The TOP 7 Best Perch Fishing Lures – Feed the Ferocious!

If you are looking for a fun day out, perch fishing is the way to go. Perch aren’t too picky when it comes to attacking almost anything.

Still, to optimize your catch rate, you will need to think carefully about what you tie on the line.

By selecting the best perch lures, you’ll ensure you have a day of nonstop action. Today, I will go through what I’ve got in my own box and why they work so well. Check it out.

The best perch lures are generally a little smaller in size. Being visual hunters, perch really like bright colors with plenty of movement. During the colder months, you’ll find more natural-looking lures work well when fished relatively static.

Let’s take a detailed look at the kind of thing I mean…

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How to Choose the Right Fishing Lures for Perch

Choosing good perch bait isn’t rocket science. These striped and amber finned fish are extremely territorial and predatory. All you need to do is work out what is getting them ‘fired up’ on the day.

Here are the things that I think about when choosing good perch lures:

large perch caught on a soft bait on angler hands


While perch can grow up to a few pounds. They don’t have quite the same jaw size as, say, a pike or a bass. As a result, you will need to go for lures that are ever so slightly smaller. There is certainly no room for 4″ lures when perch fishing. You are just going to scare them away!


I’d suggest limiting your lure size, particularly when it comes to thickness. I’d say something in the 2″ range is about optimal.


You don’t need to be too picky when it comes to color, either. Perch will literally attack just about anything.


There is so much choice! So, here’s what I suggest.

Make up two of your best tackle boxes, one for bright days and clear water and the other for dark days or murky water. Your ‘bright days’ box is going to be full of darker colored lures, like greens, blacks, and browns. Your ‘dark’ days are going to be full of those brighter yellows, greens, and pinks.

And as a result…

You’ll already have narrowed down your selection when fishing by half, allowing you to adopt a more focused approach. Here are some colors that I find work well for perch pretty much all the time:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Black (yes, really)
  • Pink
  • Iridescent (sparkly… nice!)

winter perch fishing on softbaits

Which Lures to Use for Perch Fishing

Perch will attack anything that swims, but I do find that some lures work much better than others. Here’s a top 3 list of the deadliest lure types for perch fishing:


Spinners have a few qualities that make them great for perch fishing.

Such as?

They are normally about the right size to tempt perch into striking.

Second, they create one hell of a commotion in the water. Lots of movement, especially in the warmer months, draws in perch like a magnet. The mix of flashing and the spinning blades prove to be irresistible to perch.

Finally, they are pretty lightweight. Perch fishing is about constant action. As a result, you’ll have a lightweight rod with fast action.


That you’ll want a lure that casts well with this type of rod.

Soft Plastics

Soft plastics are a great option for perch fishing.

I say this for a few reasons…

First, if you look at where perch tend to reside, it is in banks and beds of dense weed. Ideally, you want a lure that you can rig up weed-free. Soft plastics give you the ideal opportunity to do this.

Second, just as with spinners, soft plastic lures for perch fishing tend to have a fair bit of movement and action.

Finally, with soft plastics, you also have the opportunity to fish them nearly static, giving them the occasional twitch. This is a particularly effective tactic for catching perch.

Imitation Lures

I’ll never forget the time I caught my first perch.


It wasn’t on a lure. Oh no. It was on a big old fat and juicy nightcrawler.

Bob, what’s this got to do with lures for perch fishing?

Well, the truth is, perch love worm baits. Natural isn’t always the easiest or best way to go. But by investing in some artificial worms, you can be sure that if there are perch around, you will catch.

TOP 7 Best Perch Fishing Lures 2024

Lindy Perch Talker Fishing Lures

Perch talker?

You bet these things practically sing to the perch.

I love simple solutions, and this is about as simple as it gets.

This is part lure, and part worm. There is something about a string of beads that perch seem to love. I think the “segments” trigger a sort of instinctual response.

And there’s more.

There is a bit of paly between the beads, so when ‘jigged’, this creates a sort of micro rattle, which you’ll know from my lure guide seems to trigger predatory fish.

I find ‘candy cane’ to be the most effective.

How you fish them is up to you. I’m a huge fan of jigging them, but they also work pretty well under a float.


  • Easy to fish in a variety of styles.
  • Pretty bulletproof, they’ll last forever.
  • Easy to cast, with a good weight and low profile.


  • The dropper chain can make unhooking deeply hooked fish a little tricky.
  • They aren’t great around weeds due to the treble hook.
  • They are a bit on the pricey side.


Lindy rigs might be something you haven’t encountered before, but trust me, they are well worth a go. With three color options, you’ve got at least an hour of experimenting right there. This is also one of the best perch ice fishing lures, for sure.

Skylety 40 Pieces Fishing Lures

If you’ve read any of my other guides to lures, you’ll know that I always attribute success to taking as many options as you can.

And this is proof.

This is the best value perch lure set out there for the money.

I mean…

You get 40 of the darn things. If you can’t catch using at least one of these lures, it’s time to take up another hobby!

You’ll find a range of bright and beautiful blades paired up with a smorgasbord of colors. I ran a little test recently. I do find that the stripey blades outfish the spotty blades, but I’ll be intrigued to see how they perform in the summer when the trout are out and spawning.

As a nice extra…

The blades are anti-corrosion, which is good news as the last thing you need is rust!


  • Amazing value, 40 lures for not much at all.
  • Plenty of choices when it comes to color and finish.
  • Good casting weight with brass beads.


  • Seriously, the only con I can think of is that you will have to find room to neatly store them all. No easy task with spinners and trebles. Answers on a postcard if you know how to do it!


Like any good fisherman, I always love getting more for less, and this is the epitome of this principle. As a one-off purchase, you’ll probably have every spinner you’ll ever need for perch. Give this a try and get fully kitted out!

Tuxbin Hard Metal Fishing Lures

Suppose you’ve identified a perch holding feature, such as a distant weed bed or rocky outcrop. In that case, you will need something capable of reaching it.

And let me tell you…

Soft plastics aren’t going to cut it.

These lures are sleek, pretty darned heavy, and cast a long way.

But it isn’t just about casting distance. You want something that works.

With a natural finish and a holographic 3D eye, these lures look exactly like the baitfish that perch will love to tear into! I also like that they impart a little bit of movement with a bushy and iridescent tail, making them even more likely to get attacked when twitched and retrieved.

And with 7 in a pack, there is plenty to go at.


  • Good for distance casting.
  • Really durable.
  • Range of styles, colors, and finishes.
  • Included lure box.


  • Hard to fish near the surface.
  • Difficult to keep off the bottom in shallow water.
  • Slightly larger than I would ideally like.


Wobblers and spoons aren’t normally my go-to choice for perch lures, but I am going to make an exception in this case. These would be ideal for larger perch, so trophy hunters would be well advised to take something like this in their box.

Storm Largo Shad Lure

Storm Largo Shad Lure

Remember how I said the movement is the key? It doesn’t get much better than this.

Don’t let the slightly larger size of this lure put you off. The tail action more than makes up for it and ensures that you aren’t troubled by those pesky little perch when you are out looking for big ones! The lure is designed so that you can trim the tail, too, without losing any of the action!

With a decent casting weight and really mobile tail, this one kicks up a lot of fuss that the perch are bound to notice.

It is a little drab in color, so I’d suggest only reaching for this if the weather is bright and the water is clear.

The rubber body is impregnated with a glittery finish that will add just the right amount of ‘scale-like’ sparkle.


  • Excellent for weed-free fishing.
  • Lovely finish.
  • Lifelike swimming action and appearance.
  • Customizable tail.


  • It’s rubber, so after a few attacks won’t look ‘new’.
  • It is a bit long for anything but the biggest fish.


For trophy perch, this one is one to watch. I love that it is custom-designed to be cut down to size, meaning you can perfectly match the size of the baitfish on the water on any particular day.

THKFISH Soft Swimbait Fishing Lures

Listen, I get it.

You’ve probably seen hundreds of rubber fish-a-like lures and are looking for something just a little bit different to give you that edge.


Well, my friends, you are in the right place. When out on the bank, this lure does look a little alien but wait until you pull it through the water! I don’t think I have seen a lure that swims in such a lifelike fashion.

It is super easy to set up, too, hook it straight onto a regular hook, or alternatively pair it with a jighead and let it sink to the bottom where you can ‘twitch’ it, perfectly imitating a baitfish that has seen better days.

This lure is available in 8 different colors. If it was me, I’d go for the red or dark brown, both of which are well-known perch magnets!

One standout feature is the size. At 3.5 inches, it is just the right balance, enough to put off smaller nuisance fish but not so big as to scare away perch, who can be a little timid if faced with a meal that looks a little large.


  • Super realistic swimming action.
  • Loads of colors available.
  • Impregnated with a ‘secret’ formula.
  • It can be fished in a few different styles.


  • The lure can tend to snap if grabbed by the tail.
  • Not massively long-lasting.


I guess with some things, there is a tradeoff. Sure, it won’t last forever, but chances are if it is being destroyed by perch, that proves it is working. Go for the 3.15-inch version for a good all-rounder if you want an optimal size!

Berkley Gulp! Alive!

Ah, Berkley, one of my favorite fishing brands.

Remember how I said nightcrawlers are premium perch food? This is exactly what I am talking about!

These keep pretty much forever and can be fished in various styles. I tend to use these static.

Oh, and want a top tip?

Don’t hook these through the body. Instead, hook in the head and leave a nice looong tail. This will flutter and flap in the current, which seems to be the optimal style to present perch baits.

The camo color gives these a slightly more natural look, making this perch bait perfect if they are being a little shy.

Don’t let the drab color put you off, either. Perch can still locate their food by smelling it, and Berkley has been kind enough to provide each jar of worms with a tasty (and smelly) marinade that the fish will love.


  • The best alternative to natural perch baits.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Super realistic.
  • Deadly for perch (especially in winter).


  • Eventually, you’ll need a new pack. The smell leaches out over time.
  • Not good for casting long distances.


Choosing natural patterns is often the way to go. Perch will go for anything that looks like a worm, and when they are this realistic, you are practically guaranteed to catch.

Don’t break your back digging nightcrawlers! Go for something like this instead! It’ll give you more time to fish!

Berkley PowerBait Power Worms

Ok, now…

I know that I said natural is the best. But sometimes, nature needs a helping hand. If only we could combine the natural with something that is certain to attract the attention of a few perch…

Well, here it is.

I love these for perch fishing. Here’s why.

The body starts off as a realistic-looking segmented worm before ‘evolving’ into a bright yellow paddle tail. You are basically getting the best of natural-looking baits, combined with all of the visuals and action of a soft plastic lure.

And there’s more.

Get these rigged up on a jighead and cover the point with the body, and you’ve got a perfect weed-free rig right there.

This is the best yellow perch lure, hands down.

It is not a problem if you don’t like the color, aside from plum and chartreuse there is plenty to choose from, so fill your bag. They are really cheap, considering you get 13 in each pack!


  • The best of natural worm baits and lures in one package.
  • Realistic swimming action.
  • Multiple colors available.
  • Perfect weed-free rigging.


  • The tail gets a bit raggedy after a few attacks.
  • They don’t cast a long way.


I’ve saved the best until last here. This is an absolutely deadly perch lure. Whether you pleasure fish or are going a bit specialist and looking for the best lures for white perch, this is where it is at. Try a pack out. You won’t regret it.


As I said right at the start, perch fishing isn’t complicated. Just pick something that is a bit wriggly, the right size, and easy to see, and you’ll be pretty much set.

Do you find live bait works, or are you fans of the best perch fishing lures? I’ve tried to settle the debate here myself, you should check it out. Want to catch something bigger? How’s about catching yourself a nice big walleye?

Bob Hoffmann

The author of this post is Bob Hoffmann. Bob has spend most of his childhood fishing with his father and now share all his knowledge with other anglers. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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