Is Fly Fishing a Sport? The Debate Ends Here!

The question, “Is Fly Fishing A sport?” has given rise to long debates and arguments. It is because some see fishing as a leisure activity or having a good time with friends and water. According to them, such leisure activity and sports do not connect. They claim sports are vigorous and there is a lot of hard work and effort required.

According to Webster people that do certain physical activities according to a specific set of rules and compete against each other sports in general. A physical activity (such as hunting, fishing, running, swimming, etc.) that is done for enjoyment. Is a sport.

To them, the main reason why fly fishing is not a sport is that it is anyone’s piece of cake. All they need to do is take a long rod, attach artificial flies on the hook and dip it in the waters. Then wait for the tugging from beneath. Once the fish is lured to the hook, the angler lifts the rod and revels at the sight of his catch.

However, others are of the opinion that fly fishing requires skill, talent, competitiveness and knowledge to master the art fishing. Therefore at this point, they put forth the claim that isn’t these aspects the requirements of sports as well?

So, let us turn to the Bleacher Report. This report is in charge of settling the debates by providing analytically based answers. It claims that by fulfilling all the criteria of skill, talent, exertion, and competitiveness, fly fishing becomes a sport. So, whenever any activity contains these requirements, that activity becomes a sport.

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Fly Fishing is a Principal Activity that is Gradually Gaining Pace

Fly fishing employs traditional means such as luring fish to the hook in the same manner as the fly does. This is the same method which is an application at all times.

However depending on the different types of waters and the species that the anglers target, different casting skills are employed. Anglers conduct fly fishing in brackish and freshwaters. In the United States, there are different strategies for fly fishing in cold water and warm water.

If fly fishing had been a separate industry in the United States, opponents would take back their claim. It is because it will gain a rank of Fortune 500 because of having immense economic effects. If fly fishing would just have been a leisure activity, then it wouldn’t have been seen as having economic significance.

The American Sports Fishing association claims that accredited anglers generate 48 billion revenue from the retail annually from their catch. Furthermore, the Association claims because of the experienced and licensed fishermen, around 825,000 people in the United States have gained employment.

fly fishing angler makes cast while standing in water

In Support of Fly Fishing

Now let us see some of the reasons that would tell us why fly fishing is a sport:

Athletes and Anglers have a lot of Similarities

You need to realize that fly fishing is no walk in the park. Also, the anglers do not have the time of their lives while hanging their fishing rods in the water.

It is because a fisherman is seen battling with a monster fish for almost half an hour to bring it to land. Once you witness this scene, you will automatically take your claim that fly fishing is leisure, back.

If you jump into the angler’s shoe and battle like him, you will realize fishing is not easy. You need to invest a lot of stamina, effort, and energy, and these three aspects govern the principles of any sport.

Moreover, the Field and Stream and American Sports Fishing Association report new truths about fly fishing. They claim fly fishing is becoming one of the leading recreational industries in the United States. And men dominate 85% of it.

Fly Fishing can be Tiring

People also claim that an angler is more tired, exhausted and have more sore feet than a tennis player. Even if the tennis player plays a rigorous match continuously, his level of tiredness is incomparable with an angler. So, imagine the tiring workout an angler gets in return when he manages to get a monster fish to his net.

Just like a contestant or athlete, the anglers need to undergo beforehand preparation. He needs to adopt a pro-active approach before embarking in the waters and descending their rods in them. In other words, he needs to give special attention to certain fundamentals such as sleep, diet, training and studying.

The research on anglers diet and food preferences show that they are seen most of the times, carrying granola bars. Granola bars are healthy and ensure that angler’s energy levels do not go down. Some anglers prefer beef jerky, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

In other words, munching is what they do all the time.

Just like athletes, anglers are required to undergo rigorous training and to study before embarking to the waters to fish. In a nutshell, to succeed, training, studying and a focused mind is a prerequisite for all sports alike.

fly fisherman release large salmon

Fishing Revitalizes Our Physical Health

Fishing can do wonders for our health, it keeps us physically smart and supple as all sports do. However, fishing is one step ahead, it also revitalizes and boosts our physical health and mind comprehensively.

Let us look at the benefits that flyfishing gives to your body and heart. Then you will find that it is as viable as any other sport.

  • Your heart rate may rise with excitement as you walk towards your favorite fishing spot.
  • Even catching some small bluegill will keep your body in a state of movement.
  • You may end up experiencing a high-density workout and cardiovascular exercises. After all, you might have get a big trout or bass into your net without breaking him off.

This sport is a perfect way to get outdoors away from the daily stress in your life. By doing this your brain can get recharged and you can get focused. As a result, you will become more productive.

Some people also see fly fishing under the light of the Japanese study of forest bathing or “shinrin-yoku.” According to this study, anglers who spend tranquil long hours fly fishing, experience fantastic health benefits.

They include lower pulse rates, cortisol rates and have a managed normal blood pressure range. They are much healthier as compared to the people who are continually tackling their stressful affairs in urban settings.

Fly Fishing is Healthy

Fly fishing provides exercising opportunities for the American public. According to the health statistics, the majority of the American people 18 or above age do not exercise. Moreover, apart from sleep spend 9 hours sitting. This leads to alarming health problems.

Fly fishing provides flexibility to your arms, hands, and fingers. Also, it activates those muscles that you do not use frequently.
Remember that fly fishing sport takes place in the open air with trees and bountiful nature all around you. In this way, you get a fresh supply of oxygen in your lungs.

Fly fishing means that anglers are spending the majority of their time in the sun. As a result, the vitamin D levels boost up to favorable levels in the body.

father and son fly fishing together on early morning

Fly Fishing Sport Gives Rise to Active and Healthy Kids

Fly fishing is a variety that you can add in children’s sporting activities and different sporting activities are essential for the kids. It is because, in an average American household, children are seen spending seven hours in front of an electronic screen.

Consequently, that leads to obesity and sight problems at a very young age. Therefore, parents can include the fly fishing sport in their kid’s lives from the very start.

They can take them into the open air and woodlands and be surrounded by nature. It is because the benefits of doing so are amazing. Outdoor areas might eliminate the threat of nearsightedness that electronic gadgets are causing among kids.

Furthermore, there might be a profound reduction in ADHD symptoms if the children interact with the open natural environments. Alongside, the child’s health is remarkably enhanced as the children receive an ample supply of Vitamin D.

Is Fly Fishing Same Like Other Sports?

Fly fishing is exceptionally different from other kinds of sport. Many sports cause extreme exhaustion, sore legs, and muscles, fractures, bruises, and twists, fly fishing is safe from these effects.

Fly fishing sport acts as a beautiful escape from the harsh realities and stress of the city life. In this respect it becomes therapeutic.

Do you want your kids and learn conservation of outdoors or want them to sit lazily on a recliner?

Of course, you would want your kids to do the first part of this question. Fly fishing enables them to master skills such as patience, eye coordination, courage, flexibility, and stamina from an early age. These skills are not only applicable to fishing but are also applicable to other situations in life.

Bob Hoffmann

The author of this post is Bob Hoffmann. Bob has spend most of his childhood fishing with his father and now share all his knowledge with other anglers. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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