short jacket and are seated, you might be susceptible to the occasional draft.


For something lightweight and less bulky than fishing bibs, these fishing pants could be a superb choice.

Frogg Toggs Pro Lite Rain Suit

It looks like Frogg Toggs can do no wrong in my eyes. As my list goes, you will not find a lighter rain suit for fishing than this.

If you are an angler who likes to travel super light, or fish on relatively mild days then this is a great solution. Just throw the suit into its tiny stuff sack and away you go!

Comfort is important when angling, and Frogg Toggs have produced the goods.


Innovative features such as a straight leg design in the pants of this suit will allow you full and free mobility. The jacket can also be tightened and loosened depending on your body shape and the number of layers that you are wearing.

Reward: A great rain suit for warmer weather


  • Super lightweight and comfortable.
  • The included stuff sack means it is portable and takes up little space.


  • This suit is really, really, light. You will definitely need to wear something warm underneath.


If lugging round stacks of wet weather gear for fishing isn’t for you then this could be a really nice solution, especially in milder conditions.

8 Fans Fishing Rain Jacket

8 fans have just gained another fan… Me! And after you see this, I am sure you may very well add yourself to their list too! This waterproof jacket is built with the angler in mind. It’s one of the best rain jackets for fishing that I have seen.

Let me show you why.

First the storage. This jacket has pockets galore, even in places that you wouldn’t expect. Seven of them to be precise! There is even a pocket nestled in the back for larger items.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Don’t overlook the dual D-rings and retractable hooks, perfectly positioned for your essential tools.

But it’s not all about functionality. It’s about being warm and dry. Neoprene cuffs stop water running into your sleeves and the two-ply breathable fabric offers unbeatable water resistance.

This jacket would be perfectly suited for wading. If you haven’t tried wading before, you are in for a treat. Why not have a quick peak at my guide to the best fishing waders, you might find the perfect match?

Reward: One of the best rain jackets for fishing, hands down


  • Neoprene cuffs stop annoying drips, especially when you are playing fish.
  • The functionality of this jacket is simply astounding. If you can reach it with your hand, you’ll find a pocket there.


  • This would have been absolutely ideal, if only they had thought to put an additional D-ring on the back for my landing net.


As fishing jackets go this has everything. Pockets, storage, water-resistance and warmth. You’d be pretty well covered for most days if you invested in this fishing jacket.

Magcomsen Men's Hooded Rain Jacket

If you are looking for an outer shell, you’ll want something that is soft and comfortable. This fishing jacket from Magcomsen is certainly that. It is available on six colors, so if you are fashion conscious you should find something to match your waterproof fishing pants.

But it’s not all about looks and comfort…

You’ll have already seen that I like to use my jackets for storing equipment too. This jacket features 5 spacious pockets, all in different varieties. There are two on the inside. Two on the outside, and also one waterproof pocket, perfect for your phone and car keys.

Does it stand up to water?

Absolutely. And what’s more it’s windproof too. A breathable inner mesh completes the golden trio, ensuring that you can go ahead and enjoy your days fishing.

Reward: The most comfortable fishing jacket in our lineup


  • Super soft outer fabric makes this jacket a joy to wear.
  • Having a dedicated waterproof pocket gives you room to stow your most prized possessions.


  • It probably isn’t as durable as some on our list, but for a cheap option, it should work well.


If you are looking for fishing gear on a budget, and are happy to make a compromise than this jacket would be a decent investment.

What to Look for in Fishing Rain Gear

Good wet weather gear for fishing has to be a little bit of a ‘jack of all trades’. It can rain in the summer or the winter, and regardless of the season, once you are wet, you are wet.

It can be tricky picking the right rain gear, so I’ve assembled this quick guide to help you decide.

man wearing green raincoat jacket and fishing on rainy autumn day

A Waterproof Fishing Jacket

I hope this is obvious. You are looking for your jacket to keep the water out. This is a minimum standard and is non-negotiable. How well it does this depends on quite a few things.

Look for material that is 100% water-resistant. Provided that this is the case you are nearly covered.

Nearly? Why?

If you’ve read my suggestions, you’ll see that many jackets have taped seams and storm flaps. These are actually crucial in many cases. A zip may not let much water in, but even the occasional drip can soon add up and make you feel completely soaked.

Speaking of drips, one really fabulous feature to look for is sealable wrist cuffs. I find neoprene to be the best, but a close second is Velcro fasteners to tighten the jacket around your wrists.

So that’s everything, right?

You may also want to delve even further into more features. One thing that I would never be without is a hood. But they can be a nuisance when its windy. Fortunately, some of the best fishing jackets have hoods that you can zip away into the collar.

angler fishing on the autumn river

Waterproof Fishing Pants

You ideally want the same attributes with your pants as you have on your jacket. Other plus points include reinforced areas where the fishing trousers may be subject to particular wear, such as the knees and seat.

Pockets on Wet Weather gear

The easier you can stow and carry your gear, the more organized you will be. And the more organized you are, the more fish you are likely to catch. Pockets provide an ideal solution to make sure that things you may need quickly are at hand.

When buying wet weather gear consider whether the pockets will be accessible when you have an entire waterproof suit on, good features include pass through pockets, chest pockets and thigh pockets.

Consider the Weather

Ok, so we have accepted the fact that it is going to rain. But when do you normally fish?

If you like fishing in milder weather, insulation is not quite as important.

If you fish in the depths of winter you might want to consider something a little more ‘heavyweight’ such as ice fishing bibs, which you can see in my quick guide here.

You may fish in variable inclement weather where it is sunny one minute and wet the next. Therefore, you may very well need wet weather gear that is easy to put on and take off. Or light enough that you can leave it on all day without any adverse effects.

fishing rods and dip net closeup in rain

Think About Durable Wet Weather Fishing Gear

If you are only going to be fishing every now and again then you probably don’t need to spend a fortune on rain gear for fishing.

However, if you are a hard-core angler who goes several times a week you may want something that will stand up to constant wear and tear.

Thicker materials and reinforced sections generally make the strongest rain gear for fishing.


If you take a good look at my guide for the best ice fishing jackets, you’ll see that I place a great level of importance on waterproof clothing being breathable.

By allowing moisture out you can avoid getting all hot and sweaty, and will therefore stay drier for longer.

Breathable fabric is actually a scientific marvel. If you want a really great explanation about how it works watch this video, it’s really cool!


What do you wear to go fishing in the rain?

The first thing I pack is my rain gear. Once I have that stowed I know I am covered.

From then on it’s just a case of tailoring my warmth. On milder days I don’t wear too many layers.

When it is cooler, I try and put on quite a few layers. Remember that if you get too hot, you can always take a layer or two off.

What is the best waterproof fishing jacket?

The best waterproof fishing jacket should keep you dry and have all of the features needed to allow you to enjoy a day of fishing unhindered. If you are interested in fishing jackets, I’ve got a guide here that will tell you all you need to know.

But if you want me to make a firm decision…

The 8 fans fishing jacket is a really solid choice and makes no compromises. It has ample storage, is breathable, waterproof, and the best bit is that it is designed to go with waders.

What is the best rain gear for fishing?

Anything that keeps you dry and comfortable. This is, of course, easier said than done. Stretchy fabric definitely helps, but you may find that this is more prone to wear when used a lot.

Having read my buying guide above, consider the conditions in which you are most likely to be fishing. If you know you are going to be fishing in the cold, maybe choose rain gear that is a little thicker, or at least gives you room to put more than a few layers on.

Likewise, if you find that you tend to ‘run hot’ It might be worth considering something which still offers you protection from the wind and rain, but is made of a lighter weight material.

In Summary

Choosing rain gear is a little bit of a balancing act. You want to be warm and dry, but not restricted or uncomfortable. You also want to ensure that you have enough pockets or the means to reach your gear easily.

My suggestions for the best rain gear for fishing in 2024 have all been picked with this in mind. If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment below, I love hearing from you guys.

Bob Hoffmann

The author of this post is Bob Hoffmann. Bob has spend most of his childhood fishing with his father and now share all his knowledge with other anglers. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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