The 13 Best Fishing Hats in 2024 – Leave Your Hat On!

Getting into the great outdoors for a day of fishing is one of life’s little joys.

But unfortunately, you still need to protect yourself from the elements – whatever the weather.

And one way to achieve that is by wearing something on your head.

So, as I always have your well-being in mind, I’ve put together this review of the best fishing hats in 2024.

A buyer’s guide will follow.

Feel free to take off your fishing shoes – but leave your hat on.

TOP 13 Best Fishing Hats in 2024

Bassdash UPF 50+ Sun Fishing Hat

First up, we have this boonie-style fishing hat from popular fishing company Bassdash.

Offering factor 50+ UPF sun protection, the water-resistant shell is quick-drying and stain-resistant, made with a combination of lightweight and breathable materials that is comfortable to wear while being gentle on the skin.

A draw-string strap at the back accommodates different head sizes, and the detachable neck flap adds a nice, extra layer of sun protection for those UVA and UVB rays.


  • Great price.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Practical features throughout.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Moisture-wicking sweatband.
  • Nice fishing logo design.
  • Excellent sun protection.


  • Might be a little too lightweight for some.


A top-quality fishing hat that has been very well-designed with plenty of features to help keep keen anglers out all day long. And if you are fishing for several hours, you might want to take a load off with one of these brilliant fishing chairs while you’re at it.

The Battenkill Contrast Fly Cap

The Battenkill Contrast Fly Cap

The Battenkill fishing hat has got to be one of the most stylish, low-key baseball caps out there. Available in a great choice of colors, it will help keep the sun’s rays out of your eyes, while making a statement at the same time.

Made from 100% cotton, part of its charm is it will look like it’s been on your head for years, and the subtle, embroidered bead head soft hackle pheasant tail will leave people in little doubt on what you love to do at the weekends.


  • Metal slider buckle.
  • Great choice of colors.
  • Attractive, old-school aesthetic.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Stretch sweat band.


  • Pricey for a ball cap.


Easily one of the most stylish fishing hats out there, this will look great out on the water, or paired with some classic blue jeans at the bar.

KastKing Sol Armis Boonie Hat

Considering they’re one of the best fishing brands in the world right now, having a KastKing entry is an obvious choice.

Made with a breathable mesh and PE fabric, this awesome fishing hat offers UPF 50 sun protection, with a dark material under the brim to reduce reflected light.

A moisture-wicking headband keeps sweat away from the eyes, while the mesh breeze inducing vent boosts airflow. An adjustable drawstring and elastic draw strap inside ensures it’s designed to fit most, regardless of your head size.


  • Excellent sun protection.
  • Great choice of stylish colors.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Adjustable neck drawstring.
  • Great price.


  • Again, might be too light for some.


A brilliant boonie fishing hat from KastKing that ticks a lot of practical boxes for anyone out fishing in a variety of weather conditions.

And take a look at their selection of products in this review of the best fishing pliers for more quality angling innovation.

Simms Superlight Sunshield Fishing Hat

Simms Superlight Sunshield Fishing Hat

This is a legionnaire-style fishing hat from SIMMS that comes with the ear and long neck flap built-in, essential for keeping those UVA and UVB rays at bay.

The unisex design is suitable for men and women, and is made from lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant materials.

A wide brim offers good sun protection in the fight against anglers getting skin cancer, and the elongated neck flap is well-designed to fully cover the back of your neck and ears.


  • Durable construction.
  • Cord-lock adjustment.
  • Easy-to-wash.
  • Great sun protection.


  • The neck cape isn’t removable.


Sure, it might not be the most stylish fishing hat out there, but it will certainly get the job done. When all your buddies are burnt to a crisp from the sun’s rays – you can have the last laugh. And always remember to wear sunscreen.

Columbia Bora Bora Booney Hat

This Columbia unisex Bora Bora boonie hat is immensely popular and highly rated, making it one of the most awesome fishing hats on the market.

Made from 100% nylon, it features their Omni-shade technology to block all UVA and UVB rays with its tight weave.

The clever fabrics also extend to moisture-wicking, allowing sweat to spread across the surface of the garment where it evaporates away.

An adjustable draw-cord toggle ensures a comfortable fit at the back, and the vented mesh keeps your head cool. Columbia’s trademark quality is evident throughout, in a fishing hat that’s built to last.


  • Premium build quality.
  • Excellent range of colors.
  • Drawstring chin strap.
  • Great sun protection.


  • A camouflage option would have been nice.
  • Pricier than similar models.


Another top-quality product from a tried and trusted name in outdoor apparel, this Columbia fishing hat is the real deal, and with the choice of colors, one of the best fishing hats for women on the market.

Fishouflage Bass Fishing Hat

Moving on, we have another baseball style fishing hat, this time from Fishouflage.

You can tell it’s a hat for fishing, because of the giant fish logo on the front. Jokes aside, it’s an attractive fishing cap with a smart camo design, and features a five panel construction for superior comfort.

A moisture-wicking sweatband helps keep the eyes clear of obstruction, and the hook and loop closure at the rear significantly improves on those plastic snap straps you find in similar hats.


  • Premium materials.
  • Velcro closure.
  • Attractive embroidery.
  • Ideal for bass anglers.


  • The design won’t be for everyone.


The perfect gift for the angler in your life, this is a quality fishing baseball cap that’s finished with a nice attention to detail. Why not pair it up with one of these great fishing knives, and you’ll be in their good books forever?

Comhats Anti Mosquito Bug Net Fishing Hat

Made with a waterproof nylon fabric, this fishing hat keeps the rain off and also offers UPF 50+ protection against the sun.

But it’s the defense against those nasty flying, biting things that really caught my eye, as this hat comes with its own mosquito/bug net.

The long mesh veil protects your full face and neck, and can be rolled up when not required.

Well ventilated, there’s also a moisture-wicking sweat band at the brow, and it’s easy to pack up, making it ideal for traveling. And if you are on the move, take one of these awesome travel fishing rods with you and never miss an opportunity to make a catch.


  • Waterproof fishing hat.
  • Good protection from insects.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Chin strap.
  • Versatile use.
  • Perfect for travel.


  • Runs small.
  • Mesh can block vision.


Offering more protection than most fishing hats, if you’re angling anywhere there’s even the remotest threat of flying horrors – then this is the way to go. It could well save you a small fortune on bug spray, too.

Scala Classico Crushable Felt Outback Hat

Something altogether different now with this wide brim fishing hat from Scala. Made with 100% wool, it’s a premium-quality cowboy-style head-piece that will certainly turn a few heads no matter where you take it.

And that can be anywhere, as it’s very travel-friendly, and can be crushed and rolled up to bounce back when you need to bring some style to the proceedings.

Stay cool in the heat, and look impeccable while doing so – this is a timeless classic for fishing nostalgia.


  • Super stylish, wide brim aesthetic.
  • Premium-quality materials.
  • Water-repellant.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Feather accent.


  • Expensive.
  • Not suitable for really heavy downpours.


I think this is one of the best wide brim hats for fly fishing out there, but you’ll look super sharp no matter your fishing style. Wear it with a pair of quality fly waders, and you’ll look like a vintage fishing pro – even if you’re not one.

Koolsoly Sun Fishing Hat

This unisex fishing is capable of UPF 50 sun protection, with a fully removable neck flap at the back. It also features a face mask to help keep airborne particles and dust away from your nose and mouth – which is also removable.

A mesh top keeps things breathable, and the polyester construction is lightweight and ideal for throwing in your travel luggage. Try packing it with one of these telescopic fishing rods next time you’re on the go.


  • Excellent protection.
  • Super wide brim.
  • Adjustable chin strap.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Very highly rated.


  • Might be a bit much for some.


One of the best fishing hats for sun protection out there – this is a worthy attempt at covering all the bases – and covering your whole head at the same time.

Einskey Wide Brim Bucket Hat

Easily one of the most popular and highly rated fishing hats on the market, this unisex, packable option is a boonie/bucket hat hybrid, with a brim width of just under four inches.

Perfectly designed to offer the best possible sun protection, the waterproof polyester is also lightweight and breathable, and features vented sides to help airflow.

One size fits most, with an elastic, chin strap toggle, and it also has an adjustable drawstring cord, so it won’t fly away in windy conditions.

But the real plus point is the price – and probably why there are so many excellent reviews in the first place.


  • Very portable.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Good sun protection.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Outstanding price point.


  • Not waterproof.


For the money, you can’t go wrong with this awesome fishing hat, that’s suitable for just about any outdoor activity where you need top-notch sun protection. Wear it with one of these practical fishing vests for extra storage space to keep your tackle at hand.

Bucket Sun Fisherman Hat

You’ve had an affordable boonie, now here’s an affordable bucket hat. This is a classic, no-nonsense fishing hat that does exactly what it sets out to do, without any bells and whistles.

Bucket hats make great fishing headgear, and this example offers UV protection, with a rugged, durable, construction, and is very comfortable to wear.

Available in a great choice of colors, you can be sure to find one that will suit your taste – or given as the perfect gift to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

Add some quality fishing gloves to help protect hands – and it will be a winning combination for keen anglers everywhere.


  • Great price.
  • Simple, no-frills bucket hat design.
  • Fun colors.
  • Highly rated.
  • Versatile use.


  • One for larger heads – so double-check your sizing.


At last, a hat designed for monster bonces like mine! This is a great bucket hat, simple but effective, and very affordable. And one of those funky designs will look just as good at a festival or concert, too.

Stetson Avasun Waxed Cotton Hat

Often imitated, never replicated, this is an original Stetson hat, and easily one of the best fishing hats for men on the market.

Beautifully designed and put together, it’s made from 100% waxed cotton, in an attractive olive green finish.

Highly wind and weatherproof, it’s perfect for keeping the sun and the rain off, offering UPF 40+ protection with just over two inches of brim.

This is a stunning fishing hat that seriously takes the crown when it comes to style as well as protection, and it would look great when paired with other items from this review of the best rain gear for fishing.


  • Premium quality materials.
  • Excellent weatherproofing.
  • Brass eyelets for ventilation.
  • Attractive aesthetic.
  • Name to trust in headwear.


  • On the pricey side.


Listen – if you’re not ready to be complimented everywhere you go – then don’t buy this hat. A sure-fire head-turner, this is a classic that will never go out of fashion, and as practical as it is stylish. I think I’m going to order one for myself.

Connectyle Fleece Fishing Hat

We finish with something for the colder months now, as nobody said anything about stopping fishing when the winter rolls in.

This super-snug skull fishing cap has built-in ear flaps that are fleece lined, so you can be sure to stay toasty even in the freezing cold.

An elastic closure keeps things comfortable and in place, and it’s double-layered with Sherpa lining for extra protection against the chill.

Suitable for a variety of outdoor winter activities, this is probably one of the warmest fishing hats available – and for the price you can’t go wrong.


  • Very warm and comfortable.
  • Drawstring adjustment.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Elasticated fit.


  • Not great in heavy rain.


Perfect for ice fishing, or if you’re simply out throwing a rod in the local pond in the deepest, darkest depths of winter. Alternatively, you can also try one of these ice fishing heaters if you’re prone to getting really cold.

How to Choose the Best Hat for Fishing

It’s not all just about the style! Below, you’ll find some interesting points to consider before purchasing your next fishing hat.

Here’s what you should be looking out for.

fisherman fly fishing in river

Do You Need a Fishing Hat?

Yes, is the short answer. You need a fishing hat, fishing cap, sun hat, booney hat, or whatever you’d like to call it!

The long answer is that it’s really up to you, but it’s vitally important you protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, and significantly reduce the chance of you getting skin cancer.

And unless you’re going to be using one of these umbrellas (link to, nothing does that better than a good fishing hat.

The wind and rain might also be a threat to your comfort, in which case, wearing a good fishing jacket is also highly recommended.

But if you choose the right fishing hat for the weather and conditions – you’ll not go far wrong when it comes to keeping the elements at bay.

fisherman standing in shallow water and holding up fly rod

Types of Fishing Hat

There are many types of fishing hats available – or hats you can use for fishing – and you need to decide on the look that’s right for you.

Style and practicality don’t always go hand in hand, but you can find a happy medium with the right garment. This list of types will help you find the best fishing hat for you.

Standard baseball caps are hugely popular for fishing, and you’ll regularly see them adorning the heads of fishing professionals and YouTubers alike. Probably because they look cool.

Attractive and versatile, they’re great at keeping the sun out of your eyes.

However, they’re the weakest hat on all fronts when it comes to weather protection – especially for the back of your head and neck. You’re still susceptible to skin cancer anywhere that isn’t covered.

fly-fisherman catching trout in river under the rain

Bucket hats are commonly referred to as fishing hats, covering the whole head, with a mid-length brim that offers a good degree of protection from the sun without restricting vision.

With a bucket hat, the brim slopes downwards, giving the hat the look of a bucket – as you might expect.

Bucket hats are practical, but certainly not the best looking – unless you’re in a UK indie band stuck in the 1990s.

Boonie hats have a stiffer, wider brim that either tends to be flat or slopes down ever so slightly.

Commonly used by the military, a boonie/booney hat provides more protection from the elements than most fishing hats, while keeping your head cool with mesh panels.

The broad brims are ideal for shading the face and neck, and they nearly always come with a chin strap or elastic drawstring to keep them in place when the wind gets up.

Interesting fact – Australians call them “giggle hats.”

two man kayak fishing in summer

Sun skirt hats are sometimes referred to as legionnaire hats, for their distinctive ear and neck flaps designed to keep you shaded when you’re marching for days across sand dunes.

Or, for when you’re out catching fish in the hot sun.

While offering the best UV protection, they’re the least stylish, although you can get detachable flaps that will help you look less of a dork in the bar later.

Stetson/Cowboy hats are perfectly suitable for fishing, and can look very attractive, giving the wearer a classic look with a stiff brim.

They’re nearly always the most expensive option, however, especially if you opt for fully waterproof hats that are made with premium materials, brass eyelets, and embroidery.

But for a timeless fishing hat look, they can’t be beat.

Fleece/beanie hats are known by different names around the world, but whatever you call them where you’re from, they’re designed for use in colder weather – such as when you’re ice fishing, for example.

And speaking of, if you are going out on the frozen stuff, it’s a good idea to wear some ice fishing cleats, so you don’t take a tumble and can spend more energy on actually fishing.

fisherman with folding knife in mouth and holding rod preparing for a fly fishing


The best fishing hats for sun protection will come in a variety of materials, usually a combination of fabrics in order to produce a quality, comfortable, and practical garment.

Nylon, polyester, wool, fleece, cotton, and combinations thereof are readily available. Some will be better at keeping the elements at bay than others.

For example, wool isn’t going to be the best if it rains – unless it’s been treated to be water-resistant.

Likewise, some hats might be a little light when it comes to UV protection, so choose wisely. Keeping those harmful UV rays at bay is vital when you’re exposed.

When in doubt, look for a product that actually states it offers UPF 50 sun protection, or fully waterproof fishing hats if you anticipate being out in a downpour.

Check out the video below for more advice on achieving protection against the weather when you’re out fishing.


Nobody likes getting sweaty – unless you’re in the sauna or having some time with your partner.

And it’s certainly not pleasant when you’re trying to enjoy a fishing trip.

That’s why ventilation and breathability is important when it comes to the best hats for fishing, so look for designs that incorporate mesh panels, sweat bands, and/or moisture-wicking technology.

The best fishing hat for hot anglers will have excellent air circulation, to keep your head cool.

Failing that, take along one of these chilly fishing coolers and cool down with some cold beers while you’re out there.

Hat Sizing, Straps and Adjustability

The best fishing hat for you is going to be one that fits like a glove.

Or, rather, a hat.

Not only should you be checking to get the right size, but it’s a good idea to look for fishing hats that offer drawstring or elastic adjustability to improve fit.

Most boonie fishing hats will come with an adjustable chin strap, as they tend to be very lightweight for warm weather use, but you don’t want them suddenly blowing away.

Extra Features

Some fishing hats come with extra features that might tempt you, depending on your needs.

As well as having neck protection, they might offer face masks as well – which can be useful against dust and airborne particles in drier conditions.

As well as the UV protection, some hats are available with mosquito nets attached – which are perfect for fishing when biting insects are likely to pose a problem.

two men fishing on the inflatable boat on the lake


Obviously, budget always comes into making a decision when purchasing anything, and it’s up to you to figure out what you’re willing to spend.

That said, bargains can be had if you’re not buying named brands, but there’s just no substitute for quality, so be prepared to pay a little more for a new fishing hat that is going to last.

I certainly don’t mind dropping close to $100 on a beautiful, waxed, fishing Stetson…


The very best fishing hats in 2024 come in all shapes and sizes, and I hope this review has helped you narrow down your search for the perfect option.

Let me know in the comments which one you’ve gone for and why – or if there’s any top fishing hat-wearing tips you’d like to share with the rest of the world.

Tight lines, y’all!

Bob Hoffmann

The author of this post is Bob Hoffmann. Bob has spend most of his childhood fishing with his father and now share all his knowledge with other anglers. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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