Best Gifts for Kayak Fishermen in 2024 (The 17 Amazing Gift Ideas)

Here at Bonfirebob, we love giving gifts.

Particularly if they happen to be something to do with the great outdoors.

Everyone enjoys handing over a present and seeing the recipient’s face light up. Unless, of course, you’ve bought something completely unsuitable, and you wish the ground would swallow you up.

Make sure that doesn’t happen with the angler in your life, by checking out our guide to the best gifts for kayak fishermen (and women) in 2024.

This has you covered for the next 17 birthdays, at least.

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The 17 Gift Ideas for Kayak Anglers 2024

A Kayak

What better way to start the ball rolling than with an actual fishing kayak? While these pedal fishing craft might be a little on the pricey side for a gift, you could always buy a loved one something like the Intex Excursion Pro, which is one of the best budget-friendly fishing kayaks on the market, and a great entry-level option if someone is just getting started.

Tough, durable, and packed with features, it includes fishing rod holders, pump, and paddles, as well as a mounting bracket for accessories like fish finders, GPS, or sports cameras. It’s also a tandem kayak, so you can join the lucky recipient on the water.

And at this price, it’s an affordable, yet impressive gift that will give pleasure for years to come.

Telescopic Fishing Rod

Ideal for travel as well as kayaking, telescopic fishing rods have come a long way – certainly since I first used one as a boy.

These days, they’re more durable than ever, available in a choice of actions and lengths, and they make a great option for the ultimate in last-minute, grab-and-go fishing.

One of the best examples is the KastKing Blackhawk II. This superb rod has attracted a lot of attention and praise from amateurs and pros alike, and there’s a wide range to choose from.

Highly rated and very affordable, this is likely to become a go-to fishing rod for the lucky person you give it to. And check out this article for more of the best telescopic fishing rods on the market.

Fishing Gloves

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how much recreational kayakers overlook the need to wear a pair of quality paddling gloves.

Using paddles for long periods of time can easily cause blisters, chafing, and other such discomforts on our hands – and if you’re also fishing, then you’re seriously putting your mitts at risk for damage and injury.

With fishing gloves, like this awesome pair from Bassdash, you’ve got an easy two-in-one solution.

Made from neoprene, spandex, and microfiber leather, they’ll keep hands protected all day long, offering a comfortable grip on a paddle, as well as a slippery fish. And their size and affordability makes for a terrific stocking filler or last-minute gift.

Check out more of the best fishing gloves at that link.

Fishing Hat

While we need fishing gloves to protect our hands, we also need a fishing hat to protect our heads. Sun damage from UV rays is no joke – particularly to the anglers in your life who will be exposed on the open water.

Thankfully, there’s a wealth of products available to keep outdoor enthusiasts feeling and looking cool.

Columbia’s unisex boonie hat is a great choice for a gift. It comes in a rainbow of colors – so you can suit it perfectly to the style and look of the recipient, and it’s designed with moisture-wicking fabric, with a premium build quality that will last.

Show someone you care for their head with an awesome fishing hat – and you can follow that link for more options if this one isn’t quite right.

Kayak Fish Finder

The marriage of technology and fishing is a winning combination, particularly if you know someone who loves both. The latest kayak fish finders will be right up their alley, and they make for a fantastic gift for the man or woman who has just about everything kayak fishing related

There’s a lot of options to choose from, but one of the most popular and successful is the Garmin Striker 4.

Not only is it very affordable for what you get, but it’s also perfectly suited for kayak angling, with a transducer, Clear VU scanning, GPS included, and even a built-in flasher for ice fishing.

Help your loved one find Nemo with this perfect addition to their kayak loadout. To be honest, it’s crazy if they don’t have one already.

Kayak Rod Holder

Kayak rod holders are an essential part of a good fishing kayak, but they might not always be in the right place, an angler could always use more, or maybe even add one in order to fish from a basic recreational craft.

Perhaps the hardware that came with a kayak isn’t up to scratch and needs improvement?

YakAttack are one of the best kayak fishing brands in the business, and their Omega rod holder is an excellent example as to why.

Very highly rated, it’s versatile for use with baitcasting, fly, and spinning rods, and features an easy-to-use rotating collar lock to keep rods safe and secure when required.

While certainly not the most glamorous of gift ideas for kayak fishermen, rod holders are one of the most practical, and a good one should last a lifetime.

Sports Camera

In this day and age, if there are no photos or videos to prove it – then it didn’t happen. This can be especially true when it comes to fishing, and catching a monster that was “this big” needs to be backed up by cold, hard evidence.

Sports cameras are all the rage for kayak anglers for just that purpose – to capture those awesome moments we live for. Of all the products on the market, the GoPro HERO9 is still the king, with stunning video clarity, a 20 MP camera, Bluetooth, and touch screen.

I suggest adding the mount and housing for use by, in, or on the water, for the ultimate gift for a kayak angler – outside the kayak itself.

Kayak Fishing Paddle

I’ve only recently discovered the difference a quality kayak fishing paddle can make, having previously used basic versions that were a little on the heavy side for my needs.

Someone who receives a super-lightweight kayak paddle as a gift will never look back – and love you forever at the same time.

Unfortunately, the choice of paddles are as eclectic as the choice of kayaks, and you should check out this article on how to choose a kayak paddle if you’re feeling a little stuck.

Still, Wisconsin-based Bending Branches make some of the best, and this beautiful angler pro carbon and fiberglass model is a four-time angler paddle of the year. Need we say more?

Kayak Fishing Tackle Box

Kayak fishing companies are always looking for innovative ways to make use of the limited space on board a kayak, and this is where the best tackle boxes for kayak fishing come in. We all need somewhere to keep our tackle organized, and close to hand, and one of these ingenious boxes makes for a great gift.

Check out that link for a choice of crates, bags, and boxes, but as an example, it’s hard to see past this Plano V-crate, considering it’s been perfectly designed to fit into the rear tank well of most fishing kayaks.

It comes with four utility boxes, a waterproof compartment for valuables, and a side rail system for adding accessories. This is some next-gen kayak tackle box tech right here.

Kayak Cooler

As well as a tackle box to keep all our gear organized, having a kayak cooler on board is a great place to stash our lunch, keep our catch fresh, or bring a six-pack of cold ones along for the day.

And many of them are versatile enough to be used whether you’re kayak fishing or not.

However, for this example, I’ve gone for this super-practical Yakcatch cooler, which has been designed to fit in a bow tank well, within easy access of the paddler’s reach.

Made from a 600 Denier, water-resistant material, it features sturdy handles and hardware, and plenty of space to keep the day’s sandwiches nice and cool. It’s not for fish, though, so check out this review for more of the best fishing coolers if that’s what you’re looking for.


Easily one of the best gifts for kayak fishermen, a pair of awesome polarized fishing shades will go down a treat. You can’t really go wrong with this, and there’s plenty to choose from, so you can get the style just right.

And they’re highly versatile, as no matter the type of angling, we need them to protect our eyes from the sun, and from the glare off the water.

These Iditarod sport glasses from Kastking ticks all the boxes, with premium-quality lenses, water-resistant mirror finish, extensive color choice, and flexible, durable, wrap-around design to protect eyes from flying objects – such as rogue hooks.

And the hardcase, microfiber pouch and presentation box ensure it’s a no-brainer to be included on this list.

Fishing Multi Tool

Good things come in small packages, and the beauty of giving a fishing multitool, or even one of these razor-sharp fishing knives, is that you can have an inscription engraved to make it even more personal. And you don’t have to break the bank, either, as this versatile option from Berkley shows.

This fishing multitool comes with everything an angler needs, including spring-loaded pliers for easy one-handed operation, a jig-eye cleaner, a fish scaler, and more.

Made with corrosion-resistant materials, this is a durable, affordable present that the angler in your life will treasure. At least until they lose it over the side of the kayak – like I did with mine.

Kayak Cart

Fishing kayaks can be very heavy – especially if they’re kitted out with all the latest gear, accessories, and storage options, with pedal-powered craft tending to be particularly weighty. Kayak carts are the obvious solution – and are pretty much essential if an angler is going out solo.

I think one of the best and certainly the most popular is this model from Railblaza, capable of being assembled and dismantled in under 20 seconds, with a sturdy weight-capacity of 300 lbs, and a universal fit for just about any hull.

Don’t let your loved one struggle with getting their vessel to and from the water! Buy them a quality kayak cart, so they’ll never damage the bottom of their kayak or put their back out again.

Kayak Fishing Net

Having the best rods in the world won’t mean jack if you can’t actually land a large critter, and certainly with some of these monsters, we need all the help we can get. But with space at a premium on board a kayak, it’s not always practical to carry giant nets.

That’s where these clever kayak fishing nets will come in handy, and I think the YakAttack folding leverage net is particularly ingenious.

Specifically designed for use with a small craft, the forearm curve ensures you don’t need the largest hoop to land a heavy catch, while it can also be stored in a tube or flush-mounted rod holder when not in use.

Take a look at this article for more of the best kayak fishing accessories on the market.

Kayak Trolling Motor

If the kayak angler in your life is ready to take their game to the next level, then they might well be looking at adding a kayak trolling motor to their craft.

Not only are they a great way to conserve energy and offer the ability to go where other boats can’t, they’re also a ridiculous amount of fun.

The Newport Vessels NV-Series is up there with the very best products in this class, with a choice of thrust options (34 lbs will be suitable for most fishing kayaks), and a high-strength, durable construction that is capable of use in both fresh and saltwater.

Watch a kayak angler’s eyes light up after they’ve unwrapped one of these babies, but the trade-off is that you’ll probably see them even less than you already do.

Water Shoes

Having the right kind of footwear for kayak fishing is essential, as not only will they help protect our feet, they’ll also provide grip for standing casts and reels, as well as being able to survive getting soaked and/or submerged.

So long as you know the right size, a quality kayak fishing shoe makes for a thoughtful gift for kayak fisherman.

The Salomon Tech Amphib water shoe has to be one of the very best available. As practical as they are stylish, they’re made from breathable, recycled materials, easy-to-wear, and with a grippy, non-slip lug and quick-lace system.

Heck, I didn’t know I needed a pair until I wrote this. And you can check out this article for more quality fishing clothing and gift ideas.

Fishing PFD

Last, but by no means least, is something that every kayaker or water user needs – a certified personal flotation device. And there are those that have been specially designed for fishing, so not only can they save a life, but they’re also a great place to store extra tackle and gear.

The Onyx kayak fishing PFD is up there with the most practical, featuring plenty of pockets for storage, with a fold-down tackle tray, safety whistle, pliers holder, and more. Show someone you truly care about their life, by giving them something that might save it.


When it comes to gifts for kayak fishermen (and women) this list should help get you started in your hunt for ideas.

And you can check out this essential kayak fishing gear article if you need even more inspiration.

Let me know which gift you’ve gone for and why – or if you’ve given a fun or unique present that has thrilled the kayak angler in your life. I’m always looking for new ideas, myself!

Best of luck!

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